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OZtrail Starlight

OZtrail Starlight

2.0 from 3 reviews

absolutely poor design

Fully agree with Heidi, the OZtrail Starlight tent is unusable, even in drought stricken Queensland managed to get wet at night, fly touching the internal tent causes pooling of water at foot of tent. Took the issue to OZtrail to be told that it is normal to have condensation and I should expect it, but would not comment of encroachment of water into tent and onto sleeping bag. Obviously they not care about their design prowess or product quality, 50 years of camping in tents and I am told this is normal!!!! Will never purchase one of their products again, indescribably poor experience.

great value

I have used my Oztrail Starlight for several cycling tours, been through several tropical storms and down pours and stayed dry. Easy to set up and pack, lightweight and compact. I would strongly recommend this tent, my only gripe is that the fly cover needs propping up at the feet as it touches the inner, however I resolved the issue quickly and very easily. Great value and would buy it again

If you like to be dry, don't get this tent!

I purchased this tent recently and returned it after one use as it is a bad design and leaks at the foot of the tent. When I first received it I set it up so I could wet it down to swell the stitching. I noticed immediately that water pooled at the foot of the tent. I tried many re-adjustments of the fly and tent to try to stop the water pooling but nothing worked.
I thought I would take it camping anyhow and see how it went even though I was concerned it would leak. The first night I used it, we were camped in a rainforest and it drizzled a light misty rain all night, not heavy at all and no wind. The water started coming it at the foot of the tent (as I suspected it would) half way through the night and drenched our sleeping bags.
This tent is a really bad design. I bought it as I have previously had the Oztrail starlite model bought back in 2002 and it was fantastic for a budget tent. It never leaked and I practically lived in it for 3 months!
This tent was destined to fail as it doesn't have enough space between the tent and the fly and they actually touch most of the length of the tent, no matter how much re-adjusting you do.
The only good thing about this tent is the light weight (1.6kg) and small footprint, but I would glady carry in an extra 1kg if it meant sleeping dry. I was very disappointed!!!
Oztrail have really let themselves down with this tent! It should be taken off the market!

Questions & Answers

Just bought the oztrail starlight tent. Note the feedback about leaking at the foot of the tent. Rob Webster, you mentioned you propped it and didn't have any issues with leakage ... can I ask how you propped it!? Many thanks, Angela
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I just used a short stick at the foot of the tent to hold the fly off the inner


Room TypeSingle Room
Sleeping Capacity2
Price (RRP)$219.95

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