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Stokke Tripp Trapp

Stokke Tripp Trapp

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So difficult to clean for baby led weaning

Once you add the baby set and a tray and use the *cream coloured* harness (which stains easily), there are sooooooo many nooks and crannies and grooves that baby's food can get in to. With their dirty fingers or when they explore with food and it slips down the edge (all of which would happen on any chair if you let your babe experiment with food and feed themselves) but on the Tripp Trapp it gets into the grooves where the backrest fits into the side supports, it slides down and gets stuck around the horizontal metal rods, all around the baby rest, and food also ends up in the many grooves of the side supports which is where the foot and seat plates fit into it (and move into over time as your child grows). So when your baby is up to 4 meals a day.... it's too much time spent delicately cleaning all the nooks and crannies. I didn't want plastic for the environment, I loved the style of the Tripp Trapp and the fact it is wood and will 'grow with the baby' through to toddler years and beyond. But... no one wants to spend this much time cleaning. And some food just can't get out of some of the spaces unless you dismantle it. Ps... chair has to be gently wiped with a wet cloth. Can't scrub or throw it into a dishwasher! Can't take the cream harness off to wash unless you dismantle the chair. The tray can be put in the dishwasher, but that's not a unique thing. Off to buy the Ikea high chair and keep this expensive one in storage until she's mastered eating a bit better / is a toddler.

Purchased in September 2018.

Great design & quality

Not too bulky, and tucks right up to the dinner table so bubs can eat with the family. Easy to clean and is very good quality. Seems like it will last for a very long time and grow with baby. Also takes up a lot less room than other high chairs.

Quality design

I got two of these chairs and am impressed with how simple it was to put together and the quality of the materials. Let's face it, these chairs are a bit pricey but my two toddlers are now sitting much closer to the table and their posture is much better. Should have bought these ages ago but glad I have now!

Unsafe chair. Popular only due to a good looking design.

This chair must be used with a special belt for kids up till 3 years old. It is otherwise not safe for toddlers since they can easily climb up but then can easily fall off by sliding off on the right or left side. You basically always have to be watching your child around this chair.
I have 3 kids and I've had this chair since I got it as a gift for my first child. All 3 of my kids have fallen off this chair by sliding from the sides. It's also a high chair so it's a high fall! I finally sold this chair and got a much cheaper simpeler chair which has much better side protection. This chair is popular purely because of it's looks, it's not at all practical or safe in reality.

Love this chair and so does bubs

I find this chair easy to clean, clip off the tray when needed and wipe down the chair padding if it’s been a messy meal.
The colour and design fits our furniture and love that it will grow with the family and be used over years to come
Only draw back is the cost and all the add ons from the basic chair but if your handy check multiple places to snag a sale a not all places will have the same items on sale

Love ours

We have used it for the past year and love it. I like that our little one can sit with us at the table, he likes sitting in it (he also uses it while crafting in the kitchen), that it grows with the child and that the footrest is adjustable. It is also extremely safe even with wriggly kids and got a German oekotest (ecotest) ‘very good’ rating for toxicity (no formaldehyde etc). Worth the money.

Worth the investment

We love that the Tripp Trapp enables our daughter to sit with us at the dining table, that it's so easy to keep clean and that it looks great. But the main reason we chose the Tripp Trapp was because we wanted a chair that would grow with our baby and last for many years to come. It's fantastic quality and definitively worth the money

A chair from baby to toddler

Can fault on the ease of cleaning for this chair. You can see all the parts. so easy for cleaning. Love the idea that it grows with the baby to toddler age. Not about saving, but just a very practical piece of furniture that also looks good. Currently using the newborn set and work fantastic. We also brought one for the grandparents place. They also like it as it doesn't take up too much space.

A chair i will keep for many years

Mine is the walnut classic finish. And i love it. It comes with the oil to protect the wood. Did read up some reviews before buying and was concern about the quality that many has mentioned that it wasn't as good as before. However, i find mine alright. And my child is sitting on it every day. It will be a chair that we will be keeping for a long long time. But im wondering how to take out the buckle though. Because my boy just doesn't like the harness on.

Great chair - very expensive

Received this chair as a gift (I wouldn't pay $300 for this chair). It's great chair, very versatile, and can see the potential in future use. It's extremely well designed.
The only negative aspect of the chair is the cost. Not only is the chair close to $300, you still need to buy additional items, such as the baby set harness and then tray as well. Both combined is another $150.. This been said, this is only the true problem, and is the only reason why I'm giving it 4 out of 5.

