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Panasonic Econavi NA-FS85G3WAU / NA-FS95G3WAU

Panasonic Econavi NA-FS85G3WAU / NA-FS95G3WAU

3.1 from 37 reviews

Rusting out between plastic and metal frame near lid.

Was reasonably happy with the machine,till I noticed it was rusting out,which not a lot can be done as rust never sleeps.Harvey Norman wants to send a serviceman round(which I pay for ??? its 7.5 months outside its warranty) Would have thought rust after 2 years was rare,but no there it is,so wanted to know if anyone else has had similar issues?Or is this just a dud batch?It was large enough for our household,quiet,cleans clothes ..just rusting through.Wanted to buy another Samsung which lasted for years,but then saw the fireball issue on some new ones,so decided to go for Panasonic?Which looks like a huge mistake unless Harvey Norman replaces it outside warranty for nothing mechanical,electrical, is wrong through wear and tear...Just rusting out from something that new,is disturbing.Heard back from a very rude arrogant tech unchi at Panasonic,basically said it was our fault it rusted out??Should thank ourselves lucky we got a refund,go buy another brand cos Panasonic New Zealand are not interested.Got our refund bought an Electrolux,never buy Panasonic again,due to behaviour from zero after sales service.Washing machines after they are out of warranty seem to be "lemons", Panasonic don't want to know.Ladas of washing machines,from our experience avoid at all costs, buyer beware.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Hopeless machine supposed to 9:5 kg loads not level stupid thing keeps going on to rinse again, just

Doesn’t wash real good can’t do a decent load, keep going back on rinse, will rinse all day if you don’t stand and babysit it, can’t do a blanket, try to wash 4 towels, will use heaps of water to rinse cause it can’t level the load 9.5 kg crap

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Good washing machine

Not a bad washing machine, but the lint filter keeps breaking and I've replaced it 4 times in 3 years. I'm going without it from now on because its approximately $38 to replace each time. I love the size & it seems to be easy on my clothes and cleans well.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Dreadful Machine

This (expensive) machine is absolutely useless. The electronic control panel is overly complicated...the designers have tried (unsuccessfully) to make it Auto-Everything and failed miserably.

They seem to have an iPad/Smart Phone software control design attitude to what is essential a simple mechanical/electronic process....ie...FILL...WASH...RINSE...SPIN ...with adequate user control/override over the water and the operating processes.

Main problems (as posted here by many other users)

1. The machine is EXTREMELY SLOW in virtually everything that it does.

2. The machines design hates small loads...it invariably gets badly out of balance on small loads... crashes, bangs, stops ...and then tries to solve the out of balance problem by continually adding more water.... and then spinning and rinsing again/and again/and again/and again/and again/and again/.....

3. Regardless of which program I select, I can never get a hot (or even warm) wash. Even with COTTON (auto HOT) or any other program selected the machines electronics always fill the tub with 95% cold water and then it just "trickles" in a very small token amount from the hot water tap, and only as it approaches the end of the "fill" cycle.

4. Even MANUALLY selecting HOT (on any program setting) still achieves the same result...The software/firmware completely ignores the MANUAL HOT selection and produces the same cold (or barely lukewarm) wash. Yes I have checked the hot water is flowing fully (by disconnecting the hose at the washining the machine's inlet connection and turning on the hot water tap) ...yes the machines hot water valve does open and yes the hot valve filters are meticulously clean...but NEVER (on any program) does it allow in anything but a VERY small token amount of HOT water (and then only at the very end of the fill cycle)

5. I purchased this machine after 34 years of BRILLIANT washing service from my old (small) Panasonic NA 860 AN …and this 34 year old machine is still working perfectly, but is too small for our current needs).
What a terrible mistake to buy this new machine. I very much regret the purchase and I would never recommend it to anyone.

