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Outdoor Connection Bedarra

Outdoor Connection Bedarra

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Perfect for 2

As first time campers we were a little apprehensive setting up but found it fairly easy (the online video really helped). Had rain and wind first night but tent stayed completely dry inside and it withstood the windy conditions with no issues. Had no problems with mozzies or insects getting inside. We are very impressed with
quality and would highly recommend this, particularly to a couple, perhaps if more than 2 people id have gone with the 3 room version. We are getting the optional front side panels for our next trip to give us additional area we can set up a table outside with protection from wind. Cant fault this tent for newbies to camping

Love this tent!

We were camping virgins until a few weeks ago when we took our Bedarra tent to Kakadu. As apartment dwellers we didn't perform the regulation pre set-up and I'd say it took about an hour. It was still easy (the outdoor connection videos help a lot!) but we think we could halve the time next time particularly if we get a second mallet so we can both be on peg duty. We purchased the additional awning which was brilliant and very easy to attach with strong Velcro. It rained one night and both the tent and the awning connection didn't leak. We have purchased an extra awning and poles so we can extend the footprint of the outdoor "living" area next time. We also purchased extra poles so we can take advantage of converting all the side flaps to awnings. You wouldn't want to put too many people in it though, the rear section was really spacious for two but I wouldn't want an extra adult in there. We used the front room for storage and the mesh room divider kept the mozzies out of the "bedroom". I found myself lying in bed in the morning admiring the internal architecture of this tent. The side flaps at the base of the rear room allow flow though breeze and privacy while you sleep. And it really does fit in the bag when you pack it all up. We are really attached to this tent already and planning our next camping trip.


For us it's perfect. As a couple, it has a large bedroom that takes a double inflatable mattress with plenty of room for bags and access around it. You could put another 2 singles in for the kids if needed. If you only camp in summer the living room will sleep 3 kids comfortably, tho if you have kids and go winter camping, go for the 3 room model.
The bedroom has solid inner fabric so doesn't let the cold in, yet has massive vents and windows to open up to create a breeze on those hot nights. It also has it's own large door for easy access / packing / unpacking.
The dividing wall has a large access door and is both solid and meshed.

The front living room inner is made up of no see em mesh and has very large fly doors on all three sides which can be rolled up or poled out to make shaded areas and open up the view from inside, which is great if the mozzies are biting or it's raining. It's large enough to set up the kitchen in and still have room for a couple of large camp chairs.
The front door also has detachable walls fitted to create another room, or by using one wall, create a nice outdoor area protected from the sun / wind / rain.

There are several large sewn in pockets, hanging hooks and power entry points in both rooms.

This is a big 2 room tent! (Nearly 5M long and 2.6M wide) For it's size, it's very quick to erect and take down once you get the hang of it.
First time out took us 35 mins. Now we can have it up in 10 minutes if we need to. 15 mins cruzing..

The fly is a noticeably heavier pvc than most all tents that really is waterproof! There are extra guy ropes attached to the fly tho each has it's own zippered pocket so they are nice and neat when not needed and instantly available if the wind does pick up.. All of the window, door and vent ropes are also pocketed.

Best feature by far is the headroom, for a "dome" it has near vertical walls and is 2.4 meters high. The feeling of spaciousness is incredible. I'm 5'10" and I don't have to duck or crane my neck at all. Another bonus is large bags can be placed almost on the edge of the room without touching the walls making for more usable floor space.

Overall an excellent tent and great value compared to other "quality" brands like wolf.
Headroom. Quality materials, great design, easy to set up. I especially like the sewn in rope bags / pockets for the windows ect so you can't lose em and they're always where they should be!
As stated elsewhere, the carry bag. With everything in the one bag, it's just a bit too heavy and awkward for one person. Ours hasn't failed yet but it's not far away. Individual bags for tent, fly and poles / pegs will be the solution.

Fantastic features and high quality tent

I spent a long time looking for a tent. I read a large number of reviews, but it was the Outdoor Connection tents that rated the best for water protection. I also liked the fact I could stand up completely in this tent (I'm 5' 11").

This proved to be the most invaluable feature to consider, given the first camping trip taken in it, ended up being a weekend of torrential downpours. The tent stayed dry...in fact our friends ended up ditching their tent and spent the night in the second room of the Bedarra.

I highly recommend this tent for a couple looking for some extra space with high quality fabrics and features and a high water proof rating

It's on the pricey side...but you get what you pay for.and this is good quality

Questions & Answers

What is the weight of the poles if they are in a separate bag? Rottnest ferries have a per bag weight limit of 20 to 22kg... which means the Brampton and Bedarra are too heavy unless we put the poles in separate bags.
1 answer
Sorry I have no way of weighing poles. You might be better to direct this question to an outlet such as Snowy’s which is where I purchased my tent from. They are very helpful and answer very quickly. Find the Bedarra tent on their website and ask directly from there. You never know, someone may have already asked this question and you’ll find the answer.

Is there a build in flyscreen between the two rooms so if the front of the tent is open flys and mozzies cant get into the bedroom zone can?
1 answer
Yes there is, it's a large "D" door that is both solid and fly mesh.


Room TypeMulti-Room
Price (RRP)$749.95
Sleeping Capacity8
Release dateFeb 2012

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