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Oricom Secure520 DECT

Oricom Secure520 DECT

2.9 from 16 reviews

I love it!

It was easy set to up. We love the star show, lullabies and night light. The night light isn't too bright and not too dull either, it's just right. There was a small sound issue with the lullabies but Oricom replaced it quickly and hassle free. We would reccomend this brand and product to anybody and would be happy to purchase with them again!

Purchased in March 2017 at Toys R Us / Babies R Us for $80.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Connectivity / Reliability
Audio Quality
Battery Life
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Hi Nat, thanks for the message. We appreciate the feedback and thanks for taking the time to let others know. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

Terrible monitor and would recommend

Got the unit home and noticed immediately that the LED torch on the parents monitor is always slightly energised, it takes a bit to see but i suspect this is why there are so many reports of battery issues. Took the first unit back to the shop for a replacement due to the torch issue, the shop didn’t believe me as they couldn’t see it under the shop lighting. Eventually they agreed to swap the unit to find that the new one has the same issue. Due to going back to work and my wife looking after our son we weren’t able to get back to the shop again. The second unit is now failing to link after less than four weeks. Even when it was working there were often clicking sounds that could be heard when there was no sound in the room. Now have to take this back to try and get refund, won’t buy Oricom again. Don’t waste your money.

Hi Daniel, thanks for the message. We are sorry to hear of your experience and would love to assist in sorting this out with you. Please give our locally based Oricom Support a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as the team will be able to assist. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.Unit was returned, not worth the hassle with Oricom.

Love it but now disapointed

Love all thr features of this monitor.... however only had it for 3 months and the charge never last and now the music function has stopped working which we heavily rely on. This is our 2nd monitor for a 2nd baby and our 1st never missed a beat. Now i feel like i cant trust it and something else may not work overnight. Its really stressful and inconvient to have to now take it back and be without a monitor. Seems to be a common problem. Dissapointed.

Hi Doug, thanks for the message. We are sorry to hear of the issues you have experienced with your SC520 and recommend that you please give Oricom Customer Support a call on 1300 889 785 Mon - Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as they will be able to assist in troubleshooting the issue with you, work to determine the fault and work with you towards a solution. Thanks and all the best, Oricom Baby Care.Ok so rang 1st thing this am and are going to replace the monitor straight away! Wonderful customer service. Very happy and reasurring as its a baby product!


Worked perfectly from day one, did not miss a beat, Over 6ths now and no regrets. Only improvement, you can't buy an extra base station for charging, but the batteries last nearly 8hrs, and I found a spare 6v charger around the house which works via the power port on the side. It did interfere a little with my Amazon Echo.

Great product hasn't let us down.

Great product, the range is incredible and the sound is great. Sometimes the monitor will make an annoying clicking sound every couple of weeks but i just need to re set the main unit.
The only other minor issue is that the lights are extremely bright on the parent unit, i have had to cover the lights with blue tac or else it would frustrate me at night time.

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Hi there, thanks for the message. We are glad to hear that you have had a good experience with the range and sound on the SC520. Thanks for the other feedback and we will pass it all on. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

It's great, when it works...

We bought this monitor a couple of months back and we love the light show and the lullabies/white noise/nature sounds you can play through it. The temp display, night light and talk back feature are also great.

However, the reason I give three stars is.. The baby unit never moves from its location and the parent unit rarely does either but for some reason, sometimes the units won't link. The parent unit just keeps saying it's linking until it finally beeps and displays not linked. I have tried turning the parent unit on and off several times and the same thing happens or occasionally it will show what sound is being played and the music symbol but there is no sound or temp. Also, after turning the parent unit on and off a few times, whatever sound you had playing on the baby unit stops too.

The odd thing is, it knows the baby unit is there because while the screen says linking, if I switch the baby unit off, it instantly beeps and says not linked just like it does when it's working normally and you turn the baby unit off. I'm glad there is a "quick fix" so to speak so I can still use the monitor but it's rather frustrating to have to sneak into his room and do this to make it work again.