If anyone can suggest how I can get this machine to produce a HOT WASH, I would be extremely grateful for any suggestions.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Pretty good for daily small loads of washing

Our family bought this Panasonic econavi top loader and no complaints yet. This washer is a bit more expensive than other brands but cheaper than big brand like bosch. We've had our machine for almost 1.5 years and uses it nearly every day without faults so the quality is not bad. It's a fantastic machine for daily small loads.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Panasonic Washing machine

I am not happy with the machine. After the washing, all the clothes got tangled. Everything must be put into washing bags. The maximum spin speed is only 6500 compare to most other machines with a spin speed of 1000. The worst thing is a lot of fuss ball/dust is found on the clothes after washing. The machine beep 5 seconds after finished washing and then turn off automatically. It means if you do not hear the beep sounds, you will not know the washing has finished .

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Not the best I’ve used

Preferred my other machine fisher and paykel aqua smart. Bought for its size and it was in stock. Not in love with it but does the job. Dislike the lid, noisy, spin cycle doesn’t get all the water out like the aqua smart did. Have spoken to customer service and they were ok but not great

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Worst machine I ever owned

Can't handle too much weight. Sensor is useless. Constantly have to balance the load for it to work. Child lock comes on by its own. Was terrible from the start. Air dry function is just an added waste of power and it doesn't even make any difference from a spin cycle. Compared to my old Kelvinator that lasted me 17 years before it had its first issue this machine had its first problem from the 2nd week. Spin cycle if weak washing holds water. After air dry clothes are still heavy from water you need to wring them by hand. No point hanging out to dry because it will still be on the line overnight. Power consumption is terrible. I see the huge spikes in my power usage from this machine. Don't buy this machine. It is only good for recycling.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Why doesn't it wash in warm water

When you need a warm wash it is still cold. When we rang Panasonic they said the machine fills 20% hot 80% cold which doesn't make warm. Very annoying
So I wouldn't recommend this machine. As I often like to wash my woollen jumpers I need warm water so that they don't shrink.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Quality build

This is a quality machine. Double lint filters are excellent with next to nil lint left on clothes. Very very quiet with an inverter motor. Lots of auto programs to use and they do work very well. The machine has a glass folding lid so you can see what's going on. Also has a child lock function. The I struction manual leaves a lot to be desired and i am still waiting on Panasonic call centre to clarify some settings as the book does not explain everything very well at all. This is unusual for Panasonic products so they need to lift their game on this. The machine cleans clothes very well and it is easy to use. It also weighs the cloths and how much water will be used in the wash. It does have a function were the wash or rinse water can be saved to use over. I would recommend this product for those seeking a well priced quality made machine that to date does not seem harsh on your cloths and is very capable of eashing heavy blankets or the like and also does not put your clothes into a knot. Maintenance is unknown as too early to say.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

It's ok

70%. No. Noise not to bad.holds a good volume of cloths.complaint.small items such as a rivet shaft the size of a pencil led and 40mm long or similar can jam the water pump costing us a pricey call out to fix it.why doesn't the water filter stop this my dish washer would.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Do Not Buy!!

I needed a washing machine that could wash large amounts of clothing and this 9.5kg does that ... however, here are the problems with it: 1. it rinses 3 times (each time if you have full load filling up with water to high) 2. once it reaches the spin cycle if the load is too heavy or unbalanced rather than stopping and beeping ... it refills with water and does another rinse cycle (this happened to me 5 times one day) ... my water bill has never been this high!! Who actually designed a washing machine this way ...its crazy!!! 3. it has two lint catches on the side ... which are plastic and pop in and out using a plastic catch ... after every wash both of these need to be cleaned ... I have only bought this washing machine this year and already the plastic catch has broken on one of the lint catches and i cannot put it in and i will need to purchase a replacement. 4. this is one of my favourite most annoying problems ... the detergent dispenser and the softener dispenser are in a little drawer that pulls out and ends up on an angle .... firstly it is very difficult to put the detergent and softener in but for the softener has a hole in the bottom of the container so when you put it in it drains straight out (even if you fill the softener to below the max mark)... so your wash ends up having both detergent and softener in the same wash and there is no softener by the end for the rinse cycle. I find myself waiting for the wash to finish I then run in and then add the softener when i hear the rinse cycle start 5. All cycles are on a timer ...so the wash starts with 15 minutes and works down (and yes the water is sprayed on to the clothes as it washes) but if you have a load of bricklayer-mud-cement soaked clothes 15 minutes is not enough there is no option to put it on for a longer wash cycle and the rinse cycle literally fills up with water and then drains. It doesn't give your clothes the chance to even get any of the softener through them. oh and one more thing 6. I have also on a number of occasions just jumped the rinse cycle by turning the washing machine off and starting it at only the spin cycle to come back to unload the washing machine thinking it was finished to find the tub full of water. I would definitely not recommend this washing machine ... and i have found my days fighting with it to not only add the softener at the right time but desperate to not let it do another waste of water rinse cycle. It is a terrible product and my recommendation is do not buy!!!!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

