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St. Ives Body Wash

St. Ives Body Wash

4.4 from 22 reviews

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Love the body wash!

I love the St Ives Vanilla Body Wash and am worried that I might not be able to get any more. I stock up but am down to my last bottle.
I have used it for years and nothing leaves my skin feeling so lovely soft and smooth. I love the smell too.
Where on Sydney's Northern Beaches can I buy it. Used to get it at DY but they no longer have it.

Great for daily use

I've been loyal to St. Ives for a very long time. I first discovered its apricot scrub face wash. Then I discovered the swiss vanilla body wash and it smells great! I just love the clean feeling after using it. And the smell is heavenly stress relieving. I usually use it for warm bath after a long day at work. It just relieves the stress and the suds makes me it even more convincing as it leaves a very silky soft feeling to the skin and not sticky. I got it stocked in my bathroom.

Awesome smell

I used to always use the Vanilla body wash, however I've stopped as I only use all naturally derived products now, but I really do miss this. It smells amazing and the texture is gorgeous - like covering yourself in creamy custard (not that I've ever actually done that, but you get my drift). It makes skin smell awesome for ages afterwards too. My main issue with this product is that even though it uses some naturally derived ingredients, it still uses alot SLS, parabens and other chemicals that I avoid now. But if that doesn't bother you, I would highly recommend it.
Awesome smell, rich texture, not tested on animals.
Uses SLS etc.

The best and only shower wash I use!

I've used this product every day for about the last15 years and I love it. It doesn't dry out my skin like all the other brands seem to do. I espeically loved the original 'Swisse' Vanilla which is a little hard to come by these days, however the newer creamy Vanilla is also very good. I highly recommend it!
smell, texture, moisturising, bubbly - everything!
It's harder to find because it is not stocked at Supermarkets or Priceline any longer.

St. Ives Body Wash ...

I have been using St. Ives Creamy Vanilla Body Wash now for about three years and will never never change. It has a great smell and alot of suds, the bathroom has a great aromatic smell great a shower. I was introduced to St. Ives Creamy Vanilla Body Wash after visiting my daughter and have told my family and friends about St. Ives Creamy Vanilla Body Wash, and they have told me they love it after trying it. Thanks St. Ives for such an awesome product.

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I love the smell and that it has alot of suds ....

I just bought my 2nd bottle

I use the Swiss Vanilla body wash and I just love it. I find the scent to be just divine, the lather rich and creamy and it doesn't dry my skin out too much. This has been around for so many years. I remember using a bottle of this something like 10 years ago... I decided to repurchase after a long time of using other things. Why did I stray? This is just as wonderful now as it was back then. I love that when I get towards the end of the bottle, I can stand it upside down on its lid. Great packaging! Also, Mum loves the Collagen and Elastin one for her drier skin. We are very happy customers :)
Inexpensive, easy to find, lasts quite a few washes, bottle is great

A good wash to try

I used this one because I saw it on special at my local chemists. The funny thing is that I have seen it on special a couple of times, so its really low priced compared to the other brands. I generally dont mind any of the St. Ives products because I have seen them for such a long time in the shops, so I have no problem with trying any of them. This wash is very low in fragrance which is great for someone like me because I dont like a very strong scent. It is gentle enough for me to use all over my body and I dont have any complaints about it after I used it. I generally find that whichever body wash I use, I do need to moisturise my skin afterwards anyway.
This is a very low priced body wash, it isnt the biggest size, but the size is big enough for the amount I paid for it.
Overall, although I liked using this wash, I didnt find anything extra ordinary in it to make me want to buy it regularly.


i have known the st ives brand since i was a teenager and have always loved the brand, these body washes are gorgeous, the scents of them are devine, they leave your skin feel so soft and hydrated and smelling so nice
the price is great, the packaging is very cute love it, love the swiss vanilla moisturising body wash the best, its smells so delicious and leaves your skin feeling so soft and most importantly hydrating, nothing worse then a body wash making your skin feeling dry and tight,
there is nothing i dislike about the st ives body washes


Well one wash and I am hooked, St Ives stand alone as no product I have tried is yet to be better than it. The packaging is lovely, it is good value for money, has a gorgeous Vanilla smell to it and it lasts a long time. I like that it lathers up easily and also the smell is still on your skin hours after you have used it, I havent found that with any other product, You get a good clean, fresh wash for a very small price and the product lasts so it is great value for money and you can get it at any priceline store, I always buy three or four that way i never run out of it. Has to be Ten out of Ten for Body Washes.
I use some other St Ives products so I was looking forward to trying this out, if it was as good as there other products they will be my number one choice in body wash also..


