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Couldn't be more pleased

This trampoline has changed our life and the kids probably spend more time on it than they do indoors, at least in summer. High quality, reasonably easy install, looks great, very safe, lasting well so far -- we couldn't be more pleased.

Purchased in January 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Assembly
Main User(s)Child (Under 5)
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Thank you Julian for your great review. We are pleased it has changed your families lives and are able to use it daily. Happy jumping.

Brilliant. The kids won't get off it. No more damaged nets from storms.

The kids think this is the best. They put their tumble track at the end to do tricks. No more trying to whipper snip underneath. The husband is very happy.

Purchased in February 2019 for $1,800.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Main User(s)Adult, Child (5 - 11), Child (12 - 18) and Child (Under 5)
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Thank you for your review. We are pleased the children are having fun with all their tricks. Great to hear it has saved you time not whipper snipping, so the whole family can enjoy.

Kids and adults love it

Trampoline has been great compared to other Springfree trampolines used in the past. Backyard looks streamlined and looks great with our new pool. Wish I had got one earlier. Our kids are aged 5 and 7 and have a ball. I am even trying to master the back flip at the moment!

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Thank you for your review. We are pleased that both the kids and adults are enjoying. Good luck mastering the back flip, and enjoy for many years to come.

Excellent purchase

So happy with our purchase. Kids aged 7, 10 and 13 and often find all of them on their at once sometimes up to 6 kids! has great bounce, looks fantastic. Service was seamless, haven’t needed any aftercare. Feels very stable even for daddy to jump too! matting around edges seems adequate

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Thank you for your review. Sounds like there is lots of fun with lots of kids. Pleased to hear that dad gets a jump as well.

Kids and us are very happy with trampoline

Excellent quality well built trampoline. With after sales support A+++. We emailed about a faulty water sprayer in the accessories kit and oztrampolines are sending out a replacement part straight away. Our 7 yr old twin boys could not be happier, they absolutely love the trampoline using it day and night, before school, after shool, whenever they get a chance. The trampoline assembly was easy and straight forward. The installation was also easy to follow. The digging I did by hand on my own, by using a shovel, fork and wheelbarrow only and over 3 weekends, but I did not rush and was only digging for an hour or so at a time, having plenty of breaks to watch footy finals. The finished installation looks great, brings back childhood memories for us parents and even we have had a few bounces on the new trampoline. Just need to install the jet sprayers ready for summer, ready for a lifetime of fun for all!

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Thank you for your positive review. We're so glad to hear that your boys are enjoying the trampoline so much, it makes our job so rewarding. Many happy days jumping particularly once you install the JetSpray. :)

Perfect Tranpoline for ALL ages!

I don’t know why we didn’t get an in ground from the start! Our girls are aged from 4 & 6 and both love it. It is VERY easy to install just need to dig a small ISH hole to put it in. A shovel each, 2 hours and beers was all we needed. Highly recommend Oz Trampolines service team as well. They were fantastic. I change my mind on size, 5 minutes after I completed the online order and they were happy to change my order. (Lucky I called as they were actually about to load my order.) It was delivered in one 2 days. If we move we’ll be getting another one!!! THANK YOU

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So glad to receive your positive review. Thank you. Sounds like there will be lots of happy jumping at your place for years to come. Enjoy!

Too much fun and a safe option for the little ones

We installed an inground trampoline in the playground at our cafe/tourist business, it has been a huge hit with the kids also have caught a few adults enjoying a bounce. A terrific draw card for families looking for somewhere kid friendly to go to for the day. A much safer option than the above ground trampolines.

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Thank you for your positive review. We are very happy that so many people are getting enjoyment out of using the trampoline. Happy Jumping!

Well made and fun

The in ground trampoline was well made and easy to install. It's been in the ground for about 6 months now and going strong.

Our daughter lives it and it's very easy for her to get on and off. I can jump has high as I can and it performs well.

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Great hearing your positive feedback. Thank you. Happy jumping to you all!

Fantastic Trampoline!

I installed this product myself. So much easier than trying to build retaining walls. Just dig and line the hole build the trampoline and sit it in place back fill the perimeter and your'e done. If your really keen like I was I installed a pump at the centre base and hooked it up to storm water drains. Perfect for the heavy rain. My kids are on this every day, we couldn't live without it. Best present I've bought in years. and the best thing is it's not and eyesore.

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Great reading your fantastic review. We're so glad that you are getting so much out of the trampoline. Here's to many more years of happy jumping!

Kids are on it every day

We had an above ground generic tramp which didn't get much use. Now we have the in ground Oz tramp the kids don't want to get off it. When the friends come over they are all attracted to it like beez to honey.
The memory of the hard work to get it in has been replaced by the smiley faces of the kids jumping.

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Great to hear this. Thanks for the positive review. As parents, it is great to see our hard work pay off with the kids being entertained for hours. Great work. Happy Jumping!

Great trampoline

Trampoline is great, but the accessories can be an issue.

We bought a cover, which does have drain holes in the middle, but they aren't located correctly, and so you end up with a large puddle of water constantly stretching the mat, so we can't use it.

We also bought a basketball hoop, which comes with some U bolts to attach it to the safety net poles, but they aren't long enough to be able to fit around the safety net pads.

