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Nivea Gentle Exfoliating Scrub

Nivea Gentle Exfoliating Scrub

3.5 from 25 reviews

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Gives acne

I have a combination skin and I’ve never had acne issues. I would get the occasional pimple but after using this my skin felt irritated and I would get bumps on my face and few pimples. I do not recommend if your face is sensitive.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation Yes
Skin TypeCombination Skin


This was the first exfoliated I've ever used and I was keen to using it, the second I put it on my face it started stinging. I couldn't deal with the pain, and I washed it off in not even 5 seconds

I Don't know

So I have been using the product for over a month. And I can truly, say my skin is clearing up. And I don't get random pimples anymore. Its really crazy! I don't know. but it all depends on your skin. If you are using the product as directed you should see results.

Just perfect - cannot live without it

I have combination skin, quite oily and red. I use this scrub (with my Olay moisturiser) everyday and I swear by it. Doesnt leave my face dry, but removes excess oily stuff from the pores. Just a great product!
Just works great
Can be a bit pricey for what it is


Wouldnt rush out and buy this one, okay for starting a teenager of on skin care but not for the over 20's.
Handy only if you run out of your normal exfoliater.
It doesnt give a deep clean, I find that personally Nivea such as this is okay for teenagers. They made a Nivea Young but this would have done the job...


This product is always available in the stores and is an ok product, but I would not be using it as my main exfoliating scrub. It does a good enough job but I do not think that it leaves your skin totally clean. The fine particles in it are nice and it is mild and does not leave your skin irritated at all which is a bonus. It just does not give as deep a clean as I would expect or like from a Nivea product.
It is an ok product for use occasionally, easy to locate in stores.
Does not give the most thorough clean of scrubs out there.


I love this product! The beads feel so nice on my face. And its not too harsh on my sensitive skin. Another thing I like about this product and other Nivea products is that they are all low priced and readily available at many places. Such as Priceline, Big W, Chemist Warehouse, Target, Kmart and major chemists. It has a nice fragrance and thankfully its not too overpowering. This is good for sensitive skin or for those who don't like fragrance d products. It's a good budget option for a face scrub that you would also use for your legs
Cheap, works


suited for sensitive skin and is a very gentle scrub on the skin. there needs to be more exfoliatin beads as it doesnt leave a super clean feeling.
very gentle on skin and leaves it feeling so so soft and silky. Lovely clean feeling after use. removes dry skin. suitable for sensitive skin
there needs to be more exfoliating beads, it isnt the greatest scrub.


The Nivea exfoliating scrub is accessable and readly avaliable in all supermarkets. This product isn't as effective as some of the companies other products. The beeds don't leave your face feeling as clean as it would with a more expensive scrub, but it does not dry out your skin like some face creams and scrubs bought from the supermarket. I wouldn't reccomend this as a regular product but when travelling and you have nothing on hand this is a great substitute product.
Affordable and readly avaliable in supermarkets
Not the deepest clean but a good alternative if your stuck and need something accessable.


I am always on the lookout for a good scrub. This product is definitely not one of my favourites. It is from a decent company and presents well but does not really do the job of an effective scrub. The beads can't be felt as good as apricot scrubs or similar products. The cleanser does foam up and does wash your face ok but does not give you that deep clean that you would expect from a scrub. I think Nivea should do away with the beads and just sell this as a regular cleanser.
Colour and price is good.
Not the best cleanser around. Quite weak for a scrub.


I used this once, but I don't think I would again. It gets the job done in that it leaves skin feeling soft and smooth and clean, but I didn't feel the scrub portion of the product really did much.
Always in stock and easy to find, decent price, Nivea is a leading skin brand so you know you can trust them, gentle and easy on the skin, won't aggitate or scratch.
Almost a little weak for my liking, didn't feel that this exfoliated as well as other products I've tried, but perhaps I'm just used to a harsher product. Might be better for those with aged skin, or overly sensitive?


