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Hoselink Hi-Flow 25m Auto Rewind Hose Reel 3425

Hoselink Hi-Flow 25m Auto Rewind Hose Reel 3425

4.8 from 20 reviews

Game changer

Bought this for my mother for Christmas she loves it 25 meters is good enough for her to water most of the trees and plants on the homestead. We have a low flow due to being a farm property you would not know that using this hose the pressure is unbelievable my brother in law uses it on his new dual cab Ute to get or the dirt and dust off when he goes off road driving. The quality of the hose is great you can feel sturdiness will last for many years to come I am sure of it. I am glad I payed the extra money rather than buying a cheaper version from bunnings and you would be lucky to get 12 months out of it before it starts becoming faulty as i know from personal experience.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Hi Nathan, Thank you for your review. So amazing to hear that your mother loves her Hoselink products. Always a great gift idea. We really appreciate your positive feedback. Kindest of Regards, The Hoselink Team

Great product

Fittings and reel are 10/10. Great product.
The hose however kinks easily which is a shame but overall very happy.
Maybe the hose could be of a better quality.
The belt in the reel is thin rubber so time will tell how long it will last.
Maybe the belt could be a heavier duty rubber?

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. It's great to hear that you would rate your Hoselink products to high. We don't usually have a problem with the hose in the reel kinking. If you contact our customer service team via email or phone, hoselink@hoselink.com.au or 1300 900 617. We are always happy to help with any issue. Kindest of Regards, The Hoselink Team

A well presented, quality product

My delivery arrived in just a few days, was well packaged, accompanied by specific correctly worded and illustrated instructions, and the unit appears to be quite solid and well made. It is not light weight or flimsy when compared to other more common retail brands and this product looks as if it'll go that extra mile. I'm impressed

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi Dave, we're really pleased you are happy with the quality of your purchase and you feel this is superior to others on the market. Hope to see you return to shop with us again in the future. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Great Product

These are great such a product! We loved our first one so much that we brought as a second one! The one we brought originally, is more than a year old and looks like it hasn't aged a day and gets almost daily use. Love the High flow feature as we get lots of water when we need it!

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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Hi Megan, Thanks for taking the time to give a review (and such a brilliant one) on your Hoselink Product. We are so glad that you are enjoying using our Reel and the Hi-Flow feature. Kind regards, The Hoselink Team.


This reel by far exceeds all my expectations in terms of quality and reliability. The ease to which the reel can stop in any position works perfectly and the 14mm extra flow is awesome. The connections fit firmly and no water leaks. I highly recommend this hose for anyone looking for a long term quality hose.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Hello Bruce, Thank you for taking the time to leave such a wonderful review and for the recommendation! It really is appreciated. Glad you're enjoying your new reel! Kind regards, The Hoselink Team

Works awesome

Love our new hose. We are really happy with our new hose. It retracts easily. The hose head spreads well. Appears to be less pressure but I think due to spreading further. easy to install on wall and very sturdy.Pressure from hose is great. Delivery was very prompt. Would recommend this product

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Great product ever

Hi I live on a farm and only have low pressure water, I bought 4 x 30m hoselink hose reels with their standard fittings, I have a 900 square meter greenhouse on the property and only using gravity feed water pressure in the garden to save cost on running a pressure pump when the solar generation are low.

I have been using hose link fittings for over 6 years now and Im always going back to get more, the product is at a good price and the quality is second to none. I would recommend this product any day, the delivery and the service is excellent.

Hose link thanks for always finding better ways to improve the product and developing new things to make a gardeners life easy.

Regards Anton

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Hi Anton, thanks for taking the time to leave us your comments and it's fantastic to hear you are so pleased with the products and service you have received from Hoselink as this is something we work hard to achieve. We really appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you return to shop with us again in the near future! Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Fantastic hose real but is hiflow really worth it?

I'm really happy with the real. It retracts amazing and the real and mounting bracket is really study. While the pieces all look plastic, they seem of high quality.

