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Palmolive Ultra Original

Palmolive Ultra Original

3.0 from 10 reviews

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New scent

I have been using Palmolive green washing up detergent for over forty years. But you have changed the scent! I do not like it al all it makes me nauseous, it smells like Woolworths home brand liquid which I hate, it works as in it cleans the dishes but it smells awful. I am sorry but I will not be buying yours again until the scent returns to the original

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths.

Palmolive is the best to go detergent for washing dishes without drying your hands


I have been using Palmolive to wash my dishes on a daily basis even without the use of gloves, my dishes came out squeekly clean and the best thing about this dishwashing detergent is that it does not cause irritation or dryness to my hands at all. I was using another well known brand and probably more expensive as well, which causes the creases of my fingers skin to peel painfully. As soon as I have switched to Palmolive that issue has gone completely and I am so happy and grateful for this product.

Although on tough stains/burns/residue this liquid alone does not perform very well even with tough scrubbing which then causes the pots and pans to scratch so not recommended on tough stains or oven trays, but overall a fantastic detergent that gives lots of foam and strong enough to clean dishes and cooktops for general every day use.

Tip: for pots and pans stains, put warm water and some detergent inside the pot then leave for a while before wash. The stains will come out easily without rough scrubbing
Put some water in the pot then bring to a boil to remove stains

Thank you.

Nozzle keeps clogging up

The only thing to stop me from from giving this a 5 star rating is that every time I have ever bought this product the nozzle tends to clog up with the build up and I have to clean it with a tooth pick all the time. Very annoying I think you need to work on a solution for that one cheers

same as the normal liquid

not so strong, had to use a lot to clean dishes. i feel that its not so different to the normal dishwashing liquid. would have bought the generic brands rather than paying for this one. smell also not somstrong compared to other brands in the market. would not buy it again

Beats the competition, hands down

I wrote a scathing review of Morning Fresh - once a great product, now it's about the worst product on the market. I tried Blast - and it does a fantastic job. However, I also tried Palmolive and it's easily as good as Blast.

One of my biggest bugbears is cleaning a pot after cooking popcorn kernels. The oil seems to soak in and it's quite difficult to remove. Morning Fresh will not remove the oil, even with a solid squirt (most probably about 10ml of detergent). Blast does a good job with about 1/2 that amount (5ml). Palmolive did a good job of cleaning my popcorn oil infused pot with about 2ml of detergent.

My other test is the "froth" test. I got about 1ml of Palmolive with a little water and frothed it in a milkshake maker. The foam was very thick and filled almost the entire container. Blast gave me about 2/3 of the bubbles for the same amount of detergent - and Morning Fresh gave me about 1/10th of the bubbles of Palmolive. Why are the bubbles important? Because they trap the dirt/grease to clean it.

In summary: Palmolive Ultra Concentrate is currently the best (despite a terrible pouring lid designed to cause spills and cause wastage). Blast is the best bottle v/s performance. Morning Fresh is a terrible product - avoid it, no matter how cheap it is. Maybe use the old Morning Fresh bottle with your new Palmolive liquid - you get the best of both!!

about average

I sometimes buy the Palmolive dishwashing liquid when low on dishwashing liquid supplies and found it does a good job to do the dishes though have to use extra amount of liquid to make the palmolive dishwashing liquid lather up compared to the super concentrated dishwashing liquids / I totally recommend this dishwashing liquids for the budget conscious

The top nozzle is always blocking up

This product is frustrating and a right pain in the neck to use. The only way to really use it is to rip the green nozzle off and throw it in the bin. The problem with this is you use more product. Hey! Maybe thats what they want you to do. They say you need to use less as it is ultra but infact you use more because when you squeeze and the nozzle is partly blocked you end up dumping huge amounts when it gives way.
Rather use their normal strength product.

An average dishwashing liquid thats been around for a long time.

I have tried this one a couple of times in the past, but somehow it never impressed me enough to keep purchasing it on a regular basis. I find the fragrance a bit too strong and I prefer a lemon fragrance rather than this Original scent which is a bit perfumey for me. It comes in a convenient sized bottle, which ofcourse isnt the 1 litre size, so you arent really getting great value for money. It is supposed to be a bit concentrated, so you should be using less of it to clean a lot more dishes, but it doesnt really work out like that. Overall, I wasnt too satisfied with this one although I have tried it a number of times.
The bottle size is easy to pour and its a bit thicker so it doesnt run out of the bottle like some of the cheaper ones.
I found the smell a bit too strong and it didnt really clean so well, its just average for me. And I can get the same quality at a much cheaper price.

Never again - top is always blocked!

The top of this bottle continually gets blocked and is a pain to unblock. It drives me crazy! I had this problem once before and vowed never to buy it again but forgot, and bought it again and it is even worse than last time.

Liquid is fine, it's just the container top.
Liquid is fine. Does the job (when you can get it out)
TERRIBLE top on the bottle is constantly blocked regardless of lid being open or closed and really hard to unblock (at times impossible!)


A good dish washing liquid for hand washing. A little goes a long way and your dishes will feel clean and sparkle. I never dry up and just rinse inhot water. I have never had any issues with the crockery and glasses drying with streaks.
Just love Palmolive. Its been around for a long time and the product has stood the test of time. A little bit of the cleaner goes a long way. It is easy to use and the crockery rinses off well to leave a sparkling finish. This ticks most of my boxes for a godd product in that it is economical and does the job well.
Nothing really

I too have found the top to be a real pain to use,it doesn't seem to open properly and when the bottle is squeezed the liquid can shoot out in any direction and in any amount making it uneconomical to use as a concentrated product and then to top it all off the top did come off(no pun intended)The best stain remover in laundry & dishwashing liquid - a little goes a long way but agree the top blockage is a huge PAIN pain

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Palmolive Ultra Original
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