Is it fit for purpose?

Bought this chair after hearing and reading great reviews. Once you buy all the additional accessories it is not a cheap purchase but thought as it adapts to the growth of your child it would be worth the investment. However, after a few months small bubbles and lifting started to appear in the finishing. Stokke concluded it would not be covered by warranty as I either used cleaning detergents on it (absolutely not!) or that water had been used on the chair stating it's not waterproof! Absolutely my child spilt his food/knocked food over and spilled water from his sippy cup on occasion- what child doesn't! Whilst I never expected the chair to be waterproof I expected a resistance suitable to a baby/toddler occasionally spilling food and water on there highchair with an expectation i could wipe it clean without having this affect the finish so terribly- so I question whether the finish is fit for purpose. Fortunately the store I purchased the stokke from were also disgusted with stokkes response and replaced the chair for me, but very poor on stokkes behalf, and their so called warranty is worthless.

Gone downhill

Used to love the Tripp Trapp. We'r big fans of the whole Stokke range. However a recent experience has really put us off. We purchased another Tripp Trapp for our youngest a few weeks ago. Unpacking it, we realised it was badly made compared to our other Tripp Trapps. The grooves that run down the entire frame of the chair (that the seat plates slide into) were rough and poorly finished. Very scratchy for little fingers. We took it back to the store because we thought it was just a single chair that had mistakenly slipped through their quality control.

We found that the bulk of the display chairs at the store had the same issue! Some well finished, others rough. Babyland very kindly allowed us to return the chair so we could try another store. They emailed Stokke head office to look into it. We tried Baby Bunting and had the same problem. Most of the chairs were poorly finished! In fact, Baby Bunting just straight out told us 'this is standard for Stokke so if you buy one and it's roughly finished we won't issue a refund'.

I then called Stokke head office to ask where I could buy a chair that was guaranteed to be of the previous high standard. The rep said probably most customers were not familiar enough with their products to realise if their product was not 100% right, and was asked to email in with my query so they could look further into it.

Finally received a short reply asking for pictures, which we explained we couldn't take as it had been returned to the store, and as the store had already contacted them they they should have the pics already. No reply at all since.

When you pay $300 for a child's chair, you don't expect to receive a substandard product. Yes, as the lady at Stokke said, most people wouldn't realise and just accept what they were getting as teh norm. Perhaps they've changed their factory. Perhaps it's a timesaving measure to not finish products to a high standard. Seems like they are cutting corners and hoping to get away with it because 'most people won't know'. But that's just not good enough.

Good chair but hopeless harness

I bought this chair due to its potential longevity. It has a nice design and cleaning the chair is quite easy as well. My baby seems to be quite happy sitting in her high chair (once she is in) but getting her in and out is such a tedious effort. The harness is pathetic and is difficult to get the baby in. Given that you pay so much for this chair you would think Stokke can make a better harness.

Love this!

I had a tough time looking for the perfect high chair until I came across this. Love how it uses the actual dining table instead of having one that's attached to it. And it's just great how any one of us in the family is able to sit on it without the slightest worry of breaking it. I'd definitely recommend this! Worth the money.

Stokke the wonder chair

As a Gran, I have purchased four Stokke Tripp Trapps and the fifth purchase is to come. It has been my pleasure to supply a chair for each of my Grandchildren, the oldest being ten years of age to the baby at just seven months and, possibly, the last. Elliott still uses his Tripp Trapp, as does Phoebe, eight years old and Harvey five years old. Chloe is just three years old while the baby Bianca is yet to receive her chair. All of the chairs are used every day. I just wish Stokke would offer me a discount for buying so many!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just have to update my already published review. The first Stokke Trip Trap we purchased is still being used as a daily chair and my Grandson turned 13 years old this Month. Still a great piece of furniture.

Functionally good / poor quality

In the 6 months we have had it it has been replaced twice under warranty due to poor quality finishes - the paint has peeled within days of it coming out of the box - exact same issue on the replaced one aswell it is incredibly disappointing. Functionally it's fabulous and exactly what we wanted it's just such a shame that the painted one is such poor poor quality
Functionality/ inclusive for baby led weaning
Poor finishing quality/ replaced twice with same problem on each

Great High Chair, use of newborn seat questionable

Updated- I purchased this high chair including the Newborn Seat for my first son when he was three months old. He is now two and a half and still uses the seat. I have also purchased one for my second child, now six months. The chair looks lovely, was easy to assemble and has a really nice variety of cushions and accessories. The older chair is still in beautiful condition with no wear and tear.

