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Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel
Latest review: I was sick of replacing the hose nozzle/sprayer and having to manually wind up the hose, saw how easy my daughter's was to use and recommended the product to us. Could not be happier and service was

Hoselink Hi-Flow 25m Auto Rewind Hose Reel 3425
Latest review: Bought this for my mother for Christmas she loves it 25 meters is good enough for her to water most of the trees and plants on the homestead. We have a low flow due to being a farm property you would

Hoselink Ned Kelly Starter Kit 2250
Latest review: I have insane water pressure 900kpa from all my garden taps I have been through 20 years of leaking hose fitting, fittings blowing off, you name it. The Ned Kelly and Hoselink System has 100%

Holman Auto Retractable Hose Reel with Spray Gun
Latest review: Have read all the reviews and replies regarding this product. My retraction failed so pulled apart out of curiosity. Spring badly rusted and broken. Incorrectly fitted O ring was

Hozelock Auto Reel
Latest review: We now have 3 on our acreage property. One was given as a gift and we then bought 2 more (30mt retractable) because we loved the first 30mt retractable one so much. We love them, they are super

XHose Expanding Hose
Latest review: This is so light and easy to store over the tap. I've just bought 2nd. Tried the cheaper versions first but no good. Would recommend blue original x hose. Plenty of videos the net to see how they

Pope Auto Wind Hose Reel
Latest review: An excellent product. The hose still unwinds and rewinds with ease after over four years. I use this hose for everything, watering the garden, washing the cars, washing the dogs etc. Would highly

Pope Water Weeper
Latest review: Paid extra for a "premium" product at bunnings. Was initially fine. Then after several weeks it started squirting water out middle of the hose length...i mean, a lot of water. Basically instead of

Pocket Hose
Latest review: I too bought my first one at Big W two years ago and use it regularly -still works well (tiny puncture from brom. spike) Drained after use and stored in a 9 litre bucket in shade with lid.However I

Holman SH2015P
Latest review: I have place these sprinklers through all my lawn areas on 3 separate solenoids from the mains to maintain required pressures. I used all Holman products from solenoid through to sprinklers and 20mm

Gardena Comfort FLEX Hose
Latest review: That's how bad this hose is. Almost impossible to use do to it kinking all the time. The nozzle is bad as well, randomly going from a fine spray to a sharp stream. Do not buy

Nylex Kinkaway
Latest review: Although not greatly impressed by my Nylex hose, I would perhaps have kept it if the Nylex tap fittings were fit for purpose. They're not. Under anything other than very low water pressure, they're

Pope True Blue
Latest review: I purchased this 4 out of 10 kink rated hose, which had a primium price, because my old hose kinked. I used this hose twice, and it kinked at several locations each time. It was intolerable. I

AK Reels Easyhose
Latest review: We have just recently bought another ‘Easyhose' Garden Reel for my mum for Christmas. She has the most amazing garden - but had been battling with cheaper, unreliable & what she now considers to be i

Hoselink 9-Pattern Sprinkler 5640
Latest review: I bought this sprinkler while I was in Canberra on holidays last year. We have an add shaped,lawn and it works in all areas where necessary, it can be adjusted as the need arises. I would recommend

Hoselink Premium Metal 8-Function Spray Gun 5528
Latest review: I cant stop raving about the spray gun it works a treat. I purchased a hoselink because I had enough with my tangled hose with a nozel that always got stuck. This one feels of excellent quality and

Hozelock Ultimate Hose
Latest review: The Hozelock Ultimate Hose (the one with iconic yellow tubing) is easily the best hose we have bought. Most garden hoses in Australia justifiably get average or poor ratings, but Hozelock really does

Gardena Wall-Mounted 25m Roll-up Automatic
Latest review: I have had cheap retractable hoses in the past where either the hose and/or mechanical aspects fail. When i went to look at a new retractable hose this time round i simply based it on price, quality

Holman Multi Function Gun with Thumb Control 6552H
Latest review: We have loved this Holman hose gun, it’s amazing to operate and gives great precision and ease of adjustment. Unfortunately my home is run by a 3 year old who loves water, frequently has tantrums a

Hoselink Metal Hose Reel Box
Latest review: This is such a clever idea. I have wanted a hose reel for ever so long. I don't have any way to mount a hose reel due to our tap being located in an odd position. I saw this on Hoselink's web site.

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