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Ozito PXRSS-400

Ozito PXRSS-400

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Spot On

Ozito has done it again - this little saw does every thing it claims and is so easy to use and lightweight. I have used it for multiple jobs from cutting jarrah posts to pruning the blueberry tree. Great tool, great value and with a 5 year warranty I'm a happy user. Thanks Bunnings.

Purchased in December 2018.

Lightweight and simple

This reciprocating saw does what it is meant to do. Cut stuff. Build quality is good and feel light in the hands. With a 1.5ah 18v battery you can do a far bit of cutting before you have to swap batteries. With the quick charger, 1.5ah battery only take 30mins and the range of batteries sizes of 3.0ah to 5.2ah which will keep you going for longer on one charge. It is a rebadge of the German brand Einhell, thus German designed while build in PRC (China). It comes with a 5 year warranty for the tool and a 3 year warranty on the batteries. Overall, I am very impressed with the saw for its price. It is defiantly a DIY tool, from a DIY tool range in competition with Bosch Green, but sits up on the higher end of DIY tools. Like most power tools now, the battery is interchangeable with other tools of the same range. But its low price and high quality make this tool something to consider when looking for your next DIY tool. Just be aware that most of them are skin only (which applies to most brands) so perhaps it might be worth purchasing the drill driver combo.

Questions & Answers

How much is the complete ozito pruning saw kit please
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How much is the battery and charger for the ozito pruning saw
No answers

Meaning of skin only on ozito reciprocating saw adverts?
1 answer
No battery or charger. Its just the tool itself (skin) with its cardboard outer box. If they include a battery and/or charger, its usually called a kit.

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