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Hi there, thanks for the message. Sorry to hear of the experiences you have been having with your Secure520. We would recommend that you give our dedicated Customer Support Team a call on 1300 889 785 Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm, as they will be able to troubleshoot the issue with you over the phone, work to determine if there is a fault, and provide a solution for you. Thanks and all the best, Oricom Baby Care.

going back for a 3rd replacement

Tomorrow we will be returning our THIRD monitor to Baby Bounce for replacement. Each unit has lasted 2 weeks of use. Every time has been the same problem - parent unit loses charge, randomly stops linking, music gets a high pitched sound in the baby unit and clunking noise in the parent unit. Disgraceful really, maybe third time lucky?

Love this

I got given this monitor as a baby shower present and I love it. I love how it's wireless and can take the remote where ever you go. I like how it's also a night light and plays soothing music and has stars that shine onto the ceiling. It's clear and also has different volumes you can use. It was easy to set up, took a few minutes. It's quite a good little monitor

SC520 Temperature gauge faulty

Having the same problem with my second SC520 as my first. Intermittently the temperature display turns faulty. It will show temps of 99 degrees or show no temperature at all, other than too hot (despite it actually being around 18 degrees). Tried resetting, but makes no difference. Everything else on the monitor works fine.

Hi Ashlee, sorry to hear you are having problems with the temperature sensor on your baby monitor. We would suggest you contact our support team on 1300 889 785 and they will be able to evaluate the problem and provide you with a solution. Oricom Baby CareReceived new monitor from Oricom, delivered within a few days. All working great, very happy

Would not recommend this product!

After being incredibly happy with our 4 year old sons oricom baby monitor (which is still in use daily) there was no question that we would buy another Oricom model for our daughter but I am so disappointed.

We chose the 520 because we like to be able to see the temperature in bubs room and that the main unit played continuous music which we thought would be a godsend to help block out our sons noise and to aid our daughter to sleep.

Initial thoughts on the product were that they felt a little cheaper quality then my sons unit but having faith in the brand I plugged it in and away we went.

The parents unit would not stay charged for long, was very noisy even on the first notch or volume and would often keep me awake and the music would cut out occasionally omitting a really high pitched screetc until it was unplugged.

Oricom customer care were pretty good and arranged a replacement to be sent out (they let me keep the one I was using until the replacement arrived which I appreciated)

Our replacement unit parent unit charges a lot better and is quieter but the music still cuts out really badly. My husband said last night that it hurt his ears when went into to turn it off.

It seems to be a common problem so I will be asking for a refund to buy something else. I should have read reviews on the unit before we bought it but because I was happy with ours sons I didn't.

Looks like a standard problem

As it seems everyone else is having the same problem I might change what I have altogether. I really love this monitor but we've only had it for 4 weeks and the music has stopped working & the parent unit has stopped charging also. It's fine if you leave it in the dock. I've tried unplugging the adaptor & plugging straight into the parent unit but it doesn't make a difference so it's not the metal connections.
Otherwise it's easy to setup, the audio is great, we are quite far from our little ones room & have found lots of interference with angelcare but we had none with this one. Really disappointed as besides those problems it's great.

When I took it back & the lady plugged it all in it was working fine (of course!) I took oricoms number just incase as I didn't want to send it away & be without it. I got home & plugged it in & its been fine ever since! Only thing I would say is a negative is the battery doesn't last long in the parent unit but I have the music playing a lot. In saying that it still lasts a whole day off the cradle.

**UPDATE 2**
1 1/2 years later were still using the same monitor. I don’t use any features on it anymore but the sound quality is still as good as ever.
If there’s 1 ongoing problem it’s the parent unit charging. Some days it has 3/3 bars charged. Sometimes I take it off the charger in the morning & it hasn’t charged at all.
If you can get this monitor cheap, then it’s really not that bad. I wouldn’t pay full price for it though.

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Hi there, thanks for the review and the honest feedback. If any issues arise in the future, please give our locally based Oricom Support a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as they will be able to troubleshoot and discuss. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

Stopped working after 6 weeks of use

Returning this product tomorrow as the music function has stopped working and the handheld unit keeps losing connection with the parent unit and won't hold the battery charge. I have already wasted one pair of rechargeable batteries on this unit. To get it partially working I have to switch off both units and keep switching them on again until they connect again. Hopeless and very frustrating.
I'm disappointed as I really liked the music and light show (note that the light show is very basic and could be a lot better).

