Palermo Wall Bed

Palermo Wall Bed

2.8 from 5 reviews

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Good design and works well

I chose the Palermo because of its design and price. I’m 4 years in and we use it daily. It has lasted all this time.
Pros- We used it in conjunction with an Ikea sofa to replicate the sofa wall bed combo which Clei retailers were selling for an extortionate price. That was not easy for a novice like me btw but was worth it even if I voided the warranty in the process!
Greviences - The unit is very heavy and the melamine panels are MDF which if you have to cut in to is very dusty. We realised this when the handle used to pull the bed down ripped out from the panel and left a damage mark ( 4 years in mind you) . Also when assembling it’s very hard to attach the back panel in a way that hides the screws when the bed is open. The way your supposed to attach it is the other way round to how we did it but I have no idea how you could do it without special help or equipment. the back panel essentially holds the frame together ONCE attached but until then it’s a fragile heavy frame which one can only attach laid flat on the ground with the panel the wrong way round...
Conclusion - Anyway it still sold me as the best on the market for price and design and it doesn’t appear the Aus market for wallbeds has changed much since. I wish the price were lower though. It’s a little too expensive IMO. That said I highly recommend this product to others.

Rotten instructions Queen size

Forget the dowls - cams only to be used. Also, remove one side of top and bottom otherwise cant access
FORGET So called attachment cams and dowels. Use screws/nails to assemble instead. The instructions only cover mechanics (poor instructions), list of parts seem o.K. NO MEASUREMENTS for door position on base frame
Whoever designed this never put it together don't rely on centre cams and dowels on shifting top or bottom around collapse and damage will happen. Brace with timber stipes. before moving

Great value for money

I read some negative reviews but took the risk. We attached ours to the wall and enclosed it with book cases. Looks amazing and our guests love it. It was great value and the money we saved was awesome. No regrets at all, a valuable asset to any home. We painted the front to blend into our home theatre.

Piece of junk!

Absolute rubbish, how can something mass produced be so wrong, not one cam would lock its bolt as they were all drilled incorrectly or bolts were too short, ended up having to screw the thing together myself, might aswell made it myself. Do yourself a favour and do not buy this piece of junk! (This is the first review I've ever bothered to write for anything in my life but had to let everyone know what a poor piece of equipment this is, and to whoever engineered this or produced this screw you!) Wheres my refund??!!!!

Pay peanuts...

There is a reason why good wall beds are expensive, and I wish now we had gone down the expensive route...although saying that almost $1000 is hardly cheap!

The bed arrived quickly and as soon as the boxes were opened it was clear that the quality of the pieces within would be questionable to say the least. The screws and nuts broke easily, the front mdf panel was 2.5cm too tall and rather than faff about sending it back we cut down the height to make a perfect fit. There were no marking or pre drilled holes to position it correctly and the instruction sheet gave no indication of measurements. The pull down handle was flimsy and metal was thin.

The pole that joins the 2 feet was held together by 3 weak welding points which snapped before the end of the 2nd week and by the 3rd week the lifting mechanism pistons have stopped working and won't lift the bed.

To make matters worse, I have been advised by Grays Online because we cut the panels to size our warranty is now voided - even though they were obviously the wrong size from the manufacturer. Not a single apology or acknowledgment that they are selling a significantly below standard product. Grays online have advised me to contact the manufacturer, but claim that they only have an email address. All this = buyers regret+++++.

If you want a wall bed DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! Pay for a quality one, which this most certainly is NOT

Questions & Answers

Hi hoping someone can help me with this problem. I purchased a Palermo wall bed and I don’t have any instructions and I cannot work out how the gas struts are released as they seem to be lock.
2 answers
You have to drop the bed past vertical to unlock them Basically you lower the bed toward the floor and the gas struts unlock but be careful as they are very strong and the bed will want to retract I had the same problem but it is hidden in the instructions Awesome beds, we love oursThank you very much, I would never have worked that one out.

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