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Nivea Pampering Shower Oil

Nivea Pampering Shower Oil

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Even my 4yr old boy wants to recomment it to his friends

My little boy of 4 has eczema loves this pampering oil that I got him. He loves it so much that he wants to recommend it to his friends so that their parents can buy it for them to use and have nice smooth skin like him.
Prior to this, we had tried a few others even the J&J for baby shower gel is not suitable for him. So when he requested me to use the pampering oil instead of his usual Pinetarsol shower gel I knew I had found the one product for him.


I am a huge Nivea product fan but I was sceptical of the Nivea pampering oil. I was scared that I have an oily film on my skin after using this product. But I shouldn't have worried. It left me with smooth skin which was not oily at all. THe smell is like most Nivea product not overpowering and is very suitable for a shower oil. As I have very dry skin I was relived to find out that it does not dry my skin out.
After usage it leaves you feeling like you just had a relaxing bath even though it was just a shower. I thoroughly can recommend this product.
I was sceptical about the oil factor but it has convinced me.
I like everything of this product.


I must admit I felt like I had found gold when I came across this one, I was so tired of only seeing Avon's Bath Oil with the same smell as it has had for years, but then came Nivea pampering Shower Gel. I loved it from the first time I used it, It was in nice packaging and the product well I can only say I felt pampered when I got out of the shower. It left my skin soft so soft and gentle I noticed there was no oily residue left behind, so I would have to say try this one its great, and the smell, its wonderful, fresh and alive is what i smelt, I can only say this is well worth any money you pay for it and I am now hooked with it, I use it twice a week and I have lovely soft skin all over and the nicest part is whilst you can smell the fragrance it is not over bearing in anyway. Nivea is sold in the supermarkert and it is normally always in stock, I say it again Nivea is a well known brand name in my household, trust yourself and try it once, I am sure it will become your favourite also.
Well finally another Shower oil rather than Avon's oil.


great shower gel, lathers well and leaves skin very soft. makes the shower quite slippery so take care, also stains the shower
lovely consistancy and very smooth. Lathers up on skin enough and also leaves it feeling so clean and fresh. It made my skin feel very soft
makes my shower very slippery, if you have white tiles it will make them very messy and dirty


the scent is very subtle which is good, packaging is nice and simple. oil seems to get all over glass and surfaces which requires extra cleaning on my part. very hard to get off glass and makes it streak, lol maybe i throw it around too much in the shower. its nice that if foams up so you feel like you are really getting clean. i too have not seen it lately in the shops, maybe it has been discontinued?? i would not use it again anyhow, nothing overly bad just have found better alternatives which are gentler on skin.
smell is subtle, not too expensive
oil clings to surfaces


I'm no bath oil aroma therapy whatever expert, but from a working class man's perspective, this is just one of life's little luxuries after a hard day's work, play, or training session. Good way to start the day too, and your mates won't give you flak for it 'cause you won't smell like a pharmacy.
Well worth it. For all you ladies out there looking for a thoughtful gift for a hardworking man, get him this or at least something like it (remember, can't smell too nice), no matter how much fun he makes of it, he'll wanna try it, and when he does, he'll like it.
Makes your body feel pampered, not just the skin. Great for relaxing tense/sore muscles after heavy training or long hard day at work. Nice, subtle fragrance.
Can't find it anywhere, hope they bring it back into the shops soon.


please let me know where to get it as it is much harder to find than you think. overall I wish I could find some over here in the west
it's lovely on skin when having a hard day, leaving soft & moisturised, great fragrance, not to overpowering & and it's not only for just women you be surprised how soft his skin gets.
I can't seem to find it anymore at any stores, not impressed as finding alternatives isn't the same :(

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