The product is very good.

I like the washer as it has very big capacity. The water is added gradually as the clothes turns in the washing machine so that every part of the washing is sprayed on. It rinses the load very thoroughly.

After 14 mths I think the pump has gone on it.

Don't get me wrong I love everything about the washing machine but this morning I put a load in. Went later to hang the clothes out and the machine was blinking on me code H 11. I looked in the tub and the rinse cycle is still there. I looked it up and it tells me it needs a service. What the heck. All I know is in my 39 yrs of married life this is my 3rd washing machine. My 1st one lasted 26yrs ,2nd one 12 yrs and they never needed a service . It's not a motor car. Now I have to wait till Monday to get someone to look at it. Not happy.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Great washing machine.

Cleans clothes well, reasonably quiet favourite feature delay start. Spins clothes really well try not to overload, doesn't like sheets and towels together gets unbalanced very easy.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Great Washer!!

I was using a front loader & thought I'd change to this style NA-FS85G3WAU which is a top loader that acts like a front loader! At this stage seems great-better than my front loader. Very quiet & smart. It's so easy even my Wife can use it!!
The 'after' service was good as I was missing a part which they sent within 2 days of notifying them.
it looks fantastic & when the lid opens it folds giving plenty of room for the dryer on the wall. Paid a very competitive price & took up the extended 12 month warranty-well worth it.
Every manufacturer has some problems however Panasonic is a quality brand.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

A sound and reliable machine

Washes and rinses our clothes well. Gentle on the clothes as it does not have an agitator. Quiet machine. Pro: (a) 8 different programs to cater for quick wash, intensive wash, power wash, gentle wash etc.
(b) timer delay that enables the machine to come on at a specified time.
(c) generous 9.5kg capacity.
(d) child lock function for safety reasons.
(e) air dry function to keep the drum clean and prevent mould build up.
(f) very reasonably priced.

Cons: have not identified any yet.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Smart Sensors & Smart looking

We bought this 9.5kg to replace our Simpson 8.5kg and thought we'd go for a washer with a larger drum (no agitator in the way) and also attracted to the savings we could make from the washer's Econavi sensor technology. It is very easy to use, and when used in Cotton cycle you simply press start, and the sensors measure the load to use the right amount of water, and also apparently detects the temperature of the water to save energy. Anyway, it washes and rinses with excellent results. Also quiet during washing and rinsing and I like the loud beeps when it finishes and how it turns itself off. The twin lint filters trap a lot of lint so we find we do need to empty them a bit, but overall this is smart thinking and smart looking washer that hopefully we will get many years of use out of.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Product OK but service and support terrible even when under warranty!

