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Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero3

Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero3

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Don't waste your money!

This chair is so badly designed, I regret my purchase and actually wonder if it was made with an every day kid in mind. You can't wash the chair cover in water or the machine, it WILL get dirty and all you can do according to the instructions is wipe it down with a damp cloth and neutral detergent. Good luck if your kid vomits on it. The harness straps are also a pain to clean because what they dont mention is you actually need to unscrew them with a screwdriver to get them out! I was sold on the MADE IN ITALY branding made so prominent, but don't be fooled by what looks like a sleek design but lacks basic functionality.

Oh and I don't bother to use the tray, so clunky its not worth putting in and out at each feed.

Great comfortable high chair

I've been using this high chair for about a year and we are so happy with it. My 18 month old has always seemed comfortable in it and happily has almost every meal in this chair. It does require 2 hands to collapse / unfold but only 1 hand for the tray. I've had a choking scare and it was very easy to pull the tray away and get my child out quickly. Easy to clean and the leather cover comes completely off if it needs a good scrub after messy meals. We hand wash the tray and it the whole chair is in great condition after a year of continuous use. I would recommend this high chair.

I don't like it

I have been using this high chair for a month now, but I really regret to get this. The tray is too stiff and annoys me every time I fold it away. I have to use two hands and a foot. I just don't think the quality is that great for the price. As well as the tray is too stiff to slide in and out, but also it get scratched and leave the scar really easily. It just made the high chair look old in two days. I also really disappointed with the height settings. You can set 7 different height positions, however it doesn't go all the way down. Wouldn't you expect it will be from the floor to normal table height if it has 7 different height settings? It might have lots of function which was the reason I purchased this, but I found it useless. Because it is annoying to use that functions! It just makes this high chair big, chunky and pricey. Hope this helped choosing high chair.

A bit disapointed

I do love our chair but i am very disapointed and how difficult the tray is to put on and off. It makes me worry that if my son was choking i wouldnt be able to get him out fast enough.

The perfect highchair!! Worth every cent!

I purchased this chair today, took it out of the box 5 minutes ago & I LOVE it. Practical, functional, a huge variety of positions, looks great, is SUPER compact & I can tell it will be easy to clean. I was hesitant to purchase it as it is for our third and final baby, & my only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner!! We have another leading brand for our first 2 children which cost $200, then another $150 in replacement cushions of poor quality, not to mention a nightmare to clean. I was apprehensive of the rear wheel only as I bought it sight unseen, but it's lightweight and moves easily. I purchased it on sale for $200 instead of $300, but I would have happily paid the full price for it. It looks to be high quality so hoping it wears as well as all the other Peg Perego products! :)

Beautiful high chair and made in Italy

Call me superficial, I love its good looking the most :)
The 5 position recline can almost cradle my baby flatly which is good for young babies who can not sit yet. The double tray accommodates its cover's colour which makes the whole look integrated. Eco-leather finish makes it last long. Also, although it does not have wheels, it moves smooth on hard surface to me, which makes me a bit worried about its safety when bub is able to wriggle heavily. But don't take me wrong. It does feel very sturdy. Even it moves it won't tilt. And now it doesn't move if you don't push it.
There are two things about the tray in my opinion could be more improved. First, the sockets on the armrests receiving the rods on the tray not smoothly, I need to push and pull it a little bit after releasing the lever to make it fully in position. Second, if it can add on height adjustment on the tray like the prima papa diner, it would be definitely greater for young babies to play on it. Currently it's a bit high for my almost 5 month old.

Another issue about the high chair, actually it's not only about the high chair, also almost all cradle products on the market, they all states their cradle function only fits up to 9kg. Since my baby turns 10kg at 4 and 1/2 month age, this statement makes me feel helpless. Is it kind of discrimination on big bubs? :P
Last of all, the Eco leather cover is not breathable at all. That's sacrifice for durability and easy cleaning. The peg Perego website has an added cushion for this problem, but I cannot find a place sells it in Australia. And if I wanna buy it from oversea on eBay, it costs unbelievable.
All in all, it's a nice high chair, worth for the money. But I wouldn't mind to spend a bit more if it can add on the cushion and height adjustment function of the tray on this high chair.
Just forgot an important thing. The harness adjustments on the waist does not stay. It can get loosed effortless. Since I purchased this online from another state. Returning would be more than trouble. I'll bear it with the no problem shoulder strap and leg divider and carefully watching.

Well worth the $$ !!

Being my second child I was quite reluctant to spend that bit extra on a highchair however im so very glad I did! Compact , simple and super comfy for my little dude.... And most importantly... EASY TO CLEAN!!

