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Optus Perks

Optus Perks

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Worse customer service ever

Pity I cannot give 0 stars as Optus perks is number 1 for this.
I tried all week to contact Optus perks to fix the issue I have as I cannot purchase discounted movie tickets via my smart phone. I gave up in the end and purchased the full price of $19 x 2 for the movie tickets.
Every time "optus perks" operator answers they think they put me through to the real optus perks section, however they put me back to to the start again. Today I was on the phone for 1 whole hour and got nowhere. So frustrating annoying and costly.

I just saved $13 on 2 Aquaman Xtreme screen tickets

Never had any luck using the app on my iPhone or iPad, but I have always had success going to the Optus perks website using my laptop (https://optusperks.com.au and go to the movies tab on the top left hand side and click on the book now tab. Then a new page will open and you will see a browse movies tab - click on that and then it's pretty simple from there). I just bought 2 tickets for Aquaman Xtreme Screen for $16.50 each plus a booking fee of $1.50 each coming to a total of $36. If I bought the tickets via Hoyts without using Optus perks, the tickets would have cost $23 each plus the $1.50 each booking fee - coming to a total of $49. So I just saved $13 going through Optus perks! I may be able to get a (small) frozen coke with that or 2 ice creams lol!!! You have the option to choose your own seats too...


Called 20 times and tried to get this fixed but they are hopeless. Won’t waste my time writing any further as they don’t deserve any more of my time.

WORST customer service

I’ve been put on hold and transferred to 4 different persons for an hour!!!! At the end they could not solve the problem. It’s only about logging in issue and they can’t even fix it. They asked me to wait 24 hours!!!! So crazy and pathetic. What a poor team. I wish i could rate 0 star.

Some good options

I've only used Optus's movie discount perk and some other travelling discounts. As a student, these sorts of savings can come in handy. Generally a good experience.

Ended up costing me more money!

I gave them 1 star because you can't give 0 stars.
The Optus perks website is terrible and doesn't work majority of the time (95%). I got it to work one time out of twenty and then accidentally bought tickets for the wrong day which I didn't realise until it was too late and could not get a refund. In the end I tried to buy perks tickets again for the correct date but couldn't get the website to work, couldn't get through on the phone to the help line after calling three times and waiting on hold until the system hung up on me, ended up having to buy full price tickets. All in all it cost me a ridiculous amount of money to go to the movies. DO NOT go with Optus for the Perks. You won't get any.

Worst customer service

Its been three weeks now Optus didn't resolve my login/registration issue in Optus Perks. At first, I had to hold up for 40mins to talk one of the customer assistant. Then she transferred my call to another number where I had to hold up for 20mins and then she transferred my call to another number where I had to hold up for 10mins. Everyone were saying they were not the right department. Even their customer assistant doesn't know which department is right. The most saddest thing is after all those holding and transferring game, the operator was saying they're facing technical difficulties and cut off my line. Most of their customer assistant are inexperience and inefficient.

Optus Punk'd

After registering for Optus Perks, I followed all the links through to the Optus badged Hoyts site only to be charged the exact same amount! I endeavoured to see what the problem is was- surely it's just a glitch or bug....Nope, the service has been down for the last month (at least that's what I was told) and after waiting for 75 mins (not a typo) on the Optus Perks line, I spoke to Billing, Mobile and Tech support and no one from Optus Perks! They could just pull it from their website until the issue was fixed, that would make sense to customers. To date OPTUS PERKS DOES NOT WORK.

No optus perks for loyal customers

Went to buy movie tickets for the kids during the holidays. The optus perks tickets is the same as the price on Hoyts website. Being charged extra $3 just for recliner seats is rip off. Since the Hoyts at my location have replaced all their seats with recliners, I cannot purchase the tickets at the price of $12 adult tickets and $9.50 for child anymore.

I’m so sad and disappointed that optus decide to make this move by charging customers the same price as Hoyts and not offer any perks or rewards for loyal customers.

Nothing for loyalty

Have been with optus now for about 30yrs, loyalty means nothing to Optus, there is nothing for long term customers like myself.

Perks? You must be joking

What is the real purpose of the perks? Offers what we hardly use and cost hardly cheaper. Better customers service and lower monthly charge will be the real winner for optus before your loyal customer changes allegiance.

Optus Perks JOKE no difference to ticket price

School holidays, trying to buy kids movie tickets, compared the price to the Hoyts website - NO DIFFERENCE. They note there a price increase for recliner seats - except EVERY cinema at this complex has recliners. So no, Optus is not offering me a perk at all. RACQ offer you e-saver tickets for a set price, then you book via the cinema website. That's a true, transparent discount. Optus are blatant false advertisers.

Love it,

check before you go on any adventures i davd so much in my last trip~!! Movies are cheaper!! and not only that I won a ticket to Baywatch premier too!! so happy with optus Perks!!


There is no difference in normal price tickets and buying via optus. This is acknowledged by Optus in its FAQ page. Unbelievable, optus knows that the ticket prices are the same but they still advertise for cheap tickets. What a joke. I don't understand why Optus thinks people are idiots.

Easy transaction

Wow what a great way to buy tickets, the only thing I'd change, make it possible to choose the seats

Bollywood movies

Optus perks advertises $11 tickets but what it does not say that it's not available for Indian movies....only for Hollywood and Australian films. If that's not discrimination I don't know what is. I wrote to the customer service team on 24th of June querying this...got a std response about how my email is important to them and that they will respond in 1 day....needless to say...many days later I still have not heard from them. Clearly my email is important to them

Got Pizza Code, code didn't work at Dominos

Got Pizza Code, Code wouldn't work at dominos, and no one answered calls to try and work it out. Planned pizza dinner with friends and kids had to have chicken n chips instead, major letdown

Waste of time

The movie deal is only available at unpopular cinemas that cost twice as much. If I used it I'd literally be paying the same price to watch on a smaller screen in less comfortable seats.

Great movie tickets

Have saved an absolute fortune by using Optus Perks Hoyts tickets. $11.50 for a ticket to a regular movie. No booking fee online. Sure beats paying $21.50 + online booking fee. And cheaper than Hoyts vouchers. With the money saved on movie tickets alone each month, it pays for our internet service at home.

Waste of time

Optus Perks is a waste of time. This is the FOURTH time now since they released it I have tried to use it and the FOURTH time I haven't been able too because they can't get there stuff together. I've been an optus member for three years now and with the service they keep giving, don't think I will to much longer.

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How to add additional optus email account to our account ?
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where do I log my e-mail address for optus reward?
1 answer
At he bottom of www.optus.com.au page there's a link to optus rewards, it will re-direct you to another page where you can sign in or join as a member.

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