We bought this washing machine in Aug 2015 after a lot of research as this was new technology at that time and we desperately wanted to avoid lint being thrown back into the clothes after the wash. This washing machine ticked all the boxes. The product itself is very efficient and did not give us any headaches till date. But now about 14 months later, one of the water entry pipes (the hot water one) at the rear end of the washing machine has started leaking, a very minor fault indeed as the machine itself is still ok. We took the product from Winning Appliances Osborne Park, Perth - who were very helpful in giving us the Panasonic phone numbers as product was still under warranty. But then our nightmare started. Today, we spent at least three hours on the phone to the Eastern States from here in Perth. We kept getting flicked between Departments at the call centre and repeated our story at least 5 times. One person, heard our story in great detail only to tell us it was the 'audio-visual department' and had nothing to do with washing machines. Well, why did you here us and waste our time?? Well, apparently the service call centre is under instructions to put calls through 'anywhere' rather than keep customers waiting!!! Finally our warranty claim was registered only to be told, we will get a call in next few days. We tried to say, we had a one-year old at home, so washing was an urgent necessity, daily!! And we did not want to go through again several hours of pain to get through. After probably 6 calls, we were told, they were waiting for a service technician to pick up the call-out, and then few minutes later, we were again told, the parts (spare pipe in this case) will come from Queensland, so we had to wait a few days. We find it hard to believe, that Panasonic does not stock simple spares, like these pipes in Perth. Again we were told, apparently the service technician would not pick up the call-out unless the parts arrive from Eastern States. Well, in that case, why sell the product in Perth, if you cannot provide timely support even for simple spares? Finally now they are couriering the spare parts from Queensland to Perth by overnight courier (after a lot of requests and cajoling). I am a busy doctor and my wife an engineer.....I think this morning we have spent enough time on this, to buy the washing machine a few times. Its a shame, while the machine itself is ok, we are terribly disappointed by the service standards. If service and support, particularly under warranty are important to you, then probably a Panasonic washing machine is not the right product for you.

Date PurchasedAug 2015


I wrote earlier in the year about problem with this dreadful machine. After continual issues with it throwing itself out of balance and then refilling and respinning for hours, I spoke to Panasonic who initially told me that the problem was due to me only washing small loads because the machine was not designed to wash small loads and I needed to ensure a full load!!! Can you believe this? I then spoke to another person there who suggested it could be many different things including a blocked hose, poor water pressure, and a variety of other possibilities. I was initially told if a service man was to call out I would have to pay for the call if he couldn't find a problem, despite the fact that the problem was intermittent. In the end a service man called out and found that the "brain" of the machine needed to be replaced as well as the support rods which held the bowl which were faulty and were the reason the machine continually threw itself out of control.
The issue caused me a huge amount of anxiety and over $40 on mobile calls to Panasonic in order to get someone to actually agree that it was not me but the machine at fault. The only saving grace in the situation was the great support I received from Appliances Online who assisted me so much and agreed to give me a new machine (definitely not a Panasonic), as I think it unacceptable that Panasonic wanted to replace parts in a brand new machine. Thanks Appliances on Line!! Magee

Date PurchasedApr 2016

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Questions & Answers

My machine has stopped working when I press on and start a U sign and then the number 12 flashes on the timer. Any ideas?
1 answer
Not a tech,but from laymans view software/hardware malfunction,go to Panasonic and insist they fix it,if not go to media,blogs,Panasonic Japan and tell them your annoyance machine has failed.Hope you have better joy than me,with ours,as Panasonic N.Z were useless,rude,arrogant.Reurned my machine got a refund,bought Electolux.(works atreat)Panasonic make LEMON washing machines it seems.

Im wondering if i can buy a filter for this machine.. If so where can i purchase it from? Thank you.
2 answers
Hi Cheryl, you can purchase filters from our spare parts distributors https://au.panasonic.com.au/support/spare-parts-distributorsThankyou but i have now purchased one.

My filter won’t screw up flush with the machine. Any help?
No answers


Econavi NA-FS85G3WAUEconavi NA-FS95G3WAU
Price (RRP) $1,099$1,199
Capacity8.5 kg9.5 kg
FeaturesDoor/Lid Lock (Child-proof)
Energy Rating2.5 star(s)2.5 star(s)
Water Rating4 star(s)4 star(s)
Household Size 3-4 people3-4 people
Colour / Finish WhiteWhite
Dimensions 1070 x 640 x 650 mm1070 x 640 x 650 mm
Motor TypeInverterInverter
Max Spin Speed 650 rpm650 rpm
Weight52 kg52 kg
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)

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