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Numatic Henry
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Henry sucks... extremely well!

I've had mine for three years. It is used in convenience store located on a busy road next to a beach - lots of dust from foot traffic, deliveries, and vehicle exhausts, as well as sand, salt and moisture from the beach! This store destroyed a $99 vacuum cleaner in one day yet Henry managed to perform flawlessly for three years.

Its suction is strong enough to suck fine dust out of a sofa. Bag capacity is big enough that bag replacement happens annually. The bag itself is a very effective filter and the interior of the vacuum cleaner hardly gets any dust at all - see the photo for proof. It is actually quieter than a Dyson V6 or the $99 vacuum mentioned earlier.

A couple of minor negatives prevent it getting a 5 star review - it's top-heavy so it tends to fall over if something "trips" it. Also, my wife complains that its much too heavy, though it's not an issue for me. Its cord could be longer, and of course, it is bulky. Despite these minor issues, I'd say it's the best vacuum cleaner that I've owned.

Purchased in August 2016 at Multi Range for $385.00.

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Floor Type Tiles

The workhorse option

Have had this vacuum cleaner for over 4 years for cleaning carpets in my apartment, quite reliable. Be mindful to regularly check it over and replace the parts when issues are encountered. I've recently had to order a new filter for it, for example. Also it tips over if you pull by the cord, I've found it easier to extend the cord first and push/lift it into position. Both the cord and the hose have a lot of reach.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

i hate him

I hate Henry the vacuum cleaner. I hate everything he stands for and i disagree strongly with his values and morals.
He is a disgrace to the community and should not be sold at any shops from today and going forward. I will personally be boycotting any stores I see Henry in and i cant wait to live in a Henry free world. Suction? Terrible. Power? My sister could slurp through a straw harder than Henry. He fails time and time again to complete the simplest of tasks and should be ashamed to call himself a vacuum. I am deeply disappointed in Henry and he will not be getting a second chance from me.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Solid workhorse

Very happy with performance of the vacuum

+ Great suction power, on both power settings
+ Easy to empty the HEPA bags and replacements can be cheapy found online
+ Very sturdily built

+ Manual winding of power cord - not a huge deal, but a small invonvenience
+ Can be a bit hard to manourve around the room

Great vacuum overall.

Date PurchasedMar 2013

Angry Henry

Henry does the job. One of the best in the commercial line. I was used to Nilfisk GM80 for my job and worried nothing else would replace it until I got my hands on Numatic Henry. It blew me away with it’s performance. Very light and easy to manoeuvre. Works on all surfaces. Recommend!

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Great Long Lived Vacuum

Obviously this vacuum has a hilarious face which my kids love but its all abut cleaning. Its small but boy does it pack a punch! this is a serious vacuum and we bought it because of Numatic's fantastic reputation these last up to 20 years and I am hoping for that kind of life from it. Suction and cleaning power are fantastic and it comes with a comprehensive suit of tools. A serious vacuum despite the funny face.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

I wish it was better

I was very excited to get this vac, it wasn't cheap, and was great for about 12 month - now i have to say it very average - not good at picking up fluff on floor - hair etc and seems to push large "bits" around on hardwood floor - its massive to store and the around the house - but for that money you cant just get rid of it!

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Henry Sucks!

It's a bad joke but it's true. I think these are terrible vacuum cleaners and have been waiting for mine to blow-up so I can get away from it all together. The truth is Henry doesn't suck enough! Eco mode is pointless and full mode is not much better.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Best vacuum cleaner ever. It totally sucks!

I’ve had Henry for about two years now and he’s honestly the best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever had. No gimmicks, no bells and whistles, just a really sturdy, well-built little unit that you can rely on to do his job!
You can use him bagless, or do as we do and just empty the bags. Last week I finally threw out the first bag after two years of emptying it.
Really manouverable, long cord, plenty of storage for tools on board.
Buy Henry, you won’t be disappointed!

Date PurchasedMay 2016

I love Henry :)

Every time a friend who owns a Dyson (and loves it) comes over, I tell them about Henry, let them have a go and smile as they are astonished at how amazing a funny looking vacuum is - then I tell them he cost me $300 and watch them gasp ;)

I bought my Henry in 2013 after using one for years in a hospital and local church. They really are the best kept secret. I bought heaps of bags online to use under my hepa filter and they still haven't run out, I like to scent the bags with perfume so the whole house smells great.

I did, unfortunately, break the head and replaced with a cheap one, not a good idea and I will be getting an original replacement asap.

My kids love pulling Henry around to do the vacuuming, the youngest one wanted to do it from 2 years old, the fact that he could, shows how maneuverable it is, his favourite place to drag Henry was under the kitchen table :)

Even on the lower setting you can vacuum anything, maybe not pet hair (I can't test that with no animals) but the only reason I use the high setting is if I'm in a rush and going fast or if I am using a hose attachment and not quite running it along something e.g. I don't run the black attachment over the top of white cornices in case it marks, I set Henry on high and keep it 5 cm away, any dist or cobwebs get sucked up easily even at a distance.

I wish I had a reason to buy the pink or green versions because I worry Henry is lonely! :D

I wouldn't hesitate to replace Henry if he stopped working, but with commercial use he seems to last 15+ years so I'm not expecting to have to replace him anytime soon!

