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Nilodor Pump Pack

Nilodor Pump Pack

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Works well, nice smell

I'm not a fan of the artificial scents you get with most air fresheners so I don't use them much, but sometimes you just need to slay a demon in the house somewhere. I've used the Nilodor concentrate for years, but this spray pack is far more convenient - just a quick squirt in the air or onto the offending item really does seem to neutralise rather than just mask the bad smell. I can only assume there is some clever molecule stuff going on because you really can't identify the bad smell underneath the good one.

The smell it leaves is kind of dry, soapy, clean - maybe a hint of hospital, or clean laundry, or ozone, but certainly not that disgusting fake floral smell you get with most air fresheners and when used judiciously it soon fades.

This is one of those rare products that just works, hasn't changed for years, doesn't advertise much, isn't 'new and improved', and hasn't been bought and sold and bastardized by other brands. It just sits quietly and does its job, year in year out. Great stuff.


I like this product very much. Some deoderiser sprays are just too overpowering with their citrus or beach of flower smells. It is nice to be able to just eliminate the unwanted smell.I will certainly continue to purchase this procuct and recomend it to people who need a deoderiser not a smelly spray.
I like the idea of a pump pack instead of a gas filled can. One spray in a smelly bathroom. Walk out, a minute later come in to no smell. I like this as it is not masking a smell with another smell. It just eliminates unwanted smells.
I have nothing bad to say about this product.


I think it's an excellent product with many uses at home or at work. It won't affect people with allergies and chemical sensitivities and it won't leave a strong scent in the room. I have it at home, in the car and at work.
It doesn't leave any strong fragrance behind, I can use it without it making me cough and sneeze. It does take away odours. I work in a setting where I am in an office seeing people all day. Some of these people have dreadful hygiene and the smell is terrible, lingering after they leave. This is the only product I've found that removes the smell fast and doesn't affect me. I love it! I've also used it in the car after the dog was sick in it with great results.
None that I can see.

Questions & Answers

My dog got sprayed by a skunk. Can I use it Nilodor on her she is 40 pounds?
2 answers
Nope. It's a one way trip for poochie to the Vet I'm afraid.No I would not use Nildor on your pet just it’s surrondings. You can make a paste of baking sofa, hydrogen peroxide and dawn dish detergent and wash your dog with this. It will take a few washes. And a few after it gets wet in the future. Be sure to keep it out of the dogs eyes. It way blind them if their eyes are burned by the peroxide. We bathed our lab six times before the skunk odour was gone. Use Nildor in the room where the dog is located.

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