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Thank you for your review. Please send us a photo of the water pooling. Please call us so we can identify you and send you the cable ties required to attached the basketball pole to the net pole.

Kids absolutely love it!

Love our in ground tramp! Kids can run straight on without help, no falls, no extra bits and pieces like a net to get damaged. Love it! Only improvement would be getting a bit stronger material for extra bounce like a professional trampolining mat rather than standard trampoline material...still great but could get extra bounce if stronger!!

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Hi there, thanks for your kind words regarding our inground trampoline and design.

This is the most awsome investment we made

We purchased our trampoline for our 4 kids it is safe, it is wearing extremely well looks brand new and it cops a hiding. We didn't want anything to obstruct our view it is perfect! I ordered online was delivered within days it was easy to assemble. Our yard is very sandy we did have to do a bit of extra retaining but definitely worth it.

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Thanks for your review, it's great to read the positive reviews about our design and the fun it creates in your yard.

The kids love it!

The 3 boys play on this daily. No hassle of them climbing in and out since it's an inground. Great customer service, I spoke to several people before buying and found them all to be very informative.
I wouldn't hesitate recommending this company to anyone, great quality trampolines! Love it

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Thanks for your comments, re pride ourselves on offering great experiences and enjoy reading great reviews, enjoy!

The best

We have the in ground round trampoline and it’s honestly the best thing. Kids play on it for hours. I have found myself jumping on it it. So awesome. We love how easy it is to jump. My younger kids absolutely love it. The installation was easy as well. We have our own machine so that was a bonus.

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thanks, the install is fairly easy, that's why many landscapers are time and time again buying our trampolines for inground installs. Easy, quick, great service afterwards if required and support during install. Oz Trampoline team

Best purchase ever

Buying an inground tramp from OzTrampolines was one of our best family purchases ever. Kids use it heaps - kids being active in the great outdoors are the happiest! Great quality, great referral to an installer, super easy purchase transaction. Fantastic experience all round. thanks to OzTrampolines from us all.

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Thank you, these days with all this technology at our kid's finger tips the outside exercise is so important. What are great incentive it is to be out enjoying the fresh air on an inground trampoline at home, awesome

The kids favourite present ever!

Our kids pretty much live on this trampoline and so does every kid that comes to play. It's so nice and big even for our teenage son and has plenty of bounce - far more than any other trampoline the kids have been on they tell us! We couldn't be happier with it and we're so happy that we got a quality product, when we installed it we were shocked at how many (really strong) springs it has compared to others.
The customer service was also brilliant, so friendly and helpful too.
We honestly can't fault Oz trampolines in any way, I would recommend to everyone without hesitation.

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Thanks for your comments, we pride ourselves on our promise of great memories for life. The inground design is so easy to install, great bounce and long lasting

So much fun

My husband dug the hole himself and installed the trampoline. The instructions provided were challenging however Oz Trampolines were very helpful overcoming the challenges. Our 2 kids use the trampoline constantly and in a small backyard having the trampoline being inground means it is visually appealing. Very robust, a year down the track no wear and tear signs.

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thanks for your review, it certainly helps us to continue striving to please every customer when we have nice comments come back about our trampolines & service

Happy with trampoline

We are very happy with the trampoline & mat. We find the inground trampoline safe & it is used everyday due to its ease of accessibility. We do have an issue however with the black mesh fabric on the inground pads. It has worn very badly over time. We expected it to last a lot longer!!

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Thanks for your comments including re the black mesh, we are striving to continue development to make these with longer lasting material. I will take your comments to our design team to assess, thanks.

The best decision

This is the most amazing trampoline, best thing we put in the backyard fo both the kids and the kids at heart!. The trampoline is so well made, it is not even in the same product category as any other trampoline. Just make sure your adult friends don’t have too much fun!

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Thanks, sounds like party. Great comments and glad to read you love our tramps

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Questions & Answers

Hi, how does the inground trampoline go with the hole filling up with water? I assume it needs some sort of drainage ?? Thanks Brett
2 answers
We reached sandy soil when we dug a metre deep for the centre so it drains pretty quickly even after heavy rain. Depends on your soil whether you'll need drainage put in I guessHi Brett, Alison is correct it will depend on your soil, if you gave clay you definitely need drainage Thanks Oz Trampolines

Hi can you tell me why the DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING will not give me permission to have a 10 foot round in-ground trampoline i have been in my house 8 years & i am appealing their decision? it's nasty they are tell me we cannot dig holes that big lol thanx ian
1 answer
I'm sorry to hear that, we cannot comment on your issue. We can suggest an above ground trampoline, in our summit range. This will have no impact on the ground. www.oztrampolines.com.au

If we move house is it straightforward to take the inground tramp with us (leaving aside the issue of the hole we would need to fill)? Could we remove it by hand without damaging it (would this be covered by warranty?). If it requires machinery to remove it, what sort please? I would rather get an inground one and realise that this isn't an issue with the above ground. Thank you!
1 answer
Hi Thanks for your question Yes you can move the in-ground trampoline as it slots into the hole you dig. You will need several people to lift it out of the ground at the same time, like when you install it. We would recommend transporting it as a complete kits rather than disassembling it. Thanks Oz Trampolines


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