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Novartis Cat-Lax

Novartis Cat-Lax

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CAT-LAX Feline Laxative

My gorgeous Birman Cat Charlie, loved the CAT-LAX which he was given three times a week; due to a very expensive 14 weeks episode of having to have his small intestine operated on, due to fur ball blockage; then 6 weeks later he had a fur ball in his large intestine, which cost us $4000.00.
CAT-LAX has been a FANTASTIC, problem solver.
However, I'm devastated for Charlie, as CAT-LAX is no longer being manufactured.
So due to the review above of NORVARTIS is will try it.
Thank you. Regards Jenny

Cat Lax paste

This stuff is great the cats actually like it which is unsual as anything from a vet usually involves a fight to get them to take it . But not this they love it I get attacked by the three kitties to see who gets it first & it really works No more furball
Easy to give them let it lick it off or smear on paws
Takes a week to work

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Release dateFeb 2012

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