Very nice product. Price is not too bad considering other similar products on the market. Leaves my skin very soft and smooth after use. I use it every night. I will purchase this product again. I would recommend this product to anyone.
This is a lovely product. Easy to use and has a great fragrance to it. It makes your skin feel so nice and soft and CLEAN.
It is very gentle which some people might not like. Depends if you want a deep scrub. There aren't heaps of exfoliating beads so it is more of a gentle scrub than hard.


I love this product and keep it in the shower so I can exfoliate my face easily. It's so gentle and helps my complexion. My yonger sister uses the one for young skin too and I can see that now you can buy one for men.
Overall I just love it!
Easy to use and gently exfoliates your skin.


It is a really good product and made my skin feel clean and smooth after use. The smell was pleasant and the texture was not too rough or too smooth. Thumbs up!
It feels good on your skin, it is not drying or rough and it doesn't sting or hurt. I have used it up to two times a day and not had a problem. I would recommend only using it once daily or even one every two days, as you don't want to strip away your natural oils on your face.
A little expensive for the size of the tube.


As the name of this product says, it is 'gentle' and I suppose that would be good for younger skin that didn't need such a good exfoliator. For me, I like a great, heavier duty scrub because I am older and I don't like to beat around the bush. This product would only class as a cleanser for me, not a scrub. The scent was very pleasant and it did make my skin feel clean. Great price for a gentle formulation if that is all you need in an exfoliator.
Felt like I had a good cleanse. Really nice pleasant scent.
Extremely gentle exfoliant - didn't feel like I had a good deep scrub.


i tried nivea gentle exfoliating scrub becoase it was nivea and thoght it would be a good product. i found i didnt like it. the balls didnt seem to do anything, infact they were so gently i didnt feel them at all . i like my scrubs to feel a bit more textured so i feel like they are scrubbing.i didnt notice any difference in the feeling of my skin after i used it . would probably suit someone who has sensative skin and doesnt want that rough scubbing feeling. not sure it would suit oily skin though. not a scrub for me

balls didnt do anything,, to gentle


Have been a supporter of Nivea products for many years so naturally I chose this brand for a facial scrub.Some other brands have often made my face feel burnt,but not this one.My teenage daughter also uses this scrub,with no skin irritation,obviously a good product.
Ifound this product really gentle on my skin,no harshness.
Can not think of any reasons to not like this product.


Like all Nivea products, this gentle exfoliating scrub is fantastic! This made my skin feel really refreshed and clean without feeling that it was drying my skin out like a lot of other products I have tried. I love the grains contained in the gel as well as you can really feel them working to exfoliate the dead skin cells away without being too harsh on your face.
Gentle, makes your skin feel refreshed and clean. Skin looks so much better afterwards!
I found because my skin is prone to breakouts I had to use this in conjunction with another product to keep the acne away.


I had tried this after looking for a good facial scrub to get rid of dead skin. I saw this at Priceline and many people had told me about how good Nivea products were so I thought I would give this a try. I found that it did not work for me and made me break out. Its quite am oily product and yes the beads are gentle, too gentle to be a scrub. I didn't finish the container as it was just not good for my type of skin.
Makes skin feel soft afterwards.
Good price.
Its quite an oily product and not good for oily skin. Beads are not gritty enough to act as a proper facial scrub. No noticeable difference in you skin after any amount of time.


I use this around everyday, and it's so gentle it doesn't damage my skin. I have heps of blackheads, so it's important to exfoliate heaps. It smells nice and you don't need much to cover your whole face. Maybe next time I will get a exfolaiter that you only use once a week, but this is still a top scrub.
This exfoliator is so gentle, I use it every day or every two days. It really makes my skin feel smooth and clean. I've seen an improvement in my skin once I began using it.
The price is a bit high for such a small bottle.

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Nivea Gentle Exfoliating Scrub
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