The main issue I have is that I purchased the high flow, but I'm getting less water pressure than my old 30m hose from the same tap outlet. The individual tap fittings seem to have quiet small openings.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
Hi Dave, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We are happy to hear about your great experience with the hose reel function. In regards to the pressure, are you comparing the hose reel to a normal standard hose? If so the decrease in water pressure is partly due to the length of hose in the hose reel and the internal workings of the hose reel. There are a number of water direction changes within the hose reel and each direction change impacts the water flow. This effects all Retractable Hose Reels on the market, but we believe our hose reels do have the best water flow compared to all other hose reels we have tested. If you require any further assistance in regards to the hose reel, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team on 1300 900 617. Kind regards, The Hoselink TeamThank you. Im comparing this product to my existing older 30m hose I got from bunnings. Even when i have the hoselink full rolled out the pressure isnt as good. I noticed the components that are used on this high flow e.g connectors have smaller opening the the hose. Are these the same components used on the standard highflow? If highflow has the best pressure, the standard one must have quite bad flow in comparison.It all depends on the output pressure from your tap. We have tested both units in our warehouse based in Sydney and the hi-flow has a 25% better water flow than our standard hose reels. Thanks, The Hoselink Team

Excellent product

We bought 2 25mt high flow reel hoses, they were delivered quickly. Installation was quick and easy. Was so impressed when you first use the hoses. Pressure was awesome and they are as easy to use as the tv commercial says. So happy we purchased these hoses.. can't live without them..

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Sounds like you have now converted your entire garden over to the Hoselink system Kim! We have been through extreme testing processes to ensure all our products live up to expectations and work as we advertise. Thank you for leaving us a review. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Gardeners delight

The Hoselink hose reel is fantastic. I must say I was skeptical at first, well putting it to the test it did everything they said it would NO LEAKS, no more bursting, pulls out so smoothly and retracts smoothly. I now save a good 15 minutes as I no longer have to unwind or rewind my old hose back. I now have more time to do more in my Garden. Well done Hoselink

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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It's great to hear the hose reel has exceeded all your expectations. We have put a lot of work into our products to ensure they all work as we advertise! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review and enjoy all that extra spare time you have now! Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

the best retractable hose reel

strong sturdy construction, the 14mm high flow option delivers a good strong stream of water. Add the flow control connector and you have a winner - it allows you to take the spray gun off at any time, I actually prefer how this hose delivers water without the spray gun

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review Anni, it's great to hear you are happy with the water flow in the hi-flow model. The flow control makes it so easy to change between accessories without having to run back to the tap! Thanks again, have a wonderful weekend! Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Problem solved with the best hose system ever!

I found the product easy to install and set up. Everything I needed was included in the package. I got an additional bracket and tap connector so that I can move the whole unit to a different part of the garden. All my other hoses have gone to the bin. This is all we need. The connector system is easy to use. The hose delivers a good volume of water, which means less time wasted watering, etc. Works perfectly with a simple lawn sprinkler. The hose retracts like a dream. Tidy, simple and effective. Also, after reading Hoselink's courteous responses to the little bit of negative feedback they've received I am confident that if anything goes wrong down the track I will receive excellent customer service.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Having the additional bracket means you can use your hose reel at different tap outlets. You simply lift the hose reel off one bracket and move it to the next. Always best to ensure you have a tap connector for each bracket as this makes it so much easier too! Sounds like you are living the gardeners dream now Chris! We have spent a lot of time going through extremely thorough testing processes to ensure we have a product that works as we advertise. We have complete confidence and are happy to stand behind what we sell 100%, therefore if you do have any problems down the line please feel free to contact our customer care team. Thank you for your review. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team


I recently purchased the Hoselink SKU 3425. It is so easy to use and we are glad we bought it. Your customer service is excellent and the delivery was prompt. It was great to find out that everything we needed was included. I highly recommend this product. Many thanks to the Hoselink team.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Glad to hear you would happily recommend the Hoselink system to others Jenny, there is nothing better than saving yourself time and not fighting with the hose when you are watering! Thank you for leaving us a review. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Excellent Service and Product

The whole experience dealing with Hoselink was extremely professional and the product of very high quality and installation instructions very clear. They provide an excellent dialogue of order status. Would highly recommend dealing with them.. Product works faultlessly. Accessories also of very high standard. The dripless fittings really work! I setup for location in multiple sites around the house with the option of extra support brackets.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Hi-Flow 25 metre reel is highly recommended

Unlike the previous reviewer, Action, as a moderately long-term customer of Hoselink, I don’t view the occasional updates and offers from Hoselink as spam.

