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Outdoor Connection Galaxy Plus

Outdoor Connection Galaxy Plus

4.7 from 3 reviews

We love this tent!

We have recently camped for 4 nights in this tent. 3 adults and a child on stretchers, and a baby in a portacot.
We were so impressed with the size. Despite all the bedding etc we had so much room for the children to play and it felt so airy.
The tent opens up well to let the air through so the tent was cool enough to take a daytime nap inside.
We liked the simple and oversized bag - making it easy to fit the tent back in after use. Clearly no-one can fold it up as small as the factory!
We liked that the guy ropes were tucked away in pockets. In fact - we had good weather and didn't even peg out the guys. It is a very sturdy tent, and did not seem to move at all despite this. The screen room was a bonus with room for storage.
We bought this tent sight unseen after only being able to find a couple of reviews. We had looked and looked and been unable to find a tent that suited our needs. We have not been disappointed!
I would definitely recommend this tent to a family that wants lots of space.

Galaxy Dome tent from Outdoor Connection

We have recently returned from a 4 night camping trip with the Outdoor Connection Galaxy tent. Ours is the 3 room version without the sunroom. It was easy enough to set up, the first time we did not know there were bits wrapped in a bag attached to the tent for the poles to go in, but once that was clear we were fine. For the size of this tent it is easy to set up and take down.

We are on our third tent, we tried 2 Coleman Instant Up tents (different sizes) and sold them both after one use, while they were good tents they were just too small. We are a family of 4 with 2 early teens, but need space to move around in a tent and it's nice to be able to take my mother or friends with us.

We use the 2 bedrooms and it holds a queen sized bed nicely with room to move around, the middle room was great for my mother who came with us, yet also holds clothes, camping toilet, table and chairs when the weather is less than pleasant.

The tent is very airy and has large windows and is very comfortable. For packing up, we zipped the windows almost all the way up as getting air in and out of a tent when assembling or disassembling is important. We zipped the bedroom doors up from the top leaving them open down the bottom. Then we place the fly inside the tent from bedroom to bedroom. Then collapse the rest of the tent as normal. This is the idea: www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTnzhHd2Ekg

The tent comes with 2 bags, a pole bag and a tent bag. I suggest replacing the puny tent pegs it comes with for some decent ones. The tent bag has handles at both ends as well as in the middle, it is easily carried. We had no trouble with the bag at all, it looks cheap until you think about it. You place it over the rolled up tent and then roll it over again, the tent sort of falls into the bag. Fold the flaps in and then tighten the adjustable straps. Being adjustable it allows for you not getting it as tight as the manufacturer did.

It was an easy tent to sweep out, it comes with electric power cord entry points, an "attic" and pockets for keeping things in.

All in all we are very happy with the tent. It was not much bigger than the tent next to us which was the Coleman Montana 12 3 room tent. We are so glad we bought this tent and are keen to use it again next camping trip, so far I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The only downsides would be that the tent says it comes with door locks, despite having 4 doors, it only came with one very cheap (code no key) lock that you could push open with a butter knife, so much for security. Another thing as the previous reviewer stated was the pockets that the door separators go into, they do clear the doorway nicely, but are hardly neat but not really a problem. There are no dividers to separate the bedrooms either.

If I went out tent hunting today, I'd buy it again. 5 stars from us.

Great size, quality and design

The is one B-I-G tent. We are a family of 2 adults and 3 kids under 9yrs of age so we appreciate the extra space large tents provide (especially when its raining, everyone just wants to relax in the tent for a while or the kids have a fight with one another which is inevitable). We camp with 5 stretchers because I got sick and tired of blowing up and repairing air mattresses and this tent manages to fit all 3 kids on stretchers in one end and the two adults on stretchers easily in the other end. The middle of the tent is used for storing gear and playing and changing. The front room is an added bonus / luxury, great to have but not something we need. Ventillation is excellent. It is surprisingly quick to erect for a tent of this size but it is certainly no comparison to an instant-up type tent in terms of set up time. Instructions are poor - there are no diagrams, only a few sentences and the first time you read it you might think you are missing a set of yellow or grey poles - but with a little common sense and step by step following, it only takes one time before you will see it is quite easy. I was surprised there were no straps to hold the rolled up inner doors neatly to the side, instead they kind of stuff into a corner pocket which is messy and ugly but not really a problem.

One main negative ... The bag the tent comes in (there are two bags, one for poles and one for the tent and fly) is very basic and surprisingly cheap and probably the most dissappointing thing when I unpacked it for the first time after spending over $750. The bag for the tent also doesn't have wheels which seems to almost be standard these days on anything half decent. The tent itself redeemed my initial "OMG what did I just spend all this money on" feeling when I saw the bag. I would rate the bag more as a cover with straps than a bag. I would have rated it 5 out of 5 if the bag was better.

This tent is expensive but if space is a priority and quality is something you are prepared to pay for, it is definitely worth considering. I upgraded from an Anaconda Spinifex Frankiln Dome tent which I was also very happy with but it was starting to show some wear and tear but it had withstood some torrential weather in its lifetime to be fair. I wrote this review because I was unable to find any reviews on the Galaxy Plus and had to take a leap of faith which fortunately I am largely happy about but you might want to factor in the purchase of a new tent bag to your decision if you buy it.
Huge size, clever design doesn't place too much pressure on the fibreglass poles like normal dome tents can, lots of windows and ventilation.
The bag is cheap, wheel less and poor quality. Inner room dividers don't have straps to store, they get stuffed into a corner pocket instead.

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Just wanted to double check, there are no room dividers?
2 answers
Hi, there are room dividers however they do not get stored neatly when not in use by being folded up or rolled away neatly, they just get stuffed in open pockets near the floor.You can divide up the rooms as in each of the 3 or 4 main sections can be closed off. You can't divide each of the bedrooms as in make one of the rooms into 2 smaller rooms with a panel down the middle..


Galaxy Plus
Room TypeMulti-Room
Sleeping Capacity10+
Price (RRP)$999
Release dateFeb 2012

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