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Okbaby Cavalletto

Okbaby Cavalletto

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hey mountainsmum..i wonder if i can get info of where can u get this product from in australia? coz to be honest..i have to actually ask my brother in germany to buy it and send it here!!!
love this product so much..al ok baby product is good..simple and not too big for my tiny bathroom..
it look so good and i think can fit all kind of baby bath tub
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I was quite happy with this bath stand, as we initially purchased a bath that did not have a stand made for it (didn't realise at the time) and found it would be more practical to have a stand so we could put the bath next to the change table. The bath fit easily in the stand which was great, as most stands on the market are for particular baths. We later changed baths as the bath we bought was also too shallow for our little one. It was great to have a stand that could change from one bath to another, so we didn't have to go out and buy another stand as well. The plastic mat where the bath sits is practical as it helps with spillage from bath and also has holes where the tube to remove bath water can travel through to a bucket underneath. Overall I would prefer a bath stand like this which is appropriate for all different baths and is stable.
It is stable, fits a number of different baths
None that comes to mind

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Release dateMar 2009

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