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Numatic Henry

Latest review: I’ve had Henry for about 5 years and I love him. No gimmicks, just a vacuum cleaner that works. Nice long cord, good range of onboard tools. The bags are big. I’ve been using the same bag for 5 yea

Pacvac Superpro 700 Backpack Vacuum Range

Latest review: Had 7 pacvacs in the last 6 years. Great vacuums, I have tested various other makes and models and always go back to pacvac. Highly recommended. Keep up the good

Vax Pet Carpet 66000

Latest review: This is my second VAX carpet cleaner. I had the first one for 8 years but then had an unfortunate accident where it fell into my swimming pool! Amazingly, the vacuum kept working, but the motor that

Bissell ReadyClean

Latest review: I got this awhile back I have area rugs that I clean. The suction power is great but after cleaning the machine from top to bottom I can’t get the spray to work. The spring is not broken. Probably w

Pullman PV900

Latest review: I have had this for about 1 year. Used as a commercial machine on building sites. Sucks up leaves, nails, dust etc no problems. The suction is separate to the motor so it will last for sucking up

Nilfisk GD5 Backpack 906 0605 010

Latest review: This thing is nothing but cheap garbage. I only had mine for 7 months and not only were the straps fraying from week 2, the ridiculous power cord that always kinks broke, exposing live wires and

Pullman PULL10LD

Latest review: I clean houses and apartments 6 days a week using the PULLMAN 10ltr machine. This machine is the best vacuum I have ever used in the past 5yrs. Being round it never catches on walls or corners, has a

Numatic George

Latest review: We have owned our George for almost eight years. We purchased George as we also have pets and were in a rental house at the time. I can’t recall what we paid for the cleaner but it certainly has paid

Pullman PC4

Latest review: considered light commercial, i have found it to be great for domestic use. this vacuum has great suction all the time, has a very simple easy to maintain filter system and large volume waste

Nilfisk GD 930

Latest review: I have 6 Nilfisk Vacuum's, 2 GD1000 and 4 GD930SC - all are good but the GD930's are excellent, only issue I've had has been a broken lid clip which was easily replaced. Large disposable bags, easily

Work Hero D10LP

Latest review: This is excellent at sucking stuff up, especially dog hair, small capacity so have to empty after a couple of rooms but at least this keeps the vacuum empty and fresh for the next time, good long

Numatic Hetty HET200P
  • Bin Capacity: 9 L
  • HEPA Filter: Yes
  • Weight: 8.5 kg

Pullman Advance Commander 900 Backpack PV900

Latest review: Awesome light back pack style vacuum. Perfect for large home, business etc. very comfortable to wear, saves bending, lifting or dragging. I use mine at our small B&B, two storeys, makes life so

Shop Vac Ultra Pump 30L 58708

Latest review: i have owned quite a few vacuum cleaners but this machine is the best...it is so reliable and easy to use and to empty and as we have alot of carpet and flooring even the kids love using it...i

Aussie Vac AV1100

Latest review: We bought our home 12 years ago, brand new with this vac system installed. It's excellent for vacuuming floors and carpets as it's very powerful and the hose extends to all areas. I've only had to

Shopvac Super 20L 59703

Latest review: I purchased this vaccum at Godfrey's for $80 read reviews online looked pretty good so thought I would buy and try it.Worth the money I have carpet and floorboards so it's suitable for that great

Shop Vac Pro20

Latest review: Very low cost ($117) and the machine does what it is supposed to do. I use this in a retail shop and it replaced a terrible Dyson DC19 that was constantly blocking in the head and was difficult to

Vax VCC-05/07

Latest review: have been a commercial cleaner for over nine years ,I have used lots of different brands of vacuum cleaners .if you want the most reliable and best value for money vacuum cleaner, you cant go past

Work Hero CD1

Latest review: I purchased this vacuum in February this year for my domestic cleaning business. The suction is fantastic, it takes a long time to fill, and it doesn’t need bags, which means it’s cheap to run. It was

Ryobi RVC1218P-P

Latest review: Multi use vacuum I can run it into my bathroom after a shower, the vacuum head sucks up everything in it path I love the blower function for my porch which get covered in leaves and dog fur It is

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