Good solid phone

Great phone and easy to use.The noise reduction button works a treat when there noise on the line.I like the big buttons as my eyes are not the best now,and having 2 handsets we can leave one upstairs in our bedroom.

Purchased in January 2019 at The Good Guys for $169.00.

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Hi Dave. Thank you for taking the time to provide the review on your cordless phone.

Practical Cordless phone

What I like is the large display and the ability to easily read the calling number. Everything works as it should. Setup wasn't completely intuitive, but no worse than any other cordless phone I have used. One annoying minor issue is that when you put the phone in its cradle, you have to look at the unlit display to see the word "charging" to check that it is charging. (Every other cordless phone we've had would sometime not connect up properly in the cradle and therefore not charge. So we have developed the habit of checking that the phone is actually charging each time we put it back in the cradle. Other phones have had an easily seen indicator to indicate charging.)

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi Angry Bear, thank you for taking the time to provide your review.

Worst phones ever!

These Panasonic phones don’t even do the most basic tasks like enabling me to answer a phone call. It always displays the ‘busy’ signal and I have to get up and use the phone that’s in the docking station when I want to answer a call. The batteries don’t last long and the frustration these phones have provided has convinced me to never buy another Panasonic appliance ever again.

Beware, these phones are the worst! I haven’t listed everything that’s wrong with these phones because I’m already sick of wasting my time and getting frustrated thinking about it. I can’t believe how bad they are!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

good phones

I love these phones they are very good it's handy to have 3 phones and it is easy to use and once you charge it, it stays charged for at least 2 days, it all depends on how much you use it. They are lightweight easy to hold and i love them.

Date PurchasedSep 2014

Good phone but terrible functionality and manual

I recently bought - but have since returned for a credit! - this Panasonic phone. The phone itself seemed to work well - good volume and clarity - but the menu structure for programming anything beyond making basic calls was dreadful. It was not at all intuitive, unlike most other brands where you don't need the manual, you can just work your way through the manual. Not so for the Panasonic - you need the manual as you need to use # and a code number from the manual to do virtually anything - and the manual is also very poorly written and hence what you need to find is difficult to discover. There are other phones out there which perform as well and which are easier to work with.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Very low volume

This is a premium unit with a premium price tag. Although it has many features that we wanted it fails dismally in the one main purpose of actually being a communication device. Basically the volume is simply too low to hear properly (on all handsets with the handset volume set to full). If your surroundings are quiet, the line good and the person on the other end shouts down the phone, then you are OK. Other than this, the conversation is twice as long as you ask them to repeat every other sentence.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great Product

We purchased it 6 weeks ago. We charge it and it and it keeps its charge for 2 weeks or more still works perfectly we purchased it from Dick Smith.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

piece of ctrap

Problem is the phone comes up insert batteries when batteries are in unit and battery indicator shows empty and they wont charge - have checked all and it is actually the phone not the charging unit.
Panasonic are not helpful at all - it is an hour and half drive to get to HNorman.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Perfect !

Just changed my handset to Panasonic from a cheap one. No complaints so far. Purchased it from THE GOOD GUYS. It works perfectly comes with great features and good volume/sound quality. Link to cell feature is great, where you can link you home phone to your mobile phone and no issue with Bluetooth connection.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Good but not terrific

Purchased this phone after returning the similar uniden 3236 model due to its very poor sound quality and phone book setup.
This Panasonic has good sound quality when using it normally, however the sound does deteriorates when answering a mobile phone call via the Bluetooth. The sound quality is good if you are close to the main phone receiver and your mobile phone is within a few meters of the receiver but does get quite noisy and crackly further away (from about 5 metres sound gets crackly). I use the second handset, a few rooms away ( 15 metres) and it works with my mobile siting about 3 metres in another room from the main receiver.
Phone book setup search not great. Becomes an issue as when you sync it to your mobile you end up with a long list of numbers. Clear up your mobile contacts before syncing.
This phone also takes standard AA batteries, so replacement is easy.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Don't Waste Your Money

On 16/03/17 I purchased a Panasonic KX-TG7892 phone system from Myer. In approximately early April 2017 the second charger unit stopped working. I contacted Panasonic and was advised that I needed to return the base unit, charger unit and two handsets to the store of purchase for exchange or repair. I asked why I couldn't just return the faulty item and they could not advise, except to say that all items had to be returned. I said that I didn't want to return the base unit or the two handsets because they were not faulty, and I had spent a considerable amount of time programming 300+ names and phone numbers into the unit. I asked what would happen to this information if I did as they asked and they said that the information could not be saved. I operate a home office and my work would be disadvantaged if the base unit and one/two handsets were removed for a significant amount of time when all that needs to be replaced is one little charger unit. Panasonic gave me the contact details of their spare parts retailer in QLD who could supply a replacement charger unit, separately, but stressed that because my entire set was under warranty that I shouldn't have to pay anything. As of 21/04/17, my issue with Panasonic was escalated however the same response was provided. Surely there is an arrangement where the consumer can simply return/replace a single item thus minimising the time, expense, and inconvenience to themselves as well as the trader?

Appalling standard of customer service and quality of product.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Low Volume and max 9 rings.

