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Oral-B Pro Triumph 5000

Oral-B Pro Triumph 5000

3.5 from 11 reviews

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Why didn't I get an electric toothbrush earlier?

Really this is great, it is easy, i t regulates the time I spend brushing my teeth and cuts out the guesswork. It makes me more likely to brush my teeth because it is so easy. I have got rid of my gum disease problems and my dentist is happier with me. Thanks oral B

Product is Getting Made Cheaper.

I’ve used the Triumph 5000 brand now for many years and recently bought my 3rd unit.
Whilst I was happy with the earlier models, the Smart Guide has been getting made flimsier and is now totally useless to me.
The earlier Smart Guides were strong and robust made with thick plastic. The newer guides are simply flimsy. Trying to change the time on these units is near impossible. The unit is so flimsy now that one press of the button on the back (to charge the time) completely resets the meter and then you're stuck in a loop trying to set the thing correctly. Cheap cost cutting has made this unit so infuriating that I have now thrown it in the bin.
The toothbrush itself is still flawless but beware if you wish to use the smart meter.
I am still using the original smart meter from the very first model from many years ago. Sure, it doesn't connect to the newer technology of toothbrush but it still shows the correct time.
Cost cutting & cheaper manufacturing methods have made me now frown upon this product.

Very good toothbrush but still needs improvement

My very first electric toothbrush was the model before this one with the LCD window built into the handle. The battery lasted for about 5 years before it needed daily charging to even operate. What surprised me when I wanted to get the service centre to replace the battery is that they don't offer battery replacement anymore. In the 5 years that I had it they had changed this policy because they battery replacement charge was nearly the same as buying a whole new unit.

So I used some birthday money to chisel a lean price out of my new friends at Myer and ended up getting the dual handle version of the unit I'm reviewing here. On opening the box, I was disappointed. It was more of the same! German engineering had let me down. The charger was different and it now came with a separate screen you can stick to your bathroom mirror, but it was now less travel-friendly. It still comes with the blue travel case but who wants to take a separate LCD monitor with them when cabin luggage is now a tidy 7kg (limit down from 10kg). And since the battery compartment is still sealed and the battery is soldered into the circuitry, it's not possible to charge 2 batteries and take a spare one with you on a business trip. Although you can turn off the wireless transmission to the LCD screen and this does save some battery power. What I really wanted to see was the battery compartment sealed with an o-ring and the battery just clips into place like a Uniden cordless phone or similar.

The quadrant timer is now different too. Oral-B gives you a beep every 30 seconds to change sections of your mouth; 1 beep after 30 seconds, 2 beeps after 60 and so forth until 4 beeps at 2mins before giving a single beep again. With this model, the toothbrush stops brushing while it beeps. A feature that might be handy if you're deaf or brushing near a construction site, but fairly annoying for those of us not likely to be using a chainsaw or brushing in front of a Boeing 747.

The pressure sensor is handy for beginners not accustomed to using an electric toothbrush. The Oral-B system works by oscillating back and forth (a bit like what your hand would do if you were shaking an imaginary carton of cream or flavoured milk) as well as vibrating. If you push too hard you lose the vibrating effect and you also effectively start brushing with the side of the bristles instead of the tips (so you're not really doing much cleaning at all). When this happens a red light appears on the LCD display along with a frowning face and an arrow telling you to lift your brush. This only needs to happen a few times before you never really see it again because you learn the correct pressure.
Charging the unit takes quite a while. You can brush your teeth for about 4 minutes a day for a week before the unit needs to spend around 24hrs in the charging dock. You can charge the unit more often, but this will tend to shorten the battery life, resulting in the whole unit needing to go in the red lidded wheelie bin.

If you've never used an electric toothbrush before the difference between using a "push" (unpowered) brush and a powered brush is vast. I spent 3mins brushing my teeth the first time and it really felt like I had been to the dentist. After a couple of weeks I had made a substantial dent in the amount of tartar behind my front teeth and my flossing was pulling out much less material, but it took quite a while to get used to the tickly nose feeling. In the beginning, brushing near the front of your mouth can bring on a feeling as though you need to sneeze (either Oral-B or Philips) but this is something most people grow accustomed to.
Lastly, the replacement brush heads are quite expensive and range in price from 2x to 4x the cost of a normal unpowered brush that uses much more plastic. The heads have moving parts and you use less toothpaste, but they do tend to cost more in the long run (but possibly less at the dentist). I've given this model 4 stars and would recommend it to others.

Very good product, worth the money

This is the second Oral-B electrical toothbrush I had and I think it is brilliant. I like the bluetooth display which shows you your brush duration and the pressure (red light if too much pressure). The travel case is very convenient. But charging time is long, but this is due to the inductive charging.

Major step backwards

I replaced my old Triumph toothbrush with this one. Its a major step backwards. The charger only supports a single voltage and is useless for travel. The charger takes much longer to charge. The battery does not last as long and requires more frequent recharging. And the annoying professional timer cannot be turned off. There is nothing more annoying than having your toothbrush pause for a while at 2 minutes just as you are trying to finish doing your teeth. Very disappointed.

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I replaced the battery in my old Oral B Triumph toothbrush with a larger capacity battery. Oral B could do the same for a few cents more and get significant improvements in times between recharges.

Braun or Phillips?

