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Optimum Healthy Weight Management

Optimum Healthy Weight Management

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This product was great and really helped my dog lose weight, alot of the more expensive brands only come in a dry and it was very hard to get my dog to eat them as they looked and smelt very bland. My dog thoroughly enjoyed the wet and dry of this brand and they appeared to be of very good quality, I would definetely buy it again if I ever had an overweight dog. Price was very reasonable aswell. It is definetely a top supermarket brand food and readily available at all stores
Available at all supermarkets, good price, comes in wet and dry varietys


Overall a fabulous dog food for overweight dogs, fills them up so they arent hungry and helps them to maintain theyre weight. Great Price and always found easily at supermarkets. Dogs coat left very shiny and had alot more energy
My golden retriever never seemed to be hungry after eating this. This coat was always so shiny and once he lost a bit of weight he stayed that same weight. The biscuits are a good size for all sizes of dogs. The biscuits didnt have an awful smell. Great price and always available at supermarkets.
The packs could come in larger sizes.

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