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Okbaby Buddy

Okbaby Buddy

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Love it!!!

Makes it so easy to bath bub! I was getting back pain trying to hold my son in the bath so I would just quickly wash him and take him out again but now I have the bath buddy I can let him splash about and have fun with him in the bath. I loved it so much I bought another one for his grandparents house to make bathing him easier there as well, they also love that they can have fun with him in the bath without hurting their backs.
One of the best things I have bought for bub!


I just love the buddy as it made it so much easier for me to be able to bath my grand child when she first came along. After I saw my daughter had a buddy, I rushed out and bought one as I found it a lot easier to be able to bath a very young baby that I was very nervous about bathing. Since buying the buddy I have no hesitation in using it and nor does my husband. I did not care about the cost of this item, only that it was very stable and a very useful. Great invention, I wish they had been around when I was having my children.
That someone invented it.
Nothing bad about these.

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Release dateMar 2009

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