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Netgear WN3000RP

Netgear WN3000RP

4.0 from 11 reviews

Great until I upgraded

Perfect extender yep all good,UNTIL I UPDATED then caput,nothing,end of ride.?I went through all the updating process as I have done in previous times however this time was ,well I am not sure what happened

Big improvement

I was constantly having problems with internet at the rear of my home. After hours of reading l learnt about range extenders and how they work. As reviews always differ l thought l would just take a chance and just purchase one. Netgear have many but the WN3000RP sounded like the best one for me. It was quite simple to set up and it made a big improvement on the data from the rear of my home. No more problems.The internet connection obviously is not as strong as being next to the modem in the house (lt never is), but it is just as usable. No more getting timed out or web pages taking forever to load. I would definitely recommend it. Don't up your internet speed and pay more every month. Buy a netgear rwnge extender once and it will be always yours regardless of whether you move house or change network provider. And don't listen to your provider by upping speed as that will not increase your range.

Seems to work as it should, but setup would be tricky for those not so technically advanced.

I followed the online instructions and got nowhere, very confusing as to what model you have to what they call it online. The address they say to use does not work at all. I tried Youtube as well. Eventually I got it to work as it should. Don’t expect your Grandparents to buy this and set it up. They got nooooo hope.

good signal all the time

works great and the seller contacted me with help on finding the install software after a complaint...so they are on top of their game, and it works great with backtrack :) and its fast and hasn't lost signal yet, as a help go to netgears site and find the software and downloads section then just type the product in to get free help and software installer.

One of the most reliable Wifi range extender out there in the market.

Netgear was one of the more affordable ones in the market at the time i bought it with not much in my budget. It does the job by increasing the range of the wifi without cutting down on the signal strength and connection. Tried to set it up on my Iphone and it was actually quite simple to do that. Connections are stable and doesnt drop and its a very reliable yet inexpensive option.

Boost wifi in a snap

We moved to a bigger house so the existing router is not enough for the additional rooms. Instead of buying another modem router we would prefer to buy a wifi ranger extension considering the fact that existing modem is still working well. This wifi ranger extension is working even better than expected. Put aside the hassle of setting up (as our modem router didn't have compatible model to support cable free setup), once it's up everything is good. My parents can easily access internet from upstairs enjoying faster speed. Good stuff.

Does the job it's intended to do.

Bought to extend our normal WiFi and it does the job perfectly.
Took a while to set up only because I was trying to do it on the IPad, once I turned to the laptop it connected almost instantly.
Has a good range and it's set and leave. Will connect to several individual devices at the same time.
Very happy.

Solves the problem

Frustration of dodgy WIFI reception throughout busy high usage home solved with this range extender. Plugged in halfway down (30 metres) long house and range issue fixed. N300 WiFi Range Extender. No set up issues.

cannot use any more

brought this due to my netgear dgn1000 (also reviewed) not having a large enough wireless range and i was really happy with it until i brought my new smart tv and the tv continuously re-started and playing up, the wifi extender was interfering with the tv so unplugged it and tv has been fine since, also have a blu ray player with bd-live (requires internet so has wifi) and exact same thing happened, and i had brought a second hand surround sound system and returned due to the wifi speakers cutting in and out, most probably the wireless extender again as it has done it to two other devices (the surround sound was first thing i brought that it messed with, and i just returned it and got another one) but i was not returning my blu ray player or tv as i brought on internet so kept fiddling and eliminating things, thats when i found out it was the wifi extender..... the speed is extremely slow which is quite annoying as well, so for the moment before i buy a new modem am stuck with dead spots
extended the wifi, is fine as long as you dont have a wifi capable tv, dvd player or wifi speakers for a surround sound
messes with other new wifi devices, slow connection

No trouble with this one

After purchasing and returning two faulty Netcomm wifi extenders, I tried the Netgear wifi extender and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to set up. Then once set up, I was able to forget about it.
Setup was as easy as pressing a button on my modem/router, and then pressing a button on the Netgear wifi extender.
Once they were connected, I could leave the Netgear wifi extender permanently switched on and never needed to touch it again. Worked as advertised.
Very easy to connect to my network, with the press of two buttons.
Takes nearly a minute to boot up when switching it on, but not a problem if you leave it switched on.

Good if and when it works

Bought the WN3000RP internet wireless extender to replace a Billion 3100SN that died after 5 days. I would have happily taken a swap on the Billion, but none were available.

The problem being solved by the extender is range through a double brick wall into the garage where the game kit lives. The 3100SN was hard to set up but worked 100% once it was configured. Lots of settings on it, noting "lazy mode" worked a charm for the simple need -- if you know what to tick on it and the main access point. Billion instructions all but assume buyers are network consultants.

The 3000RP took an equal amount of time to set up even though it is far more automated and supposedly sets itself up with WPS, but it took countless tries over hours before it got itself right....and of 4 devices that worked fine on the 3100SN, only 1 worked through the 3000RP. Only a quick start was in the box. A more serious manual is available from Netgear website, but even that references other documents. In the end it is probably worse than Billion's docs.

The 3000RP assumes it can cope with anything, and there are precious few settings exposed to the frustrated owner trying to get it working. Time spent on the phone with support, trying to get it working resulted in "it must be broken - take it back to the shop." I doubted it was broken, I thought it an incompatible design that cannot set itself up automatically with everything.

The secret to getting it running with all devices was on a competitors support site; different extenders do different things to mac addresses, and if you run a secure network including mac controls you need to understand exactly what those differences are, and change settings accordingly. None of the docs reference this, nor did the help line.

I got it stable and performance is good; reception level is not nearly as good as the 3100SN but transfer rates were still at comparatively high levels.

I am computer and network literate, and this was not easy. "Mere mortals" without IT nous might get lucky, but it can be non-trivial to get extenders to work. Consider power line extenders - more cost and some wires between the power point adapter and the device, but...
Supposedly Universal, power switch, WPS automated connection to access point
Was difficult to get it to set itself up, manuall tries were futile, insufficient settings exposed to user

Questions & Answers

Have decided to try again to set this thing up only work if I used the ex on the address to find it so really wasn't an extension. Now after a reset and try to access the wizard my laptop won't find a browser to do so totally confused. Any ideas?
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Release dateJan 2011
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