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Star Kidz Bimberi High Chair

Star Kidz Bimberi High Chair

4.7 from 32 reviews

The high chair is good

My five month old daughter loves it. The high chair is of good quality and well designed. I would recommend it to my friends who are considering to buy a high chair.

Purchased in April 2019.

Good- not perfect

Our son hates many high chairs so we knew we needed a plush one with high back and more tray space - it ticks a lot of functionality buttons. Tray is easy to clean, pleather is comfy
But very annoying to manoeuvre around , seat cushion has lots of little gaps to clean and very heavy
Not disappointed but things worth noting depending what you’re looking for

Purchased in April 2019 for $199.00.

Bombers high chair

As 1st time buyer and 1st time drand mother

Bulky and hard to clean

After reading so many positive reviews I purchased this chair. Unfortunately I am very disappointed.
-.Extremely hard to clean - not the tray but the seat which has many places that food can get stuck. Also on the buckle- I have no idea how to get the food out that is stuck inside which means I will forever have food rotting.
- uncomfortable fake leather seat means very hot sticky Bub - especially in hot weather.
- very very Hard to move around. :( - The most important aspect of my high chair purchase was the mobility. I wanted to be able to easily move Bub around whilst he sat in the chair. Or even just move the chair in general without him.. This takes a lot of effort and Is quite difficult. In order to move the chair you have to press two very stiff buttons and even then the wheels are not smooth.. it is extremely hard to even move the chair one meter, let alone turn the chair around.. the wheels are engineered in a way that you have to fiddle around with the chair and push and pull it and use all your strength in order to move it one meter.
This has been a huge let down ..
Also the chair is clunky, heavy, and my baby hates sitting in there he almost gets lost in the chair because the tray seems too high up for the chair height.. and he’s 8 months and quite tall.
Also the straps are extremely big and there’s no way to make them smaller.. they are on the smallest setting and still huge for Bub I mean what’s the point of them? They look like they will fit him and secure him when he’s 5 years old they are so long!
Anyway I have no other chairs to compare this to as this is my first high chair purchase but it doesn’t seem practical at all and for the price ..
I wish I purchased a $15 ikea one.

Over-engineered high chair

It's a solid unit, that's for sure. Rather heavy and very hard to move around - you have to depress two buttons and this releases the front wheels to turn. Once you have managed to press both buttons, the chair can turn, albeit with the turning circle of an oil tanker. This mechanism is clunky and over-engineered.

The tray slides in to two holes on the frame. Be careful here as you can easily trap baby's fingers. You have to squeeze a lever on the tray to ensure the tray rods slide into the holes on the frame. Again - just so over-engineered!

Another negative about the tray is that the bottom of it has lots of edges and structural plastic which is a nightmare to clean, and just happens to be the part that babies will grab and investigate with their mucky hands. Poor design.

The seat is a sort of faux-leather which isn't the easiest to clean, and has many nooks and crannies that will collect (and hide) food over time.

The seat straps are very hard to adjust, and the clasp is rather angry looking with quite hard edges - be careful not to get your baby's fingers trapped in this as I'd imagine it would hurt.

The high chair does collapse down quite nicely, although it won't stand up on its own unless the castors are in a particular position. Even then, it stands up rather precariously and would topple with a slight knock.

Overall, I just see this high chair as over-engineered and quite expensive. We often refer to it as that "damn chair", and comment on how annoying it is. I think there there are better options both in regards to design, safety, and value.

Perfect and super fast delivery

Actually perfect for my first little guy, great customer service and super fast delivery. Will have this high chair for many more babies to come!! Would recommend this product to friends and family. The website was easy to use corresponding emails where delivered quickly to so I was always kept up to date on my order.

Fantastic Chair!!

Love it!! It was so hard for us to find the right high chair, this one is easy to clean, has the comfort and so many different functions to use. It was also very FAST postage. If your looking for a high chair, I would highly recommended this product for other mums and dads

Amazing High Chair

Love this highchair. Fast delivery, easy to put together from the box, and so easy to use! We love the different recline settings for both the back and the feet, recline back for your baby to be fed a bottle as well. Our baby loves just sitting in the comfortable seat without the tray as well so we don't only use this chair for feeding. Highly reccomend!

