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Nivea Deodorant Pure Invisible

Nivea Deodorant Pure Invisible

3.9 from 15 reviews

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False claim of invisibility

I bought this "Invisible" product hoping that its main claim might be true. However I was very disappointed. My white tee shirts were stained and stiffened after a few washes. I found deposits building up on the fabric and eventually even with some yellowing! So much for the product claims.

Satisfied with this deodorant.

I tend to sweat a lot (!) and I need a good deodorant that can cover any body odour without causing irritation.
Nivea Deodorant Pure Invisible is the best I have found so far and I have been using it for several years.
It does not irritate my skin -which was happening with any type of spray deodorant- and it lasts for a full day.
Also, it does not stain my clothes, which is very important, especially if you wear black a lot.
This product is a staple for my personal hygiene.

Best stain free anti-perspirant I have used

In the past, I have suffered many shirts & tee shirts ruined by underarm stains which no amount of laundering or stain removal treatments could fix so I was very happy when I tried this product.
It does what it claims and I have not suffered clothes ruined by sweat stains since adopting this product.
It works equally well on black or light colours and the scent is unobtrusive so is suitable equally for men or women, unlike some other products of this type.
Daughter who uses another brand of anti-white mark claim product has found that her black hair salon workwear is showing signs of stains using alternative product so I feel Nivea have a winning product.
The anti-perspirant works fine for me also and I am confident that it does its job for at least 10hrs even in close contact work situations, or when performing strenuous physical activity.
Dries quickly. Doesn't stain clothing. Clear container allows level of contents to be checked. Unobtrusive scent suitable for male or female use. Anti-perspirant properties on par with others I have tried. Suitable for work situations where Use of perfumes or scents are discouraged due to risk of tainting manufactured product eg, food manufacturing environments. Price.
Nothing apart from weight of container compared to contents and frequency of replacement of shared resource in family.

Best Deodorant I've Ever Used

I bought this deodorant while on exchange in France, and what a good find it was. I love this deodorant- the scent is nice, it doesn't mark your clothes, and it was super effective for sweat control. I sweat alot so this was product was somewhat of a miracle for me. I won't go without it!
Reliable, Inexpensive, Doesn't stain clothes


It's ok.I use it because it is relatively inexpensive, does not mark tyour clothes;however I often find that the roll-top sticks and makes the application difficult.Moderately effective in controlling perspiration and odour.There are other deodorants I prefer, but they mark your clothing and are more exppensive.If I could find a really effective natural antiperspirant and deodorant I would use that in preferance as I feel some of the ingredients could be harmful.
Does not mark your clothin


I found this to be a good all round deoderant. The scent was inoffensive, and it did what it said it would, namely not leaving white marks all over my dark work clothes! The bottle is pretty cool, though I did worry at times that I might break it when travelling, but the glass is quite thick and I didn't have any issues.
Love the see through bottle as it clearly shows how much you have left, so you know when to buy more! Didn't leave any white marks on my dark clothes.
As previously mentioned, it is quite thick and does take a while to sink into you skin. Not really a big issue though, because if it does come off on your clothes, it doesn't mark them.


I only purchased this deodorant once, and after it failing to work, I haven't bought it since. Having used other Nivea deodorants, I expected it to work much the same as other ones (which worked well), but this one seemed to be lacking.
The bottle is really nice looking, Nivea do not test on animals-- which is pretty uncommon among these type of companies.
The deodorant didn't really have much effect on me-- it didn't noticeably lower my perspiration, it was just as if I hadn't worn any. It also didn't sink in very fast, which is uncomfortable if you're putting it on while rushing out the door.


This deodorant is really nice to use and has a nice mild scent about it. It really does give you good long lasting protection and is very gentle on skin. I have never had a problem with this product which is not too badly priced and will last for some time. A good hardworking product.
Comes in a nice looking bottle, does not use any alcohol and is gentle on sensitive skins. It does a good job and lasts the distance, leaving behind a nice scent while not leaving any marks on clothes. Comes in a spray or roll on version.
There are none.


I am pretty careful when dressing to avoid my deodorant marking my clothing, but sometimes it can't be helped. When Nivea released this deodorant I was excited because there was finally a solution. It certainly did what it said, but unfortunately I found that it didn't work well enough on me as an antiperspirant to permit daily use. It may be enough for people who only lightly perspire. As it doesn't work as well as other deodorants I have tried, I generally reserve using it for special occasions when i am wearing black and it is important that my clothes have no deodorant marks.
It doesn't leave any white marks on clothing, handy size.
Unfortunately it didn't work too well for me, I wasn't a fan of the scent.


I use this prodcut all the time. It works and the scent is pleasant but not really noticable. I only use the roll on but it does not sting after shaving and the skin is also left soft and slightly moisturised. I have treid other prodcuts that claim not to leave white marks but have found that this is the best so far. It works in the really hot climates and makes me feel confident that I am not sweating. It is reasonably priced and the size is good. Easy to slip into a bag for a quick touch up aftr work.
It really works and definately does not mark dark clothes.


I guess most things are a trade off this was perfect in that it didn't leave white marks, but not as strong as other brands which do. I still always keep some around as especially when you are wearing black you don't want the white marks. Then I keep some in my bag and can just reapply it if I feel like I need to. For me not an every day product but definitely when I want to be sure I've got no marks, especially if it is a tighter top.
I love that it doesn't leave white marks on clothes
I found that it was OK, but not as strong a protection as some other brands


This deodorant is ok, but i wouldn't suggest it as a favourite. I found i still sweated quite a bit whilst wearing it, and though it got rid of the odour, it did not do much to stop the actual sweating. That may just be me, but the texture of it was different to others, and did not work well for me.
It does not leave white stains on black clothes, and it doesn't sting your under arms after you have shaved. The bottle is a good shape for easy applying.
A lot of reviewers have said that they had no problems, but i found that this deodorant didn't work very well for me. When it was finnished i did not buy it again.


This one leaves no white marks on my clothes smalls great last all day drys quick and last a long time in the bottle
I love this one


this deodorant smells wonderful!! that would have to be what won me over. It is also clear which means that it does not leave ANY white marks on your clothes, which is excellent! moreover, it really DOES keep working for 24 hours, just like it says it does, and it is also from a trusted brand name: Nivea. this one is definately getting a 5/5.
it smells great, does not stain the clothes with a white hue like most roll-on and spray deodorants, and it is also priced reasonably.
nothing, it is a great buy, you will not be disappointed!


Those white marks you seem to get on your clothes no matter how careful you think you've been applying your deoderant simply do not happen with this one. I do not know how or why but it really does work how it says it does. Also is very effective as an antiperspirant and you never feel the need to reapply it during the day no matter how hot it gets. I would happily recommend this one to anyone.
Works just as it says it will. Worth the money and smells fantastic.
None that I can think of right now.

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