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Oates Modacrylic Floormaster Dust Control Mop

Oates Modacrylic Floormaster Dust Control Mop

SM-005, SM-009 and SM-010
2.8 from 5 reviews

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Not great

If you go a little too fast it doubles over and you keep having to lift it and flatten it out again. It appears to have too much bulk underneath and not enough weight on the edges. I used to have a large blue one 15 years ago that had a metal frame that swivelled perfectly.

Purchased in February 2019.

Cheap and flimsy

The mop head collects dust well as advertised but the rest of the product is cheap and flimsy. After just a few times, the pole bent in the middle when I put slightly too much weight on it, and then of course it can't be fixed - it just snapped off shortly thereafter. The 'locking' mechanism that is supposed to keep the mop head clipped into the holder simply doesn't work - the mechanism unlocks and folds in the middle at the first opportunity. The manufacturer recommends you shake out the mop head after each use, but whatever you do, do not try holding the mop head (when still attached to the pole) out over the deck and shaking off dust because the mechanism will unlock and the mop head will fall to the ground. This is a nuisance if you happen to be several floors up and are forced to go and fetch it! To summarize - the modacrylic mop head is fine but the rest of the product is poorly designed and built.

Never use a conventional broom or vac on my tiles again

I'd been using a vac cleaner for the tiled floor, it's noisy and lugging it around was not an enjoyable event. It made the job something noone wanted to do. With this broom I can run around in a lot less time, and have not used the vac on the tiled areas since.

Useless. I'd give it no stars, but that option is not available.

Bought this mop for our new home which has timber floors. Sales assistant recommended it. It has a foldable head, which is supposed to lock in place while sweeping. You press the black button on the head to unlock it so you can remove the dust mop to clean it. Then you are supposed to be able to replace the dust mop on the head and lock it in by pressing the blue button. But it doesn't stay in place, just keeps unlocking, making the head collapse and the mop falls off. Once that happens, you are dragging a bare metal frame across your lovely timber floors. So you put it all back together, try to ensure the blue button is secure and then start sweeping, only to have the head collapse again, the dust mop fall off and you start all over ... again. I just wanted to bin the horrid thing, but will try taking it back for a refund. The label states it is manufactured in China to Oates specifications. Either Oates or China got it terribly wrong.

Collapses all the time. Locking mechanism does not work. Scratches timber floor.

Dust Devil Destroyer

We bought one of these after moving into a 300+m2 house with high gloss tiles. Initially we were using a conventional broom to sweep up daily and that was taking nearly an hour in the trafficked areas of the house. In amongst a breeze coming through the house, this made the hiding and relocation and removal of dust devils a little bit of a drama. The wife pointed one of these brooms out to me one day and I had no hesitation in giving it a go. We got it home and can now smash out the sweeping in around 15 minutes without the monotony of the regular sweeping action. It has an added benefit with the uni joint at the head of the broom that allows you to go quite low and because of the low profile nature of the broom you can get under a good portion of furniture without risking moving it and scratching your floors.
Excellent on dust devils and pet hair. Long lasting.
A little of a challenge to clean all of the fingers. Significant initial capital outlay.

Questions & Answers

How to put a replacement mop head on?
1 answer
Look at what size mophead you have before purchasing the new one. There is a blue tab close to the swivel point on the head that you press down and it will collapse/fold the head and voila the old mop head should come off. All good to clean in the washing machine. I would advise against tumble drying though. To put it on is the reverse!

How to connect the head of the floormaster dust mop to thehead?
1 answer
Its comes connected.The mop section is detachable as it folds to remove the mop head.

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