Fantastic highchair

Against so many of my friends advice to buy a cheaper highchair, I still purchased the Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero3 and am so happy with my purchase. My little one loves sitting in the chair (with or without the table) and I love the reclining function which enabled early use, the 7 different heights which means I can sit my child at the table with us, the 2 tray table allows us to use the main tray for play and only add the top for eating which makes easier cleaning as it can be removed and washed. The chair itself also allows for easy cleaning. The chair is light and compact a and easy to move around the house.

Love this high chair!

Originally I was going to buy a cheaper high chair. My thought was that it's just a chair and I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount. I was about to purchase a $165 high chair, one that I didn't think was cheap but would comfortably hold my 5 month old son and support him to be able to sit up. But then a sales rep said she would recommend the peg perego for various reasons (see below) I was won, except for the $299 price tag! But to my delight baby bunting price matched and i found a place that was selling the high chair for $199. I still think this is a lot of money but not much more than the $165 made in china brand i was about to buy and this high chair os made in Italy and looks a lot more stylish and easier to clean.
What I like is that it is so easy to clean, it supported my son perfectly, the moulded crotch restraint means that I don't have to have the tray in place so that bub won't slide out, plus when he's older I can place bub at the kitchen table to eat. I like the high and low positions and adjustable foot rest.
Whilst I'm in love with it now, I am skeptical of how my son will fit into the chair with the moulded crotch. Fingers crossed he does. Expensive if not on sale

Safe, Comfortable, Easy to Clean!

This highchair was just what I was looking for - safe and comfortable for baby, and easy to wipe clean for me! I have used this from when my baby was 5 months old as I could recline him slightly to feed him. I like that the harness is able to tighten to fit a younger baby, it has the plastic moulding between the legs for safety, the tray is at the right height for when a baby starts to feed themselves (the tray on my previous highchair was far too high), the highchair reclines and it is height adjustable so that I can tuck my baby in at the table to eat with the rest of the family sometimes. When choosing a highchair one of my main considerations was how easy it would be to clean. This highchair makes the clean-up super easy, as it is fairly streamlined and doesn't have lots of nooks and crannies for crumbs to get stuck in. I am able to wipe it over quickly, ready for the next use. It also has a removable tray on top of the normal tray for easy cleaning. I really like this highchair, and it comes in some fun colors.
Safe and comfortable for baby, easy to clean, easy to use, recline and height adjustable, good tray height, fits in with decor.

Questions & Answers

the back of my seat doesn't have storage clips ? im lost what is the clip on the leg for?
No answers

Is it normal that the upper tray cannot perfectly fit the main one? There is gap between them, seems the top tray is too deep to fit the main tray. Should I return it? Bit worry baby clips her finger. Thanks!
4 answers
Mine fits perfectly....make sure you have it aligned correctly, never clipped our baby....maybe discuss with the store you purchased from :)Yeh mine snaps in very nicely. So i would be enquiring with the company :)Hi there, thanks for your question, please give us a call on 1300 131 477 so we can point you in the right direction, kind regards, The Peg Perego Team.

How to remove the cover of the seat? We have been using it for a year and I have to put all the cover in washing machine asap! The safety belt is so dirty, we cannot use it without washing in the machine. Please help me asap!! Thanks!
4 answers
I wouldn't put the cover in the washing machine as I think it would ruin it, I haven't checked the manual, just my advice. The harness though, if you push the backing plate (1 underneath, 2 at the top) out, then turn them so you can poke straps back through the opening (there are probably diagrams in the manual) you can take the entire harness off the seat. I would then put it in a delicates bag and throw in the washing machine. If its really dirty,maybe soak it in a per wash like napisan or something first :)On the seat back, just behind the armrests, there're two hooks, left and right. And under each armrest, there is a stud. The seat cover is just hooked on them. My cover is not machine washable. If you got a fabric one I think you can. The harnesses are attached to the seat by 3 plates. They are at the backside of the seat. You just pull each plate out and then lay them flat so you can slide it through the hole. But the waist harnesses are screwed on the seat. I don't think they're detachable. I can only get the shoulder and crotch straps detached. Last, you do need to take the harnesses out first so that you can remove the seat cover.Thank you Shazzbar and Donna for your help. I solved the problem! I did remove the plate first as Donna described. Than I needed to remove two screws. That was a bit tricky: you have to remove a nut first and in order to do that, you have to fix the screw first (I helped myself with holding screwdriver on screw - so that it would not move, and I remove the nut just with a forceps as that was the only thing I had at home). Once I detached that, the cover went easily. On my cover seat it was marked that I can wash it on 30 degrees Celsius. However I put all on 40 degrees and 800 rpm. I could not believe - it came out of washing machine like *brand new*!! Of course I did not put it in a dryer. I am amazed. I really could not use it as dirty as it was anymore - wiping is good, but we all know what babies and toddlers do with a food and washing it in the washing machine at least for us it was necessary.


Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero3
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