I don't think it altogether matters which brand you buy as long as you don't buy their cheapest one they make. I had been using the same Braun toothbrush for 13 years, the Oral B 1000 and the battery is still fine but the rubbers were starting to perish on the handle, so Braun make quality products. We replaced it with the 5000 wireless and It has 5 speed settings and a bluetooth timer that counts down the time and lets you see the second you are applying too much pressure and smiles when you are brushing correctly. Time is important without a timer most people only clean for 30 seconds. My teeth and gums are healthier and cleaner than ever now. This is a gentle and very fast oscillation brush that really cleans well and helps gums by flashing red when you press too hard.

Bottom line don't buy a cheap Braun or other electric toothbrush get one of the best and your teeth will thank you for it. We have owned this brush for 3 months no faults so far, $129 on sale.

Oral-B Triumph 5000 Wireless SmartGuide

We have always used Oral-B toothbrush and have been pretty happy with their brushes.
6 months ago we upgraded to Oral-B Triumph 5000 Wireless SmartGuide after doing a fair bit of research - unfortunately this one has died on us.
Not what we expected for a toothbrush which is so expensive
Good toothbrush while it worked
Expensive, unreliable, takes long time to charge

Known quality problem

I've been using the Triumph 5000 for two years. It has developed a well-known fault: the red over-pressure light comes on when the brush isn't being used and stays on. The brush can't be adjusted to the 'normal' setting. The 30 second beeps no longer sound; only the two minute end-of-cycle beep. It still cleans OK although only the gentle cycle is available. It is not repairable and Braun's only solutions are: (1) Under warranty: send back at your own cost for replacement; (2) Out of warranty: sorry, bad luck.

The wireless set-up is really just a gimmick and is one more thing around the house to change batteries in and the clock at the change to daylight saving. Similarly with the additional cleaning programs. You won't use them. Just a basic or standard program is sufficient.

The brushes are fearfully expensive but fortunately decent knock-offs are available on eBay for about $1 each with free postage.

Not recommended. Go for something cheaper. I'll probably bin this and get an Aldi electric toothbrush next time they're offered.
Cleans well
Known unreliability. Expensive. Unnecessary gimmicks. Costly replacement brushes,

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Update - the timer beeps have returned and sometimes the over-pressure light stays off for a while and the 'normal' cycle works. Not reliable and not happy all the same.

Oral-B Professional Care 5000 with SmartGuide

I bought a pair of Professional Care 5000 in January this year, two brushes with a SmartGuide plus $50 rebate which was a very good bargain. The brush does not have display as the previous version, but instead comes with a SmartGuide, it also has the same 4 brushing programs, but other than the normal cleaning, others are not much useful, to me at least. The new brush has a pressure sensor new feature which I like, this is good to avoid over brushing the teeth. The problem with it is the battery took 26 hours to fully charge the first time, and it will take 15 to 20 hours for subsequent charge if you drops to one green dot, and takes the same 26 hours if it comes red, this is bad because if you brush twice a day, you need to break the charging cycle (not fully charged), thus reduce the battery life. The SmartGuide is another issue although not too significant, it only works with either brush at one time, but not both, the two AA batteries in the SmartGuide last for about 6 months. The clock on the SmartGuide runs fast, it comes up with about 15 minutes faster in 6 months before battery exhausts. Overall it is still a good product, and relatively cheaper than I bought the same pair 3 years ago, but I think Oral-B shall look into the battery design, since it cannot be replaced anyway.
New Pressure sensor feature
Batteries charging takes too long. SmartGuide can only work with one brush at a time

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The battery can be replaiced if you're a bit handy: https://sites.google.com/site/electoothbrush/soniccompleteinstructions

Oral-B Triumph 5000 Wireless SmartGuide

I chose this electric toothbrush over a year ago and have never once regretted it. I did some research going into it and although it is more expensive it's been worth it. I don't use some features as often as I did initially like the whitening or the gum massaging but I like that the option is still there for when I do! I like that the toothbrush tells me when each section is supposed to be done, which is convenient and it helps me to stay on task with my brushing! I use the Wireless SmartGuide and LOVE when I get a wink!

The best thing about this toothbrush is the ultra clean feeling my mouth and teeth have after I use it. Honestly I feel like my teeth are cleaner using this than when I have a dentists visit (aside from the extra flossing). Regular toothbrushes cannot compare whatsoever, not even close. Period.

My partner now uses it too (with his own head) and he loves it too. On an aside I do like to use a gel based rather than a paste toothpaste as I find it doesn't get stuck in the brush, but I find that for regular toothbrushes as well.

Worth the money, especially if you like to have clean teeth!
effective, efficient, long lasting, quality
Pricey, but it's an investment in my oral health, so worth it.

Overpriced with the smartguide, but great product

The wireless smartguide is probably why this item is so expensive. It is a timer for when you brush, beeping to help you clean each quadrant of your mouth. Unless you really watch the clock or smartguide and need to brush for an exact amount of time, buy a different oral-b product! The smarguide becomes scratched or marked very quickly, so put in on a shelf or don't toss it around very often as I have done. What are you supposed to do with it if traveling? I used to take it around with me, but I really don't need to be reminded when to clean for how long. Probably good for children as they learn to clean their teeth. May encourage them to have good dental habits. It's lasted a long time. Still water tight. The smartguide is back in the box.
Smartguide was fun for a short while. May be good for children.
Price. Easily scratched or marked.

Questions & Answers

I need to get a how to use guide on the orial-b triumph 5000 as I lost it?
1 answer
Google 'triumph 5000 user guide'. That's what I did. Or go to the Oral-B site.


Pro Triumph 5000
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Release dateJul 2012

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