I have a cochlear implant and hearing aid and purchased this phone to link with a bluetooth phone clip. The ring volume and speaking volume is too low. The maximum of 9 rings before answering machine is too short as I am elderley and take some time to reach the phone . Am dissappointed with my purchase . Am still trying tofind out if my Doro Phone Easy623 seniors phone is bluetooth compatable with the Panasonic purchased.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Brilliant link to cell function. Highly recommend.

Recently purchased the above phone due to previous phones failing. Wanted to try a system that would allow me to make and receive calls via a cordless landline phone from my mobile service. My mobile can only receive 1 bar in ONE location in the house and if moved slightly the signal drops out. Phones (3) were very easy to set up, link and transfer all contacts from the mobile. Recommended distance between the mobile and base station is between 0.6 to 3m. Mine is 3.5m with a full height return between them so wasn't expecting much in the way of it working good enough for a conversation. WAS I WRONG! All phones work brilliantly and allow me to answer/ring out on the mobile signal using the cordless phones from anywhere in the house, as well as use the landline when I choose to. I have a hearing problem and I have no issue hearing people so volume is not a problem. No issues with not keeping time as previous similar model reviewer mentioned. Panasonic you have given me a brilliant, useful and easy to use product so thank you.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Volume level is disappointing

We upgraded from the KX-TG1840AL model to the KX-TG7893 version hoping that the sound quality would be better and louder but my parents who are getting old weren't happy with it saying that the max volume was no better than the older version. Technical terms used by Panasonic such as DECT 6.0 Digital means nothing in the real world if you want to have a conversation in a environment with a bit of background noise. My question is do their technical people actually test these phones in a real environment???

However, I do like the larger buttons that make it easier to see and function.

So unfortunately in this situation we couldn't try it before we bought it and we can't say how better or worse off we would be with another brand but we'll definitely be considering this option next time.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Exactly What I Was Looking For.

There is so much out there to choose from and so many mixed reviews of phones and unfortunately, we can't try them out in the shops so it's a bit of a chance purchasing one! I wanted 2 hands free phones for a landline with answering machine. I got that plus a key finder that I will never use.

The phone is great! The handset feels good to hold and the font is clear and easy to read (without my glasses!). The sound is clear and noise free. The range is good. There are several, rather awful, ringtones to choose from but I did manage to find one I like.

It comes with a manual (thank goodness!) because it has many functions (most I will never use) that require setting up. I took the time to read the manual and have the phone setup how I want it to work for me and it works brilliantly. If you don't want to read the manual and learn how to use it, you won't enjoy this phone.

The time

The time on this phone KX-TG7893 is useless as it looses about 20mins per day. Otherwise the answer machine works well. List of contact numbers is good. Use of 3 different handsets is of great help. The size of the handpieces is just right. There does not appear to be a charging issue.

Worst phone ever

This is the worst phone I have ever had. Only chose it because you can still connect a headset, but the noise through the headset makes it difficult to have a conversation. Even without the headset, it's very difficult to have a conversation without noise interruption - and that's with the noise reduction ON. Also has no mute button, making it impractical for home office use.

Best Cordless Yet

Just bought this, so an early review! Out of the box, full charge and will use each of the three handsets in turn to fully discharge then charge them to ensure the batteries are fully conditioned. So far, the volume is good on both the handset and the speakerphone facility. This applies to the base unit as well. The base's microphone is sensitive enough to callers whilst you're walking around the room. Still getting used to the cell/landline shared options. I love the way what you do one one handset mirrors on the others! Beats putting names in the respective handsets phonebook individually! The keyfinder works adequately well. Lots of features I'm still getting used to. Night mode will be perfect for me, as I'm a shiftworker. Another useful feature is that certain functions can be shared on all three handsets or on certain ones only. And all from the handset you're currently using! Hoping I get years of trouble free use.

Questions & Answers

How do i confirm having input the date time etc?
2 answers
I'm sorry but I can't help. I found the phone very hard to programme - complicated methodology and a poor manual - so I took it back and bought a Uniden. HW.Hi JoeH, please contact our customer service team on 132600.

Hello, I have just purchased the Panasonic KX TG7893 and for the life of me cannot see how to make when someone is calling me more than two rings. Please help. Gail
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I'm sorry, but I can't help you. The difficult "functionality" - or menu structure - and useless "Manual" were the main reasons why I returned the Panasonic and bought a Uniden. Try calling Panasonic's "help" phone number in your country - they will be able to instruct you on how to do this. HWThank you Howard, yes the manual is very difficult to understand. I had the Uniden and wasn't happy with it, crackled after five minutes of talking. I hope you have better luck than me..I will have to call the help line I think. Thank you for your input. Cheers Gail

Purchased my Panasonic KX-TG7892 today and trying to enter date and time but having problems. Where on earth is the 'ok' button???
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Dear Brenda - I returned the Panasonic and bought a Uniden for this very reason - the functionality is NOT intuitive (you can't work it out for yourself easily!!) and the manual, such as it is, is very hard to follow. Ring Panasonic's support number and they will tell you how to do it. Hope this helps - HW


KX-TG7892AZS (2 Handsets)KX-TG7893AZS (3 Handsets)KX-TG7892 (2 Handsets)KX-TG7893 (3 Handsets)
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Price (RRP)$139.95$179.95

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