I encourage you to question the value of the Newborn seat and to consider your needs and timing of purchase. My first son was very active wanted to sit up at five months, meaning we only got two months use from it as I brought it too late. I kept it for my second child and used it from 2 weeks until 6 months- he is now in the baby seat. In theory, the idea of being able to bring your baby to the table whilst you eat is lovely, if you are able to get full use out of it. The cost of this attachment is expensive at over $200 in comparison to around $300 for the chair. It is well worth the money if you buy and use early, or have another small child to attend to at the table. Re sale value of the newborn seat was good- I kept in immaculate condition and got $75 on ebay for it.
Looks great, nice range of colours, easy to assemble, can transition throughout the years.
Newborn seat is expensive for 2-3 months use.


Tried a few different high chairs before trading them in and buying a Tripp Trapp. When second baby arrived, didn't fool around with any others, straight back to buy another with the baby attachments. Years later, they're still going strong. The first one has graduated from the dining table to become a desk chair for an 8yo.
Low maintenance, easy to clean, looks attractive, sensible and useful accessories. Think of it as a long-term investment, you won't be sorry.
Easy to clean, looks like a piece of furniture (rather than a clunky, gimmicky baby product)

Unsafe, Overrated and Overpriced

This chair costs so much money and is nowhere near as practical as the cheap high chair I bought at ikea. It's heavy and difficult to move around, has no tray attachment, and is also very unsafe. My tiny son is able to push himself away from the table with his feet every time and on a couple of occasions, would have toppled the whole thing if I hadn't been there to catch him. I'm uneasy every time he sits in it. There is also a plastic tray that suctions to the table, but he always slides it around. I spend mealtimes in this chair pushing him back to the table and putting the tray back in place. Also seems a waste when he'll be able to sit at a normal chair in a few years. I get the philosophy of sitting at the table with the family, but my son does this in his normal high hair too.
Many would prefer the look of this chair as it's made of timber.
Unsafe, annoying to use, too expensive.

Absolutely love it!!

With 3 kids under school age meal time is feeding time at the zoo but these help keep all the mess in one place and no filthy plastic traditional high chairs with a million and one crevasses to hide food in. I actually have 6 cushions and rotate them approx twice a week my older two obviously last longer I think they just add some comfort these are expensive to buy new but one of mine is 12 years old and looks very similar condition to our 4 year old one so

if looked after will serve the test of time very well my youngest is long and lean so once you get the knack of it he slides in and out easily of the baby set (most recent baby set) dont know how you'd go with a kid with chubby legs though, the adjustability of this high chair is amazing for my 8month, 2 & 4 year olds to keep thrm all happy at once!

I really recommend looking around price wise or look second hand I got two of mine for $50 each with the older baby rail
Ability to fit at table, look style, can buy any piece as a spare part great customer service

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone used the Tripp trapp with a table height more than 76cm as recommended in the product information? Our table is 78cm abs I was wondering if this chair would still work with this table height?
1 answer
I'm not 100% sure of the maximum table height for tripptrapp but I know that you are able to adjust the seat level depending on your child's (and I'm assuming the table, too) height. Like for example when I first bought the tripp trapp, we had inserted the seat on the fourth slot (from the top). There are still 3 slots above which means that I could still adjust the seat higher but it's probably worthwhile to check it out at the stores yourself just in case. Hope this helps :)

Do you need to buy the baby seat? My daughter is nearly fifteen months but is small?
3 answers
Yes I think so. The built-in harness keeps slipping off my daughter's shoulder and I rely on the baby seat as well. But note that with the baby seat, it makes it harder to put on the harnessI didn't and I started using it when my daughter turned 1. She's considered as one of the smaller babies too but I had no problems in using it without the baby seat. And recently, I had guests over and they have a child who's 7 months and sat on the same chair without the baby seat. Just be sure to keep a constant lookout on your child and ensure the harness is on at all times.I wouldn't buy it and our babies started using the Tripp Trapp from a very early age. They weren't left unattended, of course.

Hi, I was wondering if any one has the white colour one, and if it's easy to stain / clean?
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Hi, I bought the white one and yes, it does get dirty from time to time but nothing like a good scrub can't fix so far. But because it's white, it is pretty obvious when the chair is dirty. What I'd suggest is to consistently clean the chair so you'll have no problems with it.


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