I bought the Hoselink 30 metre reel but was dismayed to notice that it delivered a severe drop in water pressure; a 31 percent reduction in volume compared with my 30 metre Cyclone hose fitted onto a manual wind reel fitted with Hoselink fittings throughout and giving very good water pressure; and I have very good mains pressure.

I contacted Hoselink to say that if I knew I would be getting a 31 percent reduction in volume I would have ordered their Hi-Flow reel. They offered to send me a reply-paid label to return the hose and I now have the Hi-Flow version. This delivers an 8 percent reduction in volume compared with my Cyclone hose fitted with Hoselink fittings but in practice the reduced volume is barely noticeable.

When I first used the Hi-Flow reel, water spurted from the hose end connector. I noticed that it was missing its O-ring. I assumed that a non-standard O-ring would be required for the 14mm connector but eventually I noticed that standard O-rings fitted to the 12mm connectors fitted the 14mm connector. I had some spares so all is good now.

Construction, operation and packaging of the hardware supplied appeared to be of a very high standard.

I have now fitted a second Hi-Flow reel. Good value on special at time of ordering both reels.

Great service overall from Hoselink and the Hi-Flow 25 metre reel is highly recommended.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hi Bob, thank you very much for taking the time to provide such a informative review! With any brand of Hose Reel there is a reduction in water flow due to the way the water moves in and out of the unit with 2 right angles as opposed to a regular straight hose. Really glad to hear that our Hi Flow unit has solved the pressure issue for you, this is exactly what we have developed it for! We are happy that you gave us the chance resolved for you in a timely fashion and that you are up and running with your new reel. Thank you again for your great comments and happy hosing! Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Great product - but stop the spam

I have no doubts that Hoselink make the best hose fittings. I am a long-term and repeat customer. The twist-on connectors work well and save a lot of frustration. Two years ago I bought a Hoselink auto rewind reel for the front yard and a cheaper auto rewind reel from an online store for the back yard. Recently the retractor mechanism in the cheaper brand failed and I replaced it with a Hoselink. Great product and I was happy to find that the new Hoselink reel fitted easily over the existing wall bracket of the other brand, saving a bit of installation hassle.
The only problem I see with the Hoselink or any other reel is when your dog chews through the hose. You can fix the hose with a joiner set, but then that prevents the hose fully retracting.
The reason I give Hoselink 4 instead of 5 stars is because of their persistent emails. The Hoselink Privacy Policy says:
"It promotes its products and services directly to consumers - for example by advertising via telemarketing, post, e-mail, brochures and catalogues which may involve unsolicited communications or communications to existing customers, and it operates an email newsletter database to send subscribers details of products and services that may be of interest." "We may share personal information inside the Hoselink Group, and may disclose personal information outside the Hoselink Group".
After purchasing 2 years ago I started receiving numerous annoying marketing emails. You can unsubscribe and that takes effect eventually but now when I purchase from Hoselink I provide a fake email address to avoid the spam. I suggest Hoselink inserts an opt-in tick-box option for marketing emails on the order page. That way if you want to receive spam you can choose to receive it.