Date PurchasedFeb 2013

Small but powerful vacuum

My roommate had this vacuum and I’ll be sad to leave it behind. It was fine for our 3-bedroom home and didn’t even run that hot. The best thing is it is so light and maneuverable - I used it to clean my car too. The winding mechanism for the cord is maybe the only thing people won’t like but it’s simple and quick.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Henry rocks

So much better than my dyson. Love the big bags and not having dust everywhere whn i empty it. Hose it fairly good too used to get kids stuff stuck in the dyson. Easy to move around. No auto wind on cord but that is just me being a lazy bum.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Great vacuum

The Henry Hoover vacuum is a great unit with lots of suction and is so easy to get around the house. It has great sucking power on carpet and picks up everything. The only problem is that when the brush is down on the head it gets alot of hairs stuck in it.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great suction but cumbersome

Great suction, one of the best vacs I’ve owned. It never overheats and cleans all house perfectly, including carpets, tiles and delicate wooden floors, thanks to the brush attached to it. I have a 150sqm floor to vac plus beds, car and lounges, all doable thanks to the various attachments provided.
I wouldn’t say it’s quiet, just average noise.

Only downside is it’s cumbersome, hard to manoeuvre and chopped a few walls.
Otherwise brilliant.

Date PurchasedJan 2008


Love my Henry, clean, powerful and reliable. I used to buy a new vacuum each year don't have to any more. With the bags I buy on line it is cheap and efficient to run and everyone that uses it loves it, long cord powerful suction and easy to use. great vacuum

Date PurchasedApr 2014

This is best vacuum cleaner I ever have

I bought different vacuum cleaner twice and I end up to throw them away, Now I have Hendry and been using it more than 3 years and it still work perfectly as just bought, It works quite good on both carpet and floor tiles. The vacuuming power is strong enough to remove soil and small stones. The length of the cord is one of its strength.
Little bit heavy but that is fine because it has wheel to move around

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Best vacuum cleaner, value for money

This English made vacuum cleaner is sturdy and great for large areas. Has a very long cord. Comes with large bags and additional for about a $1 ea. can also be used bag less. Bought online and deliveredwas cheaper than in store. Adjustable suction and additional attachments make it suitable for a variety of surfaces. An economical purchase compared to some other brands. Virtually the power of a commercial vacuum cleaner. It's size might be an issue for a small home or apartment both in use and storage.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Not the best on the market

The suction and performance of the unit isn't the greatest. I have used cheaper machines that can match or even exceed this machine. Tje machines manoeuvrability is ok but a cordless machine is so much more convenient. I feel this machine was made to clean clean larger areas like halls and open spaces, as opposed to house's and having to move around furniture.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Used it at work but not recommend for home

It works quite good on both carpet and floor tiles. The vacuuming power is strong enough to remove soil and small stones. The length of the cord is one of its strength. However, it is not lightweight and quiet enough. It will be a pain to carry around at home.

Date PurchasedMay 2010

Would not recommend

this hoover is terrible on carpets and has trouble picking up slightly larger things on tiles. It's bulky and hard to manoeuvre and definitely doesn't do a good job. The henrys I have are old hoovers however my old Dyson still does a really good job and is older than the henrys. Would never buy this Hoover again.

Date PurchasedJan 2009

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone been able to find out which is the best broker among those listed here? https://bestairpurifiers.website/best-commercial-vacuum-cleaner/
No answers

Which model is the best and is Henry good with animal fur? I have been through a LOT of vacuum cleaners and sick of it! I have used a Henry in housekeeping so know they are good but not sure what they are like with pet fur! I have 3 cats in at night and outside some of the day and a dog that comes inside in the evenings.
2 answers
We have the yellow henry. We have 2 dogs 2 cats and 4 kids and I don't have an issue with hair.We don't have animals but I bought a secondhand rug that had dog hair in the flat tight weave, I assumed I'd have to pull each one out by hand but I just used Henry and it was all picked up.

Does the Henry come with a non disposable bag (eg cotton or the like) and does any one know where Henry is made and if he was to get sick, are parts easily obtainable and is he easily fixed? ( Sth Australia)
3 answers
The bag is disposable, costs about $2 each on ebay. Have only replaced it once - but have read others don't use a bag at all - not sure that I would recommend that - so get to vacuum (large home, two story) 4 times before need to change bag; but the bagged ones do produce better suction so that is why I went that way because had been bagless for sometime with other vacuums. I think comes from UK, have a two year warranty via ebay with mine but haven't had to use it. Looks a very robust simple vacuum. Hope this helps a little. Sandra Wellington Point QldThe primary bag is described in the instructions as 'Synthetic'. So to answer your ques, it is a disposable bag. There is a secondary bag which protects the vacuum motor from any dust particles that may happen to get through the primary bag and this appears to be an excellent quality cotton bag. So far there is absolutely no indication of any dust passing through the first bag to the second. We are still using the original primary bag and there is no indication that it will need replacing anytime soon. Henry is made in England and as much as I hate to admit it I think that the Poms have finally got something right. The supplier we got our Vacuum through sent it with 1 bag in the machine and 13 spare bags plus an extra head. Maintenance is not a problem with parts readily available in Australia. If you decide to go ahead with Henry, I would suggest that you google something like "best price Henry vacuum cleaner Australia" and take it from there.I really appreciated these answers they are very helpful THANK YOU


Henry HVR200AHenry HVR200-12Henry HVR200Y (Yellow)Henry HVR200
Bin Capacity9L9L9L9L
Cord Length10m10m10m10m
HEPA Filter YesYesYesYes
Release dateAug 2006Aug 2006Aug 2006
Replaced byNumatic Henry HVR200A

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