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Phil & Teds Vibe

Phil & Teds Vibe

2.9 from 80 reviews

Great looking pram.

Have had quite a few comments about how good the pram looks, which is true! The silver frame scratches easily though and it's annoying that the handles touch the ground when opening and closing. It's very easy to steer & I love the brake on the handle, so much easier than the old kick brakes. Overall I'd buy this pram again.

Double KitYes

Very good. Easy to use

This pram is easy to use. Easy to push it and steer with one hand. Brakes are very very good on it. Its a bit fiddly trying to fold up with the second seat attached. Otherwise easy to fold with just the one seat. Wheels are very smooth. My baby loves it and so do we.

Double KitYes

Tyres keep wearing out and expensive to replace

The Tyres wear out too quickly and too expensive at $60 EACH to replace when there is 3 wheels at least to a pram - to keep replacing.
No warranty on tyres either so customer service tells me.
Very bulky to fold down to put in boot - could be smaller.

Double KitYes

I do love it but have had problems.

Brought this have had it a few weeks was second hand. I'm in love with the actual stroller itself easy to push easy to run with. BUT after two days of having it the pin in my front wheel bust had to take it to be fixed. THEN the second seat clip broke so I've had to unscrew and screw on the seat every time I want to use it. My left wheel also squeeks. But all in all as a single stroller when second seat is not needed it's brilliant.

Double KitYes

I could not hate this pram more.

I bought this pram and the second seat brand new about fifteen months ago. It cost me nearly a thousand dollars, which I thought would be worth it for a double that folds in one piece. Every single time I get it out I tell someone how much I truly hate it. It is very difficult to fold with the second seat attached so its entire purpose for us was wasted. The sun hood does not adequately cover the child. I wrote Phil and Teds immediately about this and all they could do is say I could buy additional accessories. Unacceptable. A pram hood should adequately cover the child and this one needs one more 'fold' in it. My baby was always getting crushed underneath in the newborn section, they sent us pics of how to set this up correctly but it looked the same as we had it and we never worked out how to remedy this so had to use a different pram until he grew big enough for the second seat. The hood keeps coming off when we fold it and due to this when packed separetely in the car once one of the clips snapped and broke, so resale of this would be an issue, not that I'd feel good reselling this to anyone. With the second seat on there is no chance of storage underneath. The two zips on the side continually catch and get stuck. So often we have woken up a sleeping child whilst trying to fiddle with these zips. We have had three prams and this is the most expensive and the worst. I would suggest staying well away from phil and teds. I should have fought for a refund before the first year was up but have had a very rough year and time just passed with too many other priorities before I got a chance. Do not waste your money on this pram.

Double KitYes

Great stroller, horrible tires

I've had the pram for 6 months and I had to put the 2nd set of new tires on already because they wear out ridiculously fast.
The stroller is really easy to use and really good for 2 kids, but the money you spend on new tires, you can better use to buy a different stroller.
Customer service doesn't seem to care and plays it down to "wear and tear from the products".
I really wish I'd believed the other reviews about the tires.

Double KitYes

Wanted to love the vibe

Vibe review

I wanted so badly to love this stroller. My neighbors have an older P&T inline, and two of my good friends have older models as well maybe (navigators or explorers?). Their only complaint is universally that the tires pop frequently and occasionally one child doesn't want to sit in the back. That's not so bad considering the use our strollers get in the city. They're our life-line; how we grocery shop, get to school, classes...essentially our SUV.

Love the concept of the vibe. It's a beautiful stroller. Convenient size. Definitely prefer an inline stroller for our urban life and this stroller looks great and feels nice initially. It folds fairly compact for a double as well although I still struggle with it as it is cumbersome and I have to fold and unfold atleast daily, occasionally more.