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We are glad to hear you are happy with the Hoselink system and enjoying the ease of the connections.  We really appreciate your feedback as this provides us with an opportunity to improve our products and customer service. We do try to limit our marketing emails to twice a month, generally; however this may vary depending on promotions and trade shows we have running at that time. Any email sent will have a link for our customers to unsubscribe if needed. Once unsubscribed you do not need to worry about receiving correspondence from us, even if you put your email address on new orders.However your suggestion of being able to opt-in is an interesting one, and we will be sure to review this and look at all available options for our customers.  If you do have any further questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Kind Regards, The Hoselink TeamThank you for your reply. Hoselink and all companies need to respect the privacy of their customers and not abuse their trust by spamming them, or passing customer's home contact details onto other firms and telemarketers. A (non pre-ticked) opt-in box should be included on the order page, giving customers the option to agree, or not to agree, to having their personal contact details exploited for marketing purposes. I refer Hoselink to this article on consent and how one company has been caught out passing on customer details for its own marketing purposes: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/business/consumer-affairs/credit-reporting-giant-veda-under-fire-for-sneakily-obtaining-customer-consent-20160624-gpqvwe.htmlCompletely understandable - this has been passed onto our Marketing Manager for review and then hopefully we can put something in place. Again, we do apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Love watering my garden!

Hose link have made my life so much easier when it comes to watering.i have a large backyard/ garden and no more kinks and fighting with the hose and ending up being watered myself.i can also change the pressure at the nozzle when watering pot plants.one tug and it rolls back away neatly.

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Hi Lynne, thank you for leaving us a review. It really does make watering a different experience when you don't have to fight hoses! Glad to hear we have also resolved the outcome where you end up getting soaked - especially in winter! Kind Regards The Hoselink Team

Why didn't I buy one earlier

Very satisfied with this product .Easy stopping the hose and retracting. Plus the good part no more leaks and getting saturated. My wife who does most of the watering of our gardens is equally impressed with the Hi-Flow 25m Auto Rewind Hose Reel. She says why didn't we buy one sooner .I have to agree with her

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It's lovely to hear that both yourself and your wife are impressed by the Hi-Flow 25m Auto Rewind Hose Reel. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Kind Regards The Hoselink Team

True Quality

The Hi-Flow Auto Rewind Hose Reel is true quality. All the fixtures and fittings are easy to use and well made. It is on my Mum's wall and she now does not have to struggle and battle with the old hose reel. Life is much happier now she has a Hoselink hose.

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Thank you for taking the time to leave a review Carol, really great to hear that you Mum is enjoying her reel. Kind Regards The Hoselink Team

Great Product

I have found the New Hi Flo 25m Hoselink hose reel just great...I notice that some folks are commenting that the hose does not rewind fully...I noticed that too, but realised that rewinding a Hose expanded by water pressure is not an option, because this leads to rewind problems..and some areas such as Rosemount have very high water pressure which just pops any standard fittings with no trouble.

I have not had a single rewind problem after turning the Tap off at the wall and then releasing the pressure...since doing so the rewinds have all been perfect...also turning off at the wall (or before the reel) eliminates the risk of accidentally leaving the tap turned on...not good!...

Thanks for a great product


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Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. You are absolutely right, turning the tap off and releasing the pressure before retracting the hose is highly recommended to ensure a smooth and easy retraction. Kind Regards The Hoselink Team

Questions & Answers

What is the price?
1 answer
Hi Bet, thanks for taking the time to leave us your question. Our 25m Hi Flow Retractable Hose Reel is currently prices at $239. Here's a link: https://www.hoselink.com.au/?rf=kw&kw=3425 Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

How far away from the Hoselink Unit to the tap can I go?
1 answer
Hi Erik, thanks for taking the time to ask us a question. The Hose Reels come with a 2m leader hose and we have extensions available in 1.5m and 5m lengths. You can join more than one together as they are pre fitted with the hose end connectors. The longer you go the less output you will get as the water has to travel further, however the Hi Flow is a thicker hose so will give you around a 20%-25% increase compared with our standard 12mm hose reels. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Does the unit come with a hose installed? What is the diameter of the hose?
2 answers
Yes the unit comes with the hose. Diameter of the hose is around 2cmGood Morning, thanks for taking the time to leave us a question. The Hi Flow Hose Reel has a 25m length pre fitted to the unit and has a 14mm internal diameter. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

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