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Ozito RHD-6100

Ozito RHD-6100

4.8 from 5 reviews

Best value have used on 20+hrs

Bought intially for emergency blocked retaining wall to clear water channels.
Since then it has broken 3 large concrete post hole holders and 4 days work removing a brick bbq including mortar and concrete base. Gave 5* for the drill and 2* for the included drills/chisel which are rubbish and broke. However the drill does the job and for about $150, it's great value. I've had mine over 3 years.

Date PurchasedMay 2013

Great value

Initially purchased for use as a chisel to remove slate tilling in a kitchen renovation, I didn't expect much for the price, thought if it lasted for this one job will have paid for itself, removed the tiles and screed with ease.
Have moved onto the bathroom this time to chisel tiles concreted onto solid brick walls and to demolish a small brick wall, worked solidly for most of the day, handled the job well.
As a DYI'er it would be hard to justify spending more for a similar tool, has exceeded expectations.
Great value

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Awesome Drill Awesome Value

Purchased this drill earlier this year and its one of the best drills I have ever had.
Beats my Makita hammer drill easily.
As well as drilling you can use it as mini-jackhammer.
If your a DIY'er or a tradie that only needs a power tool like this for part time use just buy it.
I only paid $149.00 for it. It's currently $189.00 at Bunnings, which would probably make e think twice if I had not purchased Ozito before, but because I have it's still good value at $189.00.
I have used mine for drilling holes in concrete floors, chipping out slabs, removing tiles, etc... the only thing I think that needs to be included is a spade bit for tile removal, other than that its brilliant.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Does the job - great value

I'm a bit of a brand snob and seriously considered spending $600 on a similar product from Bosch or Makita, but it was hard to justify for a tool I would use only occasionally. The Ozito was a fraction of the price at $150 and it seemed impossible to go wrong given the 3 year replacement warranty. Furthermore, this tool felt nice in the hand.
So I took it home and it ate up the section of driveway I needed to remove in no time. My past experience with cheap tools is that they get hot and switches or bearings give out fairly early on. Not this machine. It stayed cool the whole time and gave a solid performance. Very impressive.

Low Cost and powerful for the odd tile and screed lifting job

After ten minutes of hammer and chisel I lifted about 100 X 100mm of screed from an old shower base. I called a hire company and could hire a pro jack hammer machine for $80 but Bunnings offeres this machine for $150 so I gave it a try. Although the machine comes with a 14mm chisel I bought a 40mm one separately. I'm not sure how long it would last but it seems fine for my odd home use. Although this is not a top end machine however, I was impressed at the quality after being disappointed by Ozito before. It took less than 10 minutes to completely remove the entire shower base screed and now I have a powerful 1,500 W hammer drill / small jack hammer for the odd job. The machine was not that noisy (for a jack hammer) and did not vibrate terribly with a spring loaded drive and cushioning in the handle. One of the best $150 investments that I have made in a while!

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How do I replace the brushes on a RHD 6100 drill?
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Hi, I bought a 1500 w rotary hammer drill about a year ago, I have done a lot of jack hammering approx 40 hours, have kept the grease up to it and kept the fins clear by blowing it out every couple of hours trying to look after it . Suddenly the chisel stopped working, everything else works fine. I can't find my receipt but have my bank statement showing the date and the Bunnings store and price that I paid for it. Will this suffice to return item for replacement as it comes with a 3 year warranty?
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Yes if you can prove the day that you purchase Bunnings are usually quite good they will look up in their system and refund or replace

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