Customer service at P&T has been wonderful - Can't be beat. All that being said, this stroller sucks. I'm on my second vibe. My first one was replaced because after a couple months I got my first flat. Two days after I had the wheel replaced the wheels started sticking and pulling...and it became so incredibly heavy...Then my tire popped again. Sounds like no big deal until your stranded a mile from home with two kids and a giant stroller that won't push. I had the wheel replaced again but the stroller remained insanely difficult to push. My husband worked for a juvenile product company in product development and understands strollers well - He was floored by how tough the vibe became to push. Said it was clearly a defect. P&T kindly shipped us a replacement thinking that perhaps the alignment was off. We always had problems attaching the double kit so it seemed a plausible explanation. Second vibe arrived and felt great. Double kit attached easier. A drastic improvement over the first. After a few weeks we got stuck in a rainstorm and the next day my tires started sticking. I'm not sure if it's related to the rain the day before or not. We did get pretty wet. I got stuck in the middle of the road just after leaving the curb. The front wheel just wouldn't straighten. Id straighten it by hand and as soon as I went to push again it would try and swivel to the side and just get stuck there. I was panicking because I was in the road with two kids. A pedestrian helped me carry it up the curb and after some fussing it started moving again. The next day I got stuck on the platform entering a market, blocking the exit. Again a pedestrian helped me. So embarrassing. Then today I was 2.5miles from home with my two boys, one is 2, the other is 5mos. The stroller just froze up. The front wheel and one of the side wheels. I had several people trying to help me as the baby screamed and the 2yo chatted away through the confusion. Nothing we were doing would get the stroller to move. I called P&T but because I'm EST and it was 10am here I couldn't reach anyone. I sent a frantic email and then eventually had strangers holding my children, center city Philadelphia while I removed the wheels and replaced them. That seemed to do the trick.

So from my experience do not waste your time on this stroller. I'm ready to put mine in the dumpster but first have to find a replacement because I'm home bound without one. Buy an older P&T model or wait until the glitches in this one get worked out. I think P&T is a great company but something is seriously wrong with this stroller. Maybe it's not built for daily use or maybe can't handle the stress of being opened and closed daily??? I simply don't know but It clearly doesn't work for us.

Double KitYes


I liked the look of this pram and the fact that it was lightweight as I live in a hilly area. My newborn didn't like being underneath in the dark at all and I knew my toddler wouldn't like not having a clear view. My worst issue was replacing tyres every 6 weeks as they were such bad quality, it was costing $90 each time!! Tyres should last years and years but mine were wearing down every few km's!! They are not a normal size so you can only buy them from Phil & TEds at an expensive price - a scam I think. It also felt heavy to steer even with no kids in it! Wouldn't recommend this brand at all.

Great pram

I love the Phil and Teds Vibe. I initially had the Phil and Teds Sport but it had a lot of problems with folding and stiff brakes. The Vibe is very easy to fold, no part of the pram touches the ground other than the wheels so there is no wear to the handlebar or fabric. It can also be folded with the second seat attached which is very practical. The shade visor is adjustable so baby can always be shaded. The break is a simple one touch system, no need for shoes or bending. Comfortable padded seats. All the attachments are easy to clip on or off, better system than on Sport model. Only down side, front wheel wobbles when going fast or when pram is empty; didn't bother me as I only walk with the pram.
Easy folding, simple brake system, comfortable, versatile
Front wheel wobbles when going fast or pram is empty

Pretty poor handling

We bought this pram for the 2 seater option, after having the mountain buggy swift which we absolutely loved, we wanted a similar style (aka three wheeler, air filled tyres and not a side by side double). After reading reviews on this site I was unsure whether we should really go for this option, as many friends recommended the city jogger double (was unfortunately out of our price range, even second hand!) Take this review with a grain of salt as it was bought second hand, mind you in excellent condition, and according to previous owners they hadn't had it for long.
Ours tends to veer to the right
It's hard to get up curbs - almost impossible with two kid's weight in it which isn't very convenient!
Difficult on grass with the two kids too.
I agree with some of the other reviews, there are times you hit the brakes because it is on the handles and stops you short fast (at least the brakes work well!) but I find the brakes on the top more convenient than the foot brake style.
The basket is quite big, however we haven't used it yet with the second child at the back/bottom (it's pretty clear you won't get much room then!) Although it's fairly big, it's almost impossible to get to when the newborn is in and the seat is dropped all the way back, (you have to squat and push up your newborn from the bottom to get things out - if you're holding your newborn - good luck!
We found the seat when it sits on the top for the toddler a bit short (shoulders) - she isn't tall (she is 2 and 9 months) but her shoulders are over the top of the seat. It is also quite reclined which she finds annoying - but she's gotten used to it now.
When we use it as a single pram it's pretty good as the main seat is really comfy and spacious. it is a bit fiddly to drop up and down (compared to the mountain buggy) but it's tolerable.
I'm not sure I would recommend this pram, I just wish mountain buggy did a compact double!!!
Compact and fits 2 children, roomy main seat
Poor handling, hard to get up and down curbs, seat up top seems small for toddler

Double KitYes

well engineered

I've been using this stroller for my twins for over a year now, and it has been perfect. It's pretty stylish for a stroller, but the most amazing feature is the fold. It folds down really compactly, with the second seat attached. This is great for us as we drive most places and have a fairly small car. With twins, you need double the gear, so the more room the stroller doesn't take up, the better!