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Hi JazzHands, you should not have to put up with this inconvenience, we would like the opportunity to get this sorted for you. If you would like some help with your monitor please call our Customer Support Team on 1300 889 785 and quote your reference: HL69859 so we can have your details to hand. Kind regards, Oricom Baby Care

Frustrated and disappointed

Same issues as I had with a previous model, parent unit won't link and having battery issues.
It won't hold charge for long off the dock.
After 3 months the parent unit wouldn't link, sent it back and was without a monitor for 2 weeks, then they sent me a brand new one - I've had the new one for 2 weeks and today they stopped linking again. So frustrated that I now have to take it back again and go through the same process without having the option of a refund. I would not buy this product or Oricom again which make me sad as I love the light features and the sound quality (when it works!) I still use the old model as a night light for my 4 year old even though the monitor doesn't work.

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Hi Pen, we are sorry to hear of your frustration with your SC520 audio monitor. We would really like the opportunity to find a solution for you, please contact our support team on 1300 889 785 or (02) 4574 8888 and quote reference no: HL68808.

Returned and replaced twice. Given up.

We have used this model for the last 3 months. In that time, one has gone back after it would stop playing music and a loud screech sound would wake her. Second one wont link any more, and battery wont last longer than an hour. Return policy is good though.

Captivates my little one!

The HD sound on this monitor is amazing. Super clear to hear my daughter through which is so reassuring. She absolutely loves the lullaby tunes that flick through and soothe her quickly. It is an absolute bonus that you can also plug your own music into this monitor through the USB port. The light show the baby unit projects captivates my little one and soothes her almost instantly. Highly recommend!

This is the lates in oricoms range of audio monitors and i can confirm its been fantastic and interf

Excellent reception
stereo sound
long range wih excellent sound quality
Lullibies are fantastic

I would rate this monitor within the current market

Questions & Answers

Hi! I have had this monitor since late 2016 and for some reason when it turned on this evening the temp has gone crazy saying it's 88 and 96 degrees. It won't let me adjust the temp and resetting does nothing. Can you please suggest how i can maybe get this fixed, or do i need a new one? Thanks
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Hi Beth, thanks for the message. For this one, we would suggest that you follow the instruction in the User manual on page 33, to change back to Celsius. Please follow these instructions: 1. Press <MENU>. Lightshow is displayed, press to <UP> to display <SETUP> and press <OK> . 2. Temperature is displayed, press <OK>. 3. Temp Format is displayed, press <OK>. 4. Press <UP> or <DOWN> to select °C or °F and press <OK>. The display will show Saved and you will hear a confirmation beep. If you continue to experience difficulty in this, please give us a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, and the team will be able to assist in troubleshooting this issue with you and will provide you with a resolution. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

Does this model have the sensitivity levels the same as the 500 that is no longer available?? I hope so
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I am not sure as I don't have the the 500 but honestly steer clear! We are on our third unit and still having the same issues. It's clearly a faulty model and should be discontinued.I'm pretty sure it doesn't. However you can turn the sound right down & still hear a good cry, you can mute it & the lights light up when there's sound. I would look at a different model though, although ours is still working fine, there's been too many issues. A year in & the battery now doesn't always charge on the cradle.Hi Rechelle, thanks for your message. The SC520 does not have the sensitivity levels as per the SC500. If you are having any issues with your monitor be sure to contact our support team on 1300 889 785 as this model is covered by a 3 year warranty. All the best Oricom Baby Care

Is the light show supposed to spin or literally just project a static image onto the ceiling? We just bought ours and aren't sure. Ours is static
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It doesn't spin but it sort of interchanges between 2 pictures I guess so it seems to be moving. It will show sort of 2 spots of stars then fades out & then the 2 spots of stars fade back in but in a different place. I hope that helps, bit hard to explain but it doesn't spin.

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