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Ozito PXCLTK-218

Ozito PXCLTK-218

2.6 from 14 reviews

Plastic blades useless

As others have found for some reason when I first bought it it worked well. Blades supplied? but after they wore out the pack of 20 did very little cutting some even broke on first start without even touching the grass. I was also disappointed that the battery is a different fitting than my other Ozito tools which I'm very happy with. The charger is cheap and takes forever to charge the battery.

Purchased in November 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Occasionally
Grass Type Short grass


I purchased this Grass Trimmer to replace my old one, as the battery died and a replacement battery was not available. This trimmer is pretty lightweight and easy for me to use. It has a telescopic shaft and adjustable handle, so I can adjust it to trim comfortably. I use it to trim around 25 trees on the rear of my 1/2 acre block. I also trim along the fenceline at the rear and halfway down two side fences. It has enough charge to get the job done in one go. So easy to change the cutting blade, as they just push on. It's also easy to clean after trimming. So far I am very happy with this trimmer.

Purchased in August 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $125.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Occasionally
Grass Type Thick, heavy grass or weeds

Very bad blade setup

- Blade come out quite often and broken quite often
- So I have to buy the extra blade quite often
- It can only use for couch lawn, with buffalo lawn it cannot trim properly, need to be patiently wait to properly cut it out.
- I hope, I can return it and get refund from it.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Bunnings should be embarrassed to sell this product

Extremely dissatisfied.

I honestly don't know why I keep putting myself through this. Once again just finished trimming my (very average sized) yard, the blades came off 37 (yes thirty seven I counted) times during about 60 minutes of trimming (half of which was just reattaching blades). Found and reattached most of them but 9 were broken at the attachment point.

Also have two cuts (minor scrapes) from the blades breaking and rebounding off walls into me.

Given it costs about $10 in blades for each use and is such an exercise in frustration I would strongly recommend purchasing a different product.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

New blades are hopeless

When I bought my first trimmer the blades that came with it and those I was able to purchase at the time were brilliant. I could do the whole yard with one set of blades - sometimes twice. Now I'm lucky to do 5 minutes (just did that - was probably not even 5 minutes) plus they used to be easy to put on. I am female, not exactly weak though do have some physical limitations, however I asked a male friend to put them on and he couldn't. I have figured out a way with a pair of pliers and hurting myself at the same time but at least can actually get them on. And then they last 5 minutes. Not happy with these at all. Very disappointing considering how great the Ozito products are in general.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Blades are useless but there is an alternative

The machine itself works really well, but the blades snap too easily especially on stony ground, gravel, even pine cones. I bought a pack of replacement blades only to discover a slight variance made them impossible to remove and replace without the help of a strong pair of pliers. After breaking 12 blades in less than 15 minutes, I looked for an alternative. I discovered that if I left the broken blade on the machine (it snapped back to the largest circle) and tied a piece of whipper/snipper plastic cord on to the largest circle (tie with a double knot as it comes undone over time) I was able to tackle my overgrown yard without any more blade-changing hassles. It actually ran until the battery went flat.
If only the manufacturer could re-design their stupid blades and replace the brittle plastic with a more pliable line, this grass trimmer would have a more wider fan-base and be more useful in stony areas. A little bit of fore-thought and some decent product design would fix this blade problem. In the meantime, I don't have to buy so many useless blades anymore, and a 50 metre roll of trimmer line cost $10 at Cheap as Chips!

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Piece of junk.

Bought this together with the Ozito mower and blower and sad to say this trimmer is just rubbish. As others have said the blades keep flying off if they don't break when you hit the ground/concrete first. I've used up 10 blades in 3 rounds of line trimming. What a waste of money and I wish I could return it. I'll never buy another Ozito product ever again.

Date PurchasedJan 2018


Extremely disappointed with this poorly designed trimmer. As soon as you encounter a hard surface the blade starts to break up, and you have to replace it every metre or less.
It's also difficult to position accurately.
The safety shield soon failed to stay in place and the blade made contact, so it had to be refitted for a few moments more work before again becoming loose. The shield plastic mount was breaking down.
I regretted buying it, but l had ost the receipt so unable to return it to Bunnings.
I decided to persevere and take it in to get a new safety guard. But they don't stock or supply and replacement parts.
The help desk lady rang someone and they approved a credit return, which I was very happy about. I bought the Ozito line trimmer in its place, so hopefully that will be usable. If not, that will go back too.
I am very happy with my other Ozito items-mower, drill, washer, garden saw and blower.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Easy to use

I bought this for myself as my husband works away and couldn’t wait for him to do the yard work. It’s very easy to use for women but blades keep flying away when you don’t get right angle and hit concrete or ground. I still like it as it’s easy to handle for quick job.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Struggles in the grass more than the poms in a test match

Received as a Christmas gift, which was a fair hint seeing as the garden had started to resemble something closer to a jungle scene in an Indiana Jones movie. Charged the little Ozito up and proceeded to attack the garden with all the vigour of a machete wilding explorer, only to be left abandoned by my tiny plastic red blades which flew off constantly these don't last an hour, maybe if you rubbed them on the grass by hand, luckily these are easy to change which you better get used to because you'll be doing a heap of it.

