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Ozito PXDDS-201

Ozito PXDDS-201

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Easy to grip 18v cordless drill

If you are looking for a reliable inexpensive cordless drill for home use I have found the Ozito PXDDS-201 just right for those around the home DIY projects. The drill comes without the battery supplied as there are different ratings available. I purchased the battery charger and the 1.5Ah li-ion battery and it has enough grunt to cover the work I require it to do. In fact I bought two of these cordless drills to speed up the process when drilling lots of holes and having to install as many screws, this allows me to use one as a drill and the other as a cordless screwdriver at the same time.

The unit is small enough to use in confined spaces such as kitchen cupboards and comes with 18 step torque control with the keyless chuck which has metal jaws. I have used up to 10mm twist drills in these units and as small as 2.5mm - so fairly versatile . These are not top of the range cordless drills but are of surprising build quality for their place in the overall cordless drill market.

Compared to the weight of other cordless drills I have used this one is much lighter and is comfortable to hold for extended periods without fatigue.

It has an L.E.D. lamp to illuminate the work area when in use and comes with a constant variable speed control in forward and reverse directions.

I have had reliable service from this/these cordless drill/s and feel if used for the purposes as designed should be able to perform with pleasing results.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

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