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Telstra Call Guardian 301

Telstra Call Guardian 301

4.8 from 9 reviews

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Works well but four not-so-good issues

This phone works to completely take away spam calls, and calls from people who might think your phone is a fax and send you automatic fax calls.

But there’s also some annoying aspects to the phone:
(1) the quality of the message you record for your outgoing message is poor. Able to be heard and understood but fuzzy;
(2) people calling in who are not in your accepted numbers list have to not only say their name but press hash quite quickly to get through. If they’re calling from a mobile phone and your number is in their contacts, they might not have the keypad screen in front of them and by the time they swipe to get the keyboard screen and press hash it’s too late. They can still say their name again and press hash again to get through;
(3) If you have messagebank as part of your phone service and go out forgetting to put this phone’s answer machine on, incoming calls will not go to messagebank. There’s no way you can still use messagebank with this phone;
(4). Despite lots of features and a 74 page manual, there is no switch to turn off the screening process. So if you’re expecting a call and you don’t know the number of the person calling, the only way is for them to go through the screening process. To go back to what an ordinary phone does you need to unplug this phone and plug in an ordinary phone.

But this is still a useful phone. From what I gather if you make your number an unlisted number then after 6 months there’ll be a big reduction in spam calls. While that probably won't totally solve the spam call problem, it's a cheaper alternative than buying this phone.

Purchased in July 2019 for $72.00.

Great product - No more annoying sales calls

This phone has literally saved us from cancelling our home phone!

We replaced a Gigaset VoIP phone which was amazing apart from the persistent calls from overseas call centers wanting to scam us.

The phone itself is probably slightly below par in terms of quality coming from our German made Gigaset phone and is occasionally a little clunky, but this is all forgiven with its call screening feature which has meant that we have not had a single call from an unsolicited caller since installing several months ago.

We have probably missed a few genuine calls with people not using the screening feature, but this is a small price to pay. Once a call has come through the screening feature you can whitelist the number to allow it straight through next time.

Great product!

Purchased in February 2019 at eBay for $60.00.

Callers having problems

Have a Call Guardian Mk 11. We set this phone up and left one of our mobile numbers off the phone book. We decided to test the process. We dialled the number and for the message asking us to state our name and press hash. Which we did. Nothing happened. We then got the message again. Nothing happened. After the third time the phone just hung up on us. Does anyone know how to get that working so a legit number that is not in the phone book can actually come through to the phone. Thank you. Jenny

Purchased in February 2019 for $72.00.

Can't live and wouldn't live without!!

Had this phone since August 2017, and since setting it up, have not had 1 unwanted call. Love it!! Takes a bit to get used to for the callers, but once they are in the contact list or 'allowed callers list', they are in.. Have an old flip mobile phone, and have questioned Telstra on having the same set up for Mobile Phones, then I'd gladly get the new smart phone, even though I believe they have apps to help deal with the problem of unwanted calls. If you need/want your Land Line, this is definitely the way to go. Best thing since sliced bread.. THANKS CALL GUARDIAN!!

Purchased in August 2017.

The best investment I've ever made

I have had this phone for two years (must have forgotten to write a review for it.) It is GREAT! I must say though, seems Telstra themselves don't seem to know their product very well. (may have improved in the last two years - I've had no cause to phone them since) I had some set-up problems (can't remember what it was) I spent hours on the phone with them, me having to explain to them what the phone was supposed to do, they eventually said they will send a technician to check my phone line, but before he got here, a friend figured it out. (it was my fault!) When the technician arrived, (I did try, unsuccessfully, to cancel his visit) he pronounced my line being sick, as he couldn't complete his test call. However, (he has never even heard of Call Guardian!) I had to try to convince him that it was fine - nothing wrong with the line.
That said, I have not had one spam call since I got this phone! The only "problem" is that friends with blocked numbers can't be white-listed, unless they dial the prefix to temporarily unblock their number. Some are too lazy to do that - swear at me and my stupid phone every time instead. :-)
Some others just hear the message, without listening and hang up. I have also been told that they have to also press # and, apparently, some people phoning from mobiles have trouble finding the #
Oh, and then there are those (my pet peeve) that call from a company, but instead of saying, I am Mary from XYX company, they just say this is Mary. Grrr
Now, if someone would invent an app that does the same thing for mobile phones, I would be content.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Telstra Call Guardian 301 is AMAZING!!

This phone is easy to set up and is perfect for anyone who wants to stop scam calls and persistent nuisance callers. I am now able to enjoy my dinner in peace and am confident when the phone actually rings now it is someone I probably want to talk to. I love this phone...THANKS TELSTRA!!!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Excellent. Gone from up to 10 scammers a day to zero

If you have a problem with nuisance calls and scammers get one of these. Works a treat. It's easy to set up and does all the work for you. No more calls from the "ATO", no more calls from "Microsoft" or the "NBN" No more calls from annoying charities
Get yourself one

Date PurchasedAug 2018

I love this phone!

This phone is the best thing since sliced bread! Blocks unknown, unwanted calls has saved me from speaking with so many sales people, people raising money, potential scammers & a couple of ex's I avoid like the plague!!
I HIGHLY recommend this phone can't live without it! If your on my VIP list your call shall be answered!

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Block nuisance calls The easy way

Before I bought this phone, nothing but nuisance calls. All these overseas criminals saying they're from Microsoft or from The Tax Office. Constant calling driving us crazy. Now I see on line there is a fix for this. The Telstra Call Guardian. So I bought it. Since the day I bought it I never receive any bogus calls any more. What happens is they get screened first and a recorded voice tells them to state their name and business. When the bogus call and tele markers get this they hang up. They don't want to leave there names and know we wont answer even if they do. This has been great. Only thing on the Telstra Web site it gives a number to call. Don't call it when you get the number they don't know what your talking about. Got to a Telstra shop instead. That's where I got mine. Have never looked back.

Questions & Answers

guardian 301 Calls list currently working on base handset but not on additional remote handset. call display message "Currently not available";, why
No answers

ringing out on the 301 I can hear the receiver but they cannot hear me, I have 2 sets and the other one is fine. Have I accidently pressed a wrong button to cause this
2 answers
That's weird. If you have the manual you could try to do a reset of the handset settings, if you haven't done that already.Thanks I'll try that.

When I press the dial button just get a continuous dial tone. When I dial the number from a mobile just goes to message bank
2 answers
Can you key in a phone number, then press the green call button and then get to the number called? That's odd that it goes to message bank. Are you calling from a number that has been accepted by the phone?We reset the black box and now ok


Telstra Call Guardian 301
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