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Philips Series 9000 SensoTouch

Philips Series 9000 SensoTouch

S9111/12, S9111/26, S9161/31, S9161/41, S9211/12 and 10 more
2.0 from 101 reviews

Cut-throat quality shave (close as a razor), amazing cleaning system, best product I’ve ever used

Used every second day and like-new every time thanks to SmartClean
Shaving gives result on par with best razor you could get
Cleaning system is amazing, works well, spotless results
Convenient for travel

Shaver burn/skin irritation will ONLY occur (as with ANY electric shaver) if you have not used an electric shaver for a year or so - to prevent this, for the first week of using ANY electric shaver, apply a quality face moisturiser after shaving - just for first week while your skin adjust to electric shavers, compared to a razor. This IS NOT a flaw of this product, but rather a consequence of changing from a razor to electric shaver. That said, this shaver has the least irritation anyway

Only question is - does the cleaning liquid become mixed with the hair from shaver? That is, after shaver used and placed in cleaner...the next time I use it will it squirt fluid that has loose hair on it, onto the shaver? How does the system prevent this? Is there a filter?

Haven’t noticed anything like that and could not have higher review! Just curious how it does this!

Purchased in May 2019 at Shaver Shop Online store for $299.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Causes Irritation No
Razor BurnNo
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Dry Shave
Battery Life
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Hi there, Alex, Thanks for sharing this with us, this is very helpful. We're happy reading that you're a fan of this product. It's correct that skin irritation often occurs in the first couple of weeks after the first use. As your skin still needs to adapt to a new shaving method. :) Shaving gel or foam can help to prevent this. Regarding your question: it's possible that some hairs will end up in the cartridge. We would recommend to rinse the shaving head under the tap first, so get rid of most of the hairs. After that you can put it upside down in the smartclean system for a more thorough cleaning cycle (lubricating etc.). But it's probably difficult to prevent hairs from getting into the cartridge. :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia team

to buy Phillips or not to buy

Have owned 3 phillips shavers over 40 years and find the replacement cost of the shaver head disgustingly expensive. My shaver has stopped charging and I am faced with buying a replacement shaver. I am concerned with the reviews i read here. Most are very negative. I also have a Braun which is 30years old and still going strong but I find the phillips a more comfortable shaver on my face.

Purchased in March 1989.

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Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience with us. We're sorry to hear your shaver has stopped charging. You can find some possible causes for that right here: https://www.philips.com.au/c-f/XC000004507/my-philips-shaver-is-not-charging. We'd also be happy to look into it further for you. Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter (@PhilipsCare) for further assistance. Alternatively, you can contact our support team by phone on: 1300 363 391. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

The worst shaver ever

I have been using a Philips shaver for the last 50 + years and this S9000 series is the worst, most expensive shaver ever. It does not do anything except leaving a lot to be shaved.
So don't waste your $500.00 on such a shaver and go for a cheaper one like I did in series 5000

Purchased in January 2019 for $499.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Causes Irritation Yes
Razor BurnYes
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Dry Shave
Battery Life
Hi there, Thanks for sharing your experience with the S9000 series. We're sorry to hear that it didn't live up to the quality of Philips shavers you've been used to for most of your life. We'd very much like to see if we can try to find a solution for you, and therefore would like to ask you to contact us on 1300 363 391 (AU) or on 0800 658 224 (NZ). Hopefully we'll be able to set this straight for you. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamHi thanks for your comment and I have already found an S5000 series shaver which is a much better shave than the S9000 shaver and I already mention it on this site plus at $140.00 is miles more affordableHi there, Good to hear that you found the shaver that fits you best - you're always welcome to contact us by phone or on social media should you have any other questions. Thank you! Kind Regards, The Philips Australia Team

The best shaver so far and great customer service

I have purchased this shaver a little more than a year ago. It shaves very close and doesn't cause any irritation. Wet or dry shaving - irrespectable. I tend not to shave as often during weekends and holidays so sometimes it has to battle up to 5 day old beard. Still I feel that it does the job exceptionally well. Battery life is enough to get me through two weeks (I shave every other day).

Now the best part - customer service. My cleaning station have started to leak. I have reached out to customer service and they have offered to sent new one. Have received it and it works perfectly.
Very happy customer overal. This is my third Phillips shaver and I will remain loyal customer.

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Hi Marko, thanks so much for sharing your experiences with the shaver here. It's great to hear you've been happy with both the performance of the shaver and our Customer Care team! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Worst excuse for a shaver EVER!

