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Ikea Antilop

Ikea Antilop

4.5 from 244 reviews

Excellent affordable highchair

This chair is a must in any household with a bub. Brilliantly cheap, easy to clean and you can even pull it apart and take with you if needed. Useful for more than just feeding, but also other activities if needed. And they sell on later. Also perfect for the grandparents house.

Purchased in January 2016 at IKEA QLD, Logan.

Great high chair

Best thing about this chair is it is so easy to clean, which you need to do 5 times a day so it’s important! Probably not the most comfortable chair but has lasted two kids and the first sat in it two years without complaint. Easy to take apart to take on holiday/friends houses.

Purchased in March 2015 at IKEA NSW, Tempe for $30.00.

Unbeatable Value

This highchair is fantastic value at $30.00. Had one for my eldest years ago and it outlasted the $200 Graco chair! This time around I went straight to Ikea, the design is so basic and chair so sturdy I will easily be able to pass it along to someone else once it is outgrown. Being able to take it outside and hose it down is a bonus...

Purchased in March 2018 at IKEA NSW, Marsden Park for $30.00.

Love this chair!

I bought this on a friends recommendation and absolutely love it. The tray has become a little difficult to get on and off over time.
Super easy to clean and wipe down after each use.

Purchased in September 2018 at IKEA for $25.00.

Perfect HighChair! All you need.

Ok so when I got pregnant all I wanted was a flashy padded highchair with all the bells and whistles. But I was gifted this high chair for my baby shower and I am so glad I was. It is so easy to clean, safe and very affordable. The inflatable cushion is also worth purchasing too, great for smaller bubs and easy to wash!


This highchair is a terrible product. I regret buying it. The plastic chair hurts the baby so much. It topples very easily and is so hard to take the tray off. I just don't see how it can pass safety standards. Cheap and nasty. Ikea has never been that good anyway.

Good product

So glad Ikea came up with this product. Don't understand why others sell it so expensively. It is easy to use and durable and easy to clean. My daughter has out grown it now but younger brother will start using it soon. So worth it! Even the restaurants use them.

Perfect for Baby Led Weaning

So glad I did not purchase any of those expensive baby high chairs as this one is perfect. Easy to clean for BLW, durable and no fuss. It's also the same high chair that restaurants use so my child is used to being in them when we're out. I also attached a food catcher to the chair so I can pretty much bring it anywhere around the house.


Perfect chair
Bought much more expensive chair that I never used
This chair is amazing as so easy to clean and kids loooove it
The strap is easy to clip and unclog. The tray is easy to take off and put back on.
Very easy to pack and unpack can take each leg off and store if required.


no mess, easy to clean, no damage, used for 3 yrs in a row.

saved money but got the service! Very good product for bub as it wears out after a yr anyway and bub grew out of it.

the cushion is changeable as well. Definitely would recommend it for general use.

Perfect product

This may the perfect high chair. Dirt cheap, unbreakable and easy to Clean. Dont buy a fancy chair just get this. The expensive chairs always put your child at awkward angles with a slight recline, this chair however is a perfect marriage of convenience form and function. You can't go wrong.

Wash it in the dishwasher!

Yep, it fits in the dishwasher as well. Tray in the top shelf, seat in the bottom. Easy to clean, simple to use, portable & cheap. Can't beat it! The insert is great for small babies. I also have a Phil and Ted's lobster which is great for attaching to a kitchen bench but such a pain to clean.

Great value for money chair

Bought this highchair for $30 from IKEA, was the cheapest one that I could find new, but definitely haven't complained. Kids love it, as it's comfortable to sit in and easy to put them in and take them out. Can strap them in and safety wise also no problems. Great value for money!

Small and simple

After looking around at other high chairs that were expensive, bulky and ugly, I decided to get the Ikea high chair as at $25 it was pretty low risk. So glad I did. We have a really small house do its great to have something small that can just sit out of the way when we're not using it. I recommended you also buy the cushion insert though ($9) for smaller babies. Our child is 7 months old.
I really wanted the blue chair but Ikea doesn't ever seem to have them, so we had to get white. I was concerned the white plastic would get stained but so far that hasn't happened. The only con would be that once we put the tray on, we haven't been able to get it off again. I'm also not sure when he will be too big for this chair.

Need feet support

Overall it is simple to use and easy to clean. The only problem is my baby has to hold up her legs to put her feet on the seat. It was ok when she was smaller but has become too squashy. She stopped using it around 1.5 yo. It would be nice if there was mechanism to turn it into a booster seat.

simple but the best

Great high chair. My child is 8 months and love to sit in this High Chair. Easy to clean and put together. good for storage as legs come off. if you have a messy eater you could always hose down the chair also. i have used more expensive high chairs and they dont compare to this simple design.

Literally the best

This high chair is so easy to clean! It's inexpensive and using the infant insert it has grown with our baby. I have found that it is light enough for a bigger baby while still being sturdy and safe yet it doesn't take up too much space in our house.

Easily the best high chair out

I don't have kids, but regularly look after my two nephews, so we needed a high chair for the littlest one. My sister had one of these at her house, so I bought a second one - so cheap! Seriously there's no need to buy anything else. Simple as, as expensive (or not) as it needs to be, and easily packs into a corner if we haven't got the kids for a while.

Simple. The best.

Excellent. Easy to clean. removing food etc. A breeze. Feeding got so out of control baby and the high chair went into the shower lol
To be critical the legs are wide if you are cramped for space around dinner table. Tip: tie chew toys and other stuff with string under the lid to save you picking things up off the floor.

Amazing, have recommended to everyone

Bought this high chair upon reviews from other moms. Have to agree best item i have purchased since having a baby, cheap, easy to clean, transportable and blow up insert makes it very interchangable between babies when i have friends over who also have babies feeding. Have purchased multiple for soon to be parents, to keep at other family members houses for babysitting and i recommend to everyone who asks.

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Questions & Answers

Does it mention to what weight the high chair can hold?
1 answer
Sorry, not sure on that

Has anyone had an issue where a child pushed off from the kitchen table and fell over?
2 answers
Hi Jessica, This never happened to me and I would think they would need to be pretty strong to be able to do that. If you are worried I would suggest using the tray table that fits on. Hope this helps, CAI would think it would be extremely unlikely due to the angle of the legs but as with all highchairs, probably not impossible. All highchairs of standard state in there guidelines to keep 1metre from benches etc and use with supervision.

Isn't the safety strap only there to stop your child from standing up? I don't think it matters whether it is 2 point or 5 point and would like to know whether this is genuinely an issue or something people just get on their high horse about without really thinking about it?
2 answers
Mine can get out of a two pointed strap whereas a three or five point she can't. It is a safety issue if they stand up and fallOK fair enough I understand it is a safety issue if they get up, just couldn't see how they could if they are strapped down to the bottom of the seat. I just bought the Aldi version which looks identical except it has a 2 point strap. Ikea is so hard to get to for me! Perhaps it is worth the journey to get the better harness for the same price. I need one of the cushions anyway.


Ikea Antilop
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Release dateFeb 2007

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