Love the canopy, which is not attached at the back so can be adjusted forward if the sun's low. I also love the brake, which is a small button on the handle bar - really easy to put on and off. I'm not a fan of foot brakes as I wear flip flops a lot.

Overall, the Vibe is a fantastic stroller, totally stylish and functional.
Reliable, compact fold, stylish, quality materials, adjustable canopy, handbrake, comfy seat liners
Wish it could take 2 car seats at once

Double KitYes


My wife and I have 2 kids a 4 year old and a 13 month old. having the ability to push both kids in one stroller is fantastic. the seat size is also great as my 4 year old fits in it great and still has room to grow, but the buggy is not that big over all. great use of space.

the other great thing is the quick adjustable seat belts, so if we just have the little one we can adjust the bigger seat to fit her in a few seconds.

it is very smooth to push and looks pretty cool with the graffiti seats.
The room for bigger kids
harder to fit in smaller cars

Big robust buggy

My partner and I inherited this buggy from my sister.

It is 4 years old and still pushes around fine.

Apparently it has been repaired (the front wheel tightened), we have had no problems with it so far.
The brake on the handle is really handy and we like how it folds up to just about nothing - compared to its physical size.
Big wheels make it easy for us to go anywhere and it is really easy to push up over rough terrain and up kerbs and things like that.

We only use it for one baby, so there is tonnes of room for storage underneath. My wife likes that the most because she can take all of babys stuff and all of her shopping that she may have been doing that day.

She made me say that.

Overall, I would recommend this buggy to anyone that has kids.
all terrain, handle brake
a little heavy

Not to happy

I bought this pram based on reputation of the company as the first prams they released were excellent quality. This pram has many faults. Hood falls off . Wheels are poor quality and wear out easily. Little bits fall off. Including the back wheel. This is extremely dangerous! As it happened to me while crossing the rd. would not recommend this poor quality product!
It looks quite nice.

Love this pram

Easily takes two children and for a long period. Comfortable and a fantastic break. The best break i've used on a pram. Lightweight considering its size. Easy to maneuver. Stylish and great of all terrain.
My kids were really tall and they fit in the pram well.
The washable seat inserts are fantastic wearing as well.
All round really happy.
Light weight, easy to fold, takes two children easily

Fantastic all round option for a double pram

After reading some of the reviews on this page I was a little apprehensive about purchasing this pram, however I still liked the look of them and as my current pram, a mountain buggy swift had no option for a toddler seat and I had trialed a friend's Strider Plus (which I found way too bulky and the wheels not good enough for taking on all terrain), I felt that the Phil & Ted's Vibe was worth a try. I managed to pick mine up second hand (2010) and have found it to be fantastic. It is light, folds easily and is so versatile. It is easy to push my toddler (2.5) and my 3 month old around in, whether on the road, in shopping centres or out and about in the park. I walk everyday with the pram and my two dogs in tow and have no problem, I am often steering one handed as it is so easy to do. I can't believe the negative reviews on this site as this pram has provided everything I need and more. Sure the toddler seat only reclines slightly but my youngest has always looked comfortable and slept well in the seat. My eldest loves the larger seat at the front, he is very tall for his age but says the seat is comfy and loves hopping in the pram. There is not alot of space under the seat for a nappy bag as my youngest grows but I didnt feel that it was worth that much that I needed a bulky pram. I love the hand brake, so easy to use and the sunhood is fantastic. The seat inserts are great and easy to wash and keep clean. I love the pneumatic tyres too, they provide a smoother ride for the kids. All in all I dont think there is a perfect solution when you are after a pram for two children, however this is definitley a fantastic option in terms of practicality and functionality.
Easy to steer, manouvres well on all terrain, light, compact for a double, great sunhood, stylish look, comfortable seats
Not as stable as a four wheeler but this wasn't a huge issue, Not a lot of shopping bag space

Double KitYes

Terrible Pram!!!!