I have used Phillips Shavers for 40 years and I was sold on the quality. Bought them for my son's as teenagers. Need a shaver get a Phillips, too easy. Well couldn't get new heads for my old shaver so went to shaver shop about a year ago and they sold me a cheaper model of the 9000 (without the bath). It would fall apart in my hands daily and I would search for the head pieces on the floor!Those orange plastic retainer clips were useless. After 2 weeks returned to Shaver Shop and luck was in, the Area Manager was in store. Despite my receipt she accused me of buying it on the net and dismissed me. Wife stepped in, sent me back and the lovely assistant, sucker that I am, replaced it with the S9551/31 and I paid the upgrade difference. I can report it is the same piece of junk, it falls apart frequently and does the worst shave ever. It feels and acts like a cheap piece of junk. Sorry I am never buying another Phillips Shaver and am never going to the Shaver Shop again.

Hi Alex, Thank you for your taking the time to share this experience. It's most certainly unfortunate to read about this. Seeing Philips shavers have been part of your life for such a long time. Please know that we'd like to see how we can improve on your latest experience with our shavers. Therefore we'd like to ask to get in touch with us on 1300 363 391 (AU) or on 0800 224 658 (NZ). We hope that a cause and most of all a solution could be found this way. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamThank you for your reply I will get in touch

Closest Electric Shave Ever

I've owned Braun and Panasonic foil wet/dry shavers over the past 30-odd years. For the past 8 years I've used a Philips Powertouch shaver, which always gave a very comfortable shave, but not particularly close. I usually had to finish off with a disposable razor and could always shave off more with it.

I upgraded to this 9211/13 two months ago and what a difference! Just as comfortable as my old Powertouch (no nicks, grazes or rash), but it's as close as a blade. After a bit of practice, when I went to finish off with the disposable razor I couldn't get any closer. It's quick too - it powers through the old-growth forest that is my 3-day stubble without slowing down and the pivoting mechanisms mean that the whole head is always in contact with your skin.

You can't use this shaver when it's plugged in (not a good idea when it's wet anyway), but a 5 minute charge from flat will give you enough juice for one shave. Full charge lasts me over a week, so I don't to take the charger with me unless I'm traveling for longer. It has a handy 'lock' feature to prevent it accidentally starting while in your luggage.

Those who have given negative reviews of the 9000 series shavers might not be following Philips' instructions: Use light pressure and move the shaver in a circular motion. Note that it's going to take about 2 weeks of daily shaving for your skin to settle in to a rotary shaver if you haven't used one before. I always use it wet - no real need for shaving foam or other 'product' - I just wet my face and the shaver head and keep them wet. It's a lot smoother and you don't get any dry whiskers flying anywhere. Pop the head off and rinse under the tap, shake dry and you're done (no need to splash out on a model with a cleaning station).

You can use a bit more pressure and move against the grain in trickier areas, such as right under your nose, but don't start out trying to use this like a foil shaver. I considered going back to a foil shaver for a closer shave, but what put me off at the time was the noise. Philips shavers are whisper quiet, especially when compared to the buzz-saw effect of the Panasonic linear motor. Now that I have an electric shave that's closer than any foil shaver I owned I'm never going back.

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Hi there, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with our 9000 Series Shaver. We truly appreciate it. It sounds like you use it exactly as intended, so we're very happy to hear it's been giving you the results we aim for. If you ever have any questions or remarks for us, please don't hesitate to get in contact. We're available on both Facebook and Twitter (@PhilipsCare) 24/7 to assist. :-) Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

So Far So Good

Bought the Philips 9111-12 electric shaver (discontinued model) at a reasonable price and was hoping it would not be a dud. well, to my surprise, this little guy does a great job for my short but stubbornly strong beard. The charge is really fast. It sits well in my hand and it is easily transferred from left to right hand for easy shaving. Cleaning is a breeze. For me, (might be different for others) wet seems to work better (I use a foam). Only con - it has no stand, so I let it dry after I clean it with water and after it is dry I place it in my drawer. Overall, if it lasts the 2-year warranty or more I got more than my monies worth.

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Hi JNodar, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the S9111/12 shaver. It's good to hear that you're happy with the device's performance and charging speed and that you find it so easy to clean. We hope that you'll enjoy the shaver for many years to come. Have a wonderful week! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Too expensive, not good value

Blades go blunt too quickly, I only shave every 2nd day and still the blades are almost useless after 6 months.
It’s a pity because recommended blade change is every 2 years??? Blade replacements are far too expensive!
I gave up and bought a Braun

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Hi there, Timo. Thanks for sharing the valuable feedback and sorry to hear the product didn't meet up to your expectations. If you feel like discussing this further, please send us a message on Facebook or Twitter@philipscare Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Expensive