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Ozito PXHDK-350

Ozito PXHDK-350

4.8 from 4 reviews

Reliable tool, great value

I highly recommend this tool for domestic home handyman type work. It is compact, quick to recharge and powerful. I’ve used it to drill into bricks with masonry bits as well as for other work such as remove/install roof screws.

Best low price drill with 3 year warranty

Got for $129 from bunnings 18 months back and still running fine. It comes with rechargeable battery and is powerful enough. Comes with a 3 year replacement warranty if used for domestic purposes. It got a hammer function too which is useful in drilling on to hard surfaces. Battery can last long and more than enough for household DIY purposes

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Highly recommend, powerful drill, value for money

Great drill from the ozito power x change range. The drill is great for drilling in timber and metal, and also capable for drilling in bricks, effortless,fast and easy. Cordless makes it super convenient. Led light is handy for dark spaces. Screwdriving is also capable with this drill, though the ozito impact driver is even better in terms for fastening applications.
Highly recommended,and value for money. Great for diy.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Great value for money - Ozito keeps getting better

I bought this drill because it was cheap, looked well made and it came with a 3.0A Li-Ion battery.
I was not disappointed! It is remarkably powerful, easy to use, has easy-to-read settings for different uses and the battery lasts for ages.
Better still, the battery charges in around an hour - just long enough for a cuppa and a break between jobs!
I have already used this drill for drilling timber and metal and it achieved both with ease.
For the home handyman, this is an excellent product.

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