Battery charges quickly
Builds dexterity changing plastic blades constantly
Builds patience
Makes a cool hum when the blades come off
Builds interesting sentences for your vocabulary when trying to find the tiny plastic blade for the 5 millionth time
Its red AND black

Doesn't like hard work which is kind of what it was built to assist with
Blades fall off constantly (Much like Barnaby Joyce's trousers in parliament house)

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Blades keep flying Away

Bought this as a combo deal from Bunnings. Trimmer and Blower.
These are perfect for small gardens .Both of them are lightweight and easy to move around. Blower is an absolute winner hands down but trimmer am struggling. The blade keeps flying off every 30-40 seconds and makes it close to impossible to work. They weren't working at the best on tough grass too that i ended up picking my old school line trimmer and getting the job done.
Secondly the bottom bit of the line trimmer is already broken so not sure whats happening. planning to get this exchanged , may be it could be that i just got the bad bunch.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Cheap, light, easy to keep working

I cleared weeds off the uneven bricked paths & re-opened overgrown garden paths quickly & easily.
The quick click on blades are great, the 2nd blade was still going after about an hour. No fiddly trimmer line jams etc. Just click on a blade & go.
Considering how overdue the garden was for this tidy up, the blades were put through more than normal & lasted about 30-40 minutes approx. I would say normal use would be an hour or more, work type depending.
It easily cut straight through 1cm marigold & basil stems, thick winter grass was it's only challenge initially, but slowing my sweeps worked.
This is no brushcutter, it is a light, cheap, 18v trimmer that happened to surprise me with its ease of use, quality of finish & value for money. Glad I didn't spend more, when this does the job just fine.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Very Impressed

After previous bad experiences with cordless appliances (Ryobi hedge trimmer that wouldn't cut soft new growth) I had avoided battery powered appliances but after my husband injured his foot and was unable to mow/trim/edge for a few months I had to embrace them again so I could manage the work. I am small and couldn't manage his heavy duty appliances. After reading reviews of the Ozito Power X Change range and the 5 year warranty I thought I would give it a go and could always take it back if it was useless. I was lucky enough to get the PXCLTK-218 grass trimmer with 3.0 ah battery and charger plus a blower for $79 (the pack is a PXCBLLTC-318) and also bought a hand trimmer/ shear to share the battery. The unpacking of the grass trimmer was easy and with the battery charged up overnight it was easy to get started on the grass trimming. We timed the battery use to see how long it would last and if we would need a spare battery on standby. The edge trimming took about half an hour and the lights on the battery still showed 2 lights so I switched the battery over to the hand trimmer for some hedging and after a total of 1 hour in use I had had enough but the battery still showed 2 lights. I used 2 blades on the edge trimming mostly due to inexperience and some thick grass in 1 area but now that I have it under control and I am a bit more used to it I expect to use probably 1 blade per trimming session at a cost of about 40 cents per blade. The hand trimmer was also great for trimming some topiary balls and saved getting out the electric trimmer and battling the power cord. All in all I am very impressed and it will allow me to keep the trimming under control while he is out of action. He was also impressed and thinks he might even switch from the heavy petrol edger to the very lightweight Ozito too.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Really impressed with this light and easy too use device

This small unit is amazing, pwerful, light, easy to use, economical. I know ozito is not the best quality product maker but they do good products from time to time, i believe this is one of them. 5 years replacement guarantee.

I have used this only twice, the battery lasted easy for over an hour .
If you have a small area to trim and you keep your grass tidy up, give this a go, you might be surprise.

Questions & Answers

Battery lasts a fair while have used for around an hour and it still has go, but slows down they charge pretty quickly as well so you will have plenty of time for blade changing, any ideas?
1 answer
I usually pick an area to work, like front yard, backyard or in the 200m sq garden. I find I get tired before the battery slows. Changing blades takes less than a minute. Due to arthritis in my thumbs, I carry small pliers & a few blades. After trimming an area, I do others tasks for a while around it, like pulling weeds, trimming trees/ bushes etc. While doing that the battery recharges. If you find your battery slowing to soon, maybe a second battery would help. I had an Ozito drill for 10yrs & the battery still held charge like new.

How long does the battery last 4.0ah and 1.5ah ozito Model?
1 answer
I actually got the 2.0a/h battery with my kit. I have used it for over an hour of very heavy work for a small unit. I have been amazed what it can do, the blade means it doesn't bog down as much as line trimmers do. I cleared about 10m sq or weed covered pavers & another 5-6m sq of half metre high weeds. Not counting multiple random bad areas. The 200m sq garden had been neglected for 8 months.


Power SourceBattery
Handle TypeLoop Handle

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