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Nylex Kinkaway

Nylex Kinkaway

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FrankThe Mallee, VIC

Nylex garden hose


This would the worst hose I have ever purchased in my life I believe the anti kink rating is 8 and and can understand that because you can not roll it up and is as flexible as a broom handle . When I purchased the hose from Bunnings I was impressed by the high kink rating (Fool me) I have put up it for over a year and no longer have the receipt .I have since found out it has a 20 year warranty . Once bitten twice shy about buying Nylex products

Purchased in February 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $50.00.



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Nylex hoses and fittings

Date PurchasedNov 2018


Nylex is French for kinks


Bought an expensive hose. Have found that this particular hose kinks easy and the fittings constantly pop off with good water pressure. Have had many other branded hoses over the years with no problems. Am dissatisfied and should return the hose for a replacement and pick a Gardenia product
First and last Nylex hose.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Waste of Money


I bought this hose as a replacement for a 20 year old basic run of the mill type nylon hose. I thought the so called “anti Kink” technology maybe worth trying....Well it’s not.
The hose is very soft & kinks & tangles ever so easily compared to my old basic. Perhaps even more frustrating is that being so soft it expands under pressure....especially in warmer weather. This means that even with the wall tap turned off the hose remains under pressure therefore making disconnecting a pain.
Waste of money. Another over done, over sold product. Go back to basics!

Date PurchasedMar 2018



Frustrating and thankfully broken


This hose is very frustrating to use as it will not straighten out and constantly pulls and tangles. It was quite expensive. I got the long one and it is very ridged and heavy. I have to pull and hold the whole bundled mess even when just using the hose a few metres from the tap. The hose is not flexible. The tap fitting and the handle fitting both leaked water while fitted corrrectly. I have had it less than a year and the plastic tap fitting is so poor quality after one winter has dried up and cracked and snapped off completely meaning I am forced to by another new hose. I wish I could get my money back. It will be going in the bin.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Got this hose as it had a 4 star rating


Definitely got at least 4 kinks. Every day I use it there’s an extra kink . Also the connector spray nozzle keeps popping off even though it’s put on correctly. I bought it as my old cheap hose had a few permanent kinks but I’m going back to it as it’s better than the new expensive Nylex

Date PurchasedJun 2018



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Had plenty of cheap hoses in my lifetime. Thought id splash out buy a better quality one. Ive never had a hose that kinks as much as this one. Im glad i didnt buy a longer one, as sorting the kinks over 20 metres is frustrating enough. On top of that the hose pin holed in multiple places within a year. I actually cant believe that Nylex can advertise this hose as a low kink hose, without facing accusations of false or misleading advertising.

Date PurchasedMar 2016



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Terrible hose - began twisting as soon as removed from package


After a week of use I contacted Nylex to ask if the hose is supposed to spiral like it did and some level of twisting is normal. After a couple of emails back and forth they said it was faulty and rare, and to take it back to Bunnings for a replacement. After looking online, it would seem like it is not rare, I feel a replacement is going to do exactly the same thing, and I really don't want to be doing their product testing for them.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Worse hose ever brought - kinks like no other


I too bought this hose due to its 8/10 kink rating. What a load of bullocks. This hose is the worse I have ever owned. It does nothing but kink and twist, even once you get the kinks out the hose is so twisted within itself that it kinks even when straight.

Date PurchasedJun 2017
Mat H

Mat HMelbourne

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What a piece of junk!


As noted by others, thought it would be worth spending more on a decent hose to replace my cheap one. This hose is without question THE worst hose i have ever bought... kinks constantly and (Nylex) fittings pop off at least 2-3x every time i use it. Biggest piece of junk ever and causes me nothing but frustration. The cheap $30 hoses I've owned over the years are so much better than this hose.

Date PurchasedMar 2016



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Kinkalot is right!


Like others sucked in to buying this hose because of the alleged rating of 8 for kink resistance, I don't know how it got the rating, they must self-test and self-rate as despite its price and alleged rating, it kinks just as badly as most cheap hoses. Haven't (yet) had leaks but the proneness to kinking is exceedingly annoying.

Date PurchasedJan 2013



Worst ever hose over ever bought. First use twisted up so badly that I am unable to straighten it


This has to be the worst hose I have ever bought. I thought by buying an expensive 8 no kink rating one would make for easy watering but this is not so. First use it twisted immediately I started so I managed to undo these but second use it twisted so badly it now lies all twisted up on my lawn as I find it totally impossible to straighten.

Date PurchasedJan 2017


Leah68Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

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Worst hose ever


I thought buying an expensive ($65+) hose that claimed to not kink would be the answer to my frustrations with the kinking I was getting with my el cheapo supermarket hose. Sadly this was not the case. This kinkaway hose kinks more easily and often than my el cheapo hose ever did and doesn't unkink as easily as the cheapo one did either. Never would I buy another Nylex hose and if this is an Australian made product that makes me even more disappointed.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Kinkaway means it kinks away like mad


The hose kinks very easily and then develops leaks because it is blocked. Had for 3 years and now it has many leaks which are getting worse every time it kinks. I will try to get refund. Cheaper hoses that I purchased at the same time work better. Very disappointed.

Date PurchasedNov 2013


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Extremely poor quality


Not only did my hose easily kink from first use (it should be renamed the KinkAlot), it has also ballooned then split at two random points. Extremely poor quality for what should be a simple product to manufacture. The current KinkAway may have improved as Cyclone Nylex are now stressing a '3600 kpa burst pressure rating' and '2.2mm thick rubber hose wall'. If you do buy the latest version, keep the receipt in a safe place.



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Dont Buy!


Kinkaway, I'm about to return it! Worst hose I have ever bought! Fitting came off in week one, week two it started kinking! The weakest spots is at the points they strap it together for the retail packaging! The old $6 hose from Aldi performed better than this! Back to Bunnings I go!



4 of these hoses and all have leaked and kinked.


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how can i get the 25 years guarantee for my gardening hose?

1 answer

Take it back or post it to the store you bought it from and request a repair, replacement or refund. If the store tries to pass the responsibility to the manufacturer or wholesaler this is wrong in law - insist they deal with it. A receipt is the easiest proof of purchase but if you have lost it a credit card statement or even the word of a person present at the sale is enough in law. Warranty periods stated by the store or manufacturer can be challenged depending on the product. Check the law - it gives more rights to the consumer than people realise and that stores would admit to - see the following webpage.
For more detail on this subject look up this Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website page:

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