Great product well built

Just got the Bimberi High chair and it is great. Packs up small adjustable in every way possible and very well made at a great price. Able to easily recline making it perfect for our child who needs to lay back that bit to help his head control. Removable table tray and liner makes easy to clean

good product

I just purchased the Star Kids Bimberi high chair from Nanny Annie(eBay). Order and payment done in Friday and received it on Thursday (within a week fast delivery and good communication). It is very easy and quick to assemble without using any tools. Highly recommended to everyone. Good quality product
Thank you! Nanny Annie,

The perfect high chair

I was looking for a high chair that had wheels, a reclining seat, sturdy enough that my dogs couldn’t knock it over and that didn’t cost an arm and a leg and this chair fit the bill!
It’s perfect! Super sturdy, easy to use, and best of all my 4 month old loves sitting in it! Because she is still quite little I have the back rest semi reclined and the foot rest all the way up and she is very comfortable in it and it’s a safe place for her to be while I make dinner.
Shipping and handling was super quick too!

Excellent service with awesome product!

We bought through ebay on weekend and the product came the next Friday. Very fast response and service and keep me updated until the product received. Its a recline baby high chair. Very easy and quick to assemble, great quality product and my baby loves sitting there to accompany me in the kitchen or simply just sitting looking at the view outside (with my surveillance of course).
Overall I'm very happy and satisfied. Highly recommended!
Thank you!


What an amazing high chair for our little girl! This was so easy to assemble & our little girl loves dinner time even more now in the comfort of her very own chair! Easy way to have her with me in the Kitchen & know that she is safe & sound eating or playing!

Affordable and Good Quality

First time, I bought high chair for my little one. compared to pricey ones, This has got similar quality , features and affordable price price. Also, it is easy to assemble without using any other equipment, very good movement from one place to other. I recommend this product to my friends and families.

The best of all the best high chair. Diffinitely worth it.

“Best high chair ever I purchased”
Bought star kids bimberi high chair in this website and it was the best first purchased ever. The baby loving it and enjoyed sitting on the chair. Easy to clean, nice quality chair and adjustable chair. In other words anything you look for a high chair is in that chair and it’s cheap too. I bought the high chair for half price and will definitely Recommend this high chair to all mommies out there.

Perfect High Chair

We love star kidz bimberi high chair. Its easy to clean and easy to get our son in & out. Its lightweight and easy to move around the house. Its very stylish and compact . Assembled it within few minutes. It comes with two trays and has a clip on the back to store it when you are not using the tray. Very satisfied & highly recommended to every one.

Love love love this highchair!!!

Ordered this high chair from Nanny Annie Where it was very reasonably priced and quick delivery. So easy to clean, easy to maneuver and adjust the different moving parts. One handed tray release makes life a lot easier. Feels solid and strong but still light for moving around. There are a lot of different height options for different situations.. Could not recommend more.

The best high chair!

This is the best high chair on the market!

I was worried as you can only buy it online (the manufacturers website also doesn’t work) and so I couldn’t see it but it is light, compact, easy to clean, safe with all the features (easy to remove tray which can rest on back legs, castor wheels, foldable, lockable, reclinable chair etc.)

I looked at the Peg Perego Siesta and compared to this high chair it was really heavy and hard to fold plus too expensive.

There are a lot of reviews for the ikea high chair but that is not strong and safe. This high chair is still safe but not heavy and expensive.

It’s simple, practical, safe and not ridiculously expensive.

Excellent high chair and cheaper than the competitors

I just purchased the Star Kids Bimberi high chair from Nanny Annie and I would highly recommend it. I wanted a high chair that could be used from newborn as I have two large dogs. I was looking at a different brand till I came across this one and it is almost identical and this one is priced almost $100 cheaper. Shipping was super quick and I contacted Nanny Annie with a question after purchase and they got back to me the very next day and were very helpful. I will definitely be purchasing from Nanny Annie again :)

Excellent and safe high chair

This high chair ticks all the boxes! Its safety features are of a very high standard. There is an automatic break on the chair, the tray is securely fastened into the chair. The wheels are strong and easily move. The safety latches on the seat secure well. Overall, this is a great high chair!

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Questions & Answers

I would like to have more information about this high chair, looked on Google, found this website: http://starkidz.com.au/ But unfortunately, it did not work properly. Is there anywhere else that I could find more info about this product as well as the manufacturer? Thank you.
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I had the same issue. I felt the Star Kidz website did not have enough information and I wondered about the validity of it. (This high chair was called the 'Bimbori' on their website, but called the 'Bimberi' on Nanny Annie. Turns out it is 'Bimberi', as that is what was printed on the box). Instead I had to use the information available on the Nanny Annie product page where I purchased it from (http://www.nanny-annie.com/sk-bimberi-high-chair-grey). Not sure if Star Kidz is a brand that's exclusive to Nanny Annie because I couldn't find it anywhere else .

I have same problem with fitting front wheels..i couldn't find the axel in my box.. Instruction boom say remove the cover of legs.. Does anyone know what is the right way?
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The axel is inside the aluminum frame. You will to remove the plastic cap to take out the axel

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