We bought the vibe after our third child was born. A few months later the front wheel buckled. The whole pram was replaced. Next after a further year the suspension went and the frame was replaced!! Then recently the whole frame collapsed!! With the baby in it!! Don't buy waste of money and Dangerous!! Very unhappy!

Wow. It must have been a dud, as I have never had trouble with min, and have had it for 3 years, and used nearly every day with two kids in it. I think it is an awesome pram, and recommend it wholeheartedly!The front wheel gets stuck all the time! My hubby suggested we put oil and it worked! Only trouble is the size and weight. I am 5'1" and it takes too much space in the elevator. It's not a city stroller. Recommended for joggers, though. Oh, and it's a pain to unfold/fold! The two models are the "Sports v2" and "Vibe". Independent testing has found the strollers failed to meet mandatory safety requirements.

Great for two

Fantastic pram if u have two little ones. I bought the vibe second hand on eBay last October and only paid half the price of a new one. It was excellent because I could still use it with my 4 year old and my 8 months old at the time. Light weight and very easy to fold and transport. We bought it in qld and transported it back to sa without any hassle on the airlines. I only use it as a single pram now as my oldest walks everywhere now. Still using it for my 15 month old so I don't lose out on using it.

April 21st, 2017 Update: Loved this double pram

I owned a Phil and reds vibe red double pram for 3 years. It was awesome, was to push and use even was to fold up. I would recommend it for any mums that have two little children aged under 4.
Easy to transport
Brake shouldn't be on top of handle bar as I tend to put it on accidentally

1 comment
Waste of money. This stroller is Very difficult to steer. When front wheel is set to oscillate it jerks from side to side sending you in a constant loop. When the wheel is set to the fixed position it pulls to the right. I find myself popping the front wheel and manuerving on the back wheels to have control.

This was great! Glad I got it.

I purchased this pram when it was first released. I used it for two kids and found it to be a great pram to use. My kids slept in the pram comfortably. The seat is wide and the accessories (cocoon) that you can purchase for the vibe were good quality. The brake on the handle were good too.
Kids were happy in this pram. Good quality material.
Expensive, toddler seat attachment is quite small so if the kids are not close in age they wont be able to travel in it together.

Good solid stroller

Has won awards and is made of great materials. Was a little big when baby was newborn but there is an "added extra" that you can buy to alleviate this problem. Is easy to use and doesn't take long to get used to folding it up or down but it is a bit heavy to lift into the car. This will last us from birth to at least 3 or 4, plenty of room for growth. The sunshade is really good so is the storm cover, which you purchase separately. I purchased the conversion system so you can put the baby capsule in it, but never used it. The bag for air travel is great and that fact that the wheels can be removed and it used as a trundle bag is brilliant. The thing i've found with this pram is it can do just about everything but you need to buy it all separately. Generally easy to manoeuvre.
Easy to use, great "add on extras".
Heavy and a little wide.

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Questions & Answers

The gap where the stroller folds keeps opening up up a little when not folded every time I push on the stroller. I'm scared it will pinch my daughter's arm. Any help?
1 answer
Do you push the two large black clips/plastic flaps on the sides down to lock the frame into place?

Would you put the newborn in the second seat or main? Just querying as I tried my 2-year-old in the second seat on his own and the pram tipped just don't think my 10wo is heavy enough to balance the weight.
1 answer
The heavier child is meant to be in front but I never had the problem of it tipping over with this model. With an older model I did see this happen before. You can definitely put the heavier child in the bottom/back seat when using a car seat snapped upfront without any tipping issues. After a year with this stroller I have a love hate relationship with it. I absolutely love how compact and easy it is in the city. Everything is built well. My only complaint is that if it's wet outside my front wheel sticks and requires lubricant and if I'm not on top of that after every wet day I get stuck in awkward places. I suggest buying silicon lube and stashing it below. Good luck.

Can I ask, how much for this twin stoller?
2 answers
I paid about $900 AUD with second seat when this new model came out just over 1 year agoAround 1,000USD with the double kit.


Seating Type Tandem
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar and Height-Adjustable Handle
Wheel MaterialInflatable
Weight14.2 kg
Folded Dimensions31 x 65 x 86 cm

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