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Ego QV Body Wash

Ego QV Body Wash

4.2 from 99 reviews

Great if you also have skin conditions

I use this and so does my daughter. It is gentle on the skin and would recommend it esp if you have skin conditions like eczema. It doesnt have any smell.

Purchased in February 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $20.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Love this stuff

I always buy this as it’s gentle enough to use with my little niece and doesn’t dry out my skin. I find I get some lumps on my skin (i.e. chicken skin - not the scientific term) when I use body wash with fragrances.

Works for me

Dematologist and Gp told me to mone from dove or pears soap to Ego or. Cetaphil...both have removed my dry flakey skin .red rash..they are used in hospitals which suggests quality...benefits depends on issue being treated..im diagnosed e
With dry eczema ( prickly heat)


This shower gel smell very bad, it is the worst soap free shower gel I have ever tried. I feel bad and dirty after using it, please don't buy it you will loose your money (because it's expensive) and your skin will stink.

Outstanding product for the times

Since using this product my skin irritations have disappeared, irritations that have been with me for a number of years. It certainly is a great relief and my lifestyle has benefited accordingly.

Watered down

Watery. Takes several more pumps to wash than other washes. Minimum of thirty words so now I'm just filling up the box with superfluous words in order to post this.


Dries out your skin so bad, Cetaphil leaves this crappy product for dead. Avoid this product, you are better off using bar soap as it leaves your skin less dry.

Ego No soap - no rashes, no blemishes

I've been using this product since it was suggested to help my bumps & lumps & broken skin ... This amazing 'Ego no soap' is truly the answer to my skin problems and there's & added bonus of huge cut prices on the larger containers. Try it, you'll be so glad you did.
Suz - Pialba

Water gets into the container in the shower

We use this in our shower and we like it.
However, we notice that the pump mechanism allows (splashed) water to get into the container. This gradually dilutes the soap until - at the end - it's mostly water and not very nice.

Pump not working

The pump on the last 2 large bottles do not work, i find the wash is excellent and my skin feels 100% better using QV wash.

Love this!

I developed a facial skin irritation and consulted a chemist to help solve the problem. I advised that I used soap and water to wash my face. The chemist basically freaked out and then recommended QV. I've been using it for about two weeks and my skin is amazing; no tightness, breakouts or itchiness. QV almost renders moisturising as optional. Highly recommended.

QV Wash

I started using QV wash as i was getting thrush and excoriation due to id catheter. It was wonderful. Had to use antifungal cream too. QV wash it is not as oily as others.

extra good

I sometimes buy and use qv wash when I can afford it / I found it to be the second best wash on the market as it works very well and it lathers up quite well compared to the cheaper washes / I would highly recommend it to anyone who has.skin problems similar to me such as dermatitis

What would I do without this!!!

I am 21, have had major skin allergies (something in most cosmetics that dermatologists can not pin down, yes I have been to many) and dry skin all my life.

I used this when i was young then in my late teens switched to expensive soaps and shower gels (mainly for a scent) and found my skin problems came back again regardless of which products I used so i switched back and can say my skin is so much better (I also you the QV moisturizer after every shower)

It also removes all my makeup (including my waterproof mascara)

for the people complaining about about the scent, duhhh its a soap-free cleanser made for dry or sensitive skin and people with allergies, they are free from fragrance and colour addatives
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It has a slight watery consistency as one of its ingredients is actually water....
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For people concerned about SLS opt for the Gentle wash (I have used both and I feel the normal wash is better but I would say it is because it contains SLS)
not sure what SLS;
[url link removed]

AND most of you are probably using household/cosmetic products that contain SLS;
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Watery products

Keep your eye on the quality . Good product but last week I bought two bottles of the wash one was the creamy consistency the other watery ...very watery .
I also work in aged care in the community where some clients use this , I had noticed at times the product was watery but put it down to the client watering it down to save money however yesterday I went to a client who uses the moisturiser and he had a brand new bottle with the consistency of water . Bit of a concern that the company is putting out batches that seem to have been watered down .

I phoned the customer service line who said they will look into it but to be honest they assistant I spoke to didnt seem to concerned . I said it should be a red flag as I have now come across it several times but had assumed it was the client until I bought one myself with the watery consistency. Good product but I'm not sure I will continue to use or recommend to clients as for the money there are other just as good products out there .
Also careful with the moisturiser I do like the product but it gave one client a large rash on her chin,neck cheek the day after I used it on her face .great for legs though.
Inconsistent batches . Can cause a rash.

I can't believe this is promoted for sensitive skin.

This wash was recommended to me for my daughter by the pharmacist because of her milk dots and reflux rash. I used this in addition to the qv moisturiser. As soon as I started using it she became red, it dried her skin out and irritated it. I switched to Curash and have no problems.

Irritated my daughter's skin.


It is easy to use and doesn't make my skin feel itchy, especially when I use it in the bath before bed. I like that its soap free. It feels very creamy on my skin and doesn't leave my face and body feeling dry afterwards. My skin feels softer and more moisturised now that I use it regularly. I also like that you only have to use a small amount. This make it value for money.
Its gentle on my skin and non irritating. Its easy to find at my local chemist. We all use it in my household.


This is a great product my dermotologist put me on to! It has made a different in keeping my skin hydrated. It you find the right chemist it is not too expensive. It also lasts quite a while.
This works well and I am happy to recommend this to my friends.
When you get to the end of the pump container you need to take the lid off and bang out the last of the wash...but I guess that is true of alot of products. Plus I think it's the reason I get a weird residue on the bath/shower that is a pain to get off.

So good we keep a pump pack in the shower

Our family skin type ranges from dry to very allergic to most things. This is our choice of wash. We have a pump pack in the shower and we all use this. We have no soap in the bathroom now. We have added soap free hair products to our collection.
It actually does what it claims.
Quite wxpwnsive so look for it on sale


I love this cleanser. As it is quite pricey, I actually dilute it slightly. I wait till i have used about 20% of the procuct, then top up with water. Its still rich, and makes a great lather.
This a very gentle cleanser that does not irritate your skin. I have eczema on my hands and my skin is quite dry and this product does not irritate my skin or cause flare ups.
It is quite pricey, but the large pump action containers do go a long way and last a long time. The pump action dispenser means you don't use too much of the product.

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Questions & Answers

Do you use soap with Qv wash please help
3 answers
No, you don't need to use soap with QV. QV **is** your soap! We find it best to use with a loofah glove eg Manicare Exfoliating GlovesNo KTA, the QV takes the place of your soap or body wash, usually because it is used for sensitive skin and is gentler. It's really super - I wouldn't be without it. It's really economical too - we buy the largest bottles and put it into smaller bottles in the shower - and you only need a very small amount as it froths up really well. Good luck - I'm sure you'll love it Susan KThanks so much for answering my question it really helped me alot

is QV wash ok to use in "those" areas your told not to use soap?
1 answer
Yeah I use it pretty everywhere when I used it except when washing my behind though it might not do any damage though if you are extra concerned perhaps you should consult your doctor

Is it 100 percent safe for new born baby?
2 answers
I'd think it would be. We have to use detergent free deoderant ut I think I coud use it on my new grandchlld. and congratulations.It should be alright as the ingredients are specifically put together for sensitive skin


QV Body Wash
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