This is quite nice. I bought the Oatmeal and Shea Butter one because those two ingredients are meant to be really good for moisturising dry skin. The texture is very thick and gloopy which makes me use more than I need sometimes. However, it works fine. It smells light and nice, and cleans well, and I found that it is great for moisturising the skin. I have yet to try the other ones, but I am looking forward to. For this quality, this is good value. Great for dry skin.
Good value, Smells nice, cleans well
No exfoliation, but then again some people prefer this.


i love st. ives body wash very much. it is moisturising and won't dry out my skin. the scent is lovely but not too strong. however, my boyfriend doesn't like this smell. i hope it is available in refill or larger size.
it has lovely scent and is moisturising.


i really enjoy using this product it is a truely affordable product. another one you can just throw in the trolley and you don't feel like the total has spiked. just does not make a difference. very cheap for that size bottle, plus it does not affect my sensitive skin and smells wonderful. i am very happy and would highly recommend this as a body wash for almost anyone leaving out those with severe allergies.
affordable price, great size bottle, wonderful scents, large range of different scents one for everyone, great eye catching packaging, doesn't effect MY sensitive skin
none at all


This is a nice range of body wash that comes in some yummy flavours. The body wash feels nice to use and is a lovely addition to your bathroom routine. The product is relatively inexpensive when compared to other body wash products on the market and it really does leave your skin feeling nice and clean. It is one of the better cheaper products of its kind.
An inexpensive wash for the shower that comes in lots of different scents. Leaves your skin feeling nice and soft and clean. Easy to locate this product in most supermarkets. Does exactly what it says it will. Cheap.
None at all.


Overall a good item to use when needing a pick me up. It feel good, works and smells wonderful. Comes in a large variety however its not always available everywhere. A good product, recommened it to those who like to feel a little special!
So smooth, easy to use, lathers up really well. Makes you feel fresh and revitalised. I love it, makes me feel special and is very moisturising for my skin.
The price, it is a little expensive, but then again most things there days are. I am unable to get it all the time as i cant justify the cost- its a splurge item


This bodywash has a creamy, gentle texture that won't irritate the skin and the scent is light, but subtle enough not to overpower any perfume you might use after. I find it very moistorising and would probably use it more often if it was more widley avalible! They do stock it at priceline, but it's often sold out or simply not restocked at many supermarkets, which is a shame. St. Ives always make amazing stuff and the this is certainly no exception. I found a washer spread the creamy texture better than a loufa.
Beautiful, subtle scent, leaves skin soft, from a maker with a reputation for producing great skin products.
Often isn't stocked much.


I really like this range of body wash, they all smell so nice and lather really well and seem to be very moisturing. They are very well priced and you can get them in travel size too for when you go away. You seem to be able to get these body washes anywhere which is fantastic, supermaarket, priceline etc so always easy to buy without having to go in search of it. I love the combinations they do with the different herbs etc they put it. Great product.
Great bodywash, smells so nice and is really cheap or well priced as are many St Ives products


A beautiful smelling product, which is gentle on skin, and lasts forever. You definatley get what you pay for and more. It is affordable and available at most big supermarkets. Was a favourite of mine growing up, now I wouldnt go past dove though.
Affordable, long lasting and smells fantastic


It lathers up beautifully. Excellent value for money. It is also moisturizing and leave the skin silky smooth and soft. Feels rick and creamy, smell so nice. (smell is very important factor for me to choose body wash product). My sensitive skin has no allergic reaction to this body wash at all. The price is not expensive. I notice the St Ives product available at chemist and Priceline shops, but haven't notice it at any supermarkets for whatever reason. I bought the same series of body lotion as well as I really like its scent.
I love the scent of this body wash. It lathers up beautifully.


I love the smell and the way it lathers up on the shower puff I would use this product over and over again. AS other say this product especially the vanilla one is so good you could almost eat it which I won't do as it might not taste the same as it smells. It makes my skin so soft and have lots of moisture I never have to use moisturizer with this product which is really good I love the way it makes me feel I would get this product over and over again I love this product.
It smells fantastic


This is my favourite body was of all time. I purchased the St. Ives Swiss Vanilla Body Wash on several occasions as I am in love with the beautiful scent that is so yummy you could eat it. It is one of the best smelling body washes I have ever used. It is also moisturizing, rich and creamy and leaves my skin so silky soft and clean while lathering up into a beautiful foam. It is really cheap and I would recommend it to anyone.
I love the scent best of all. Lathers up beautifully. Excellent value for money
I love everything about this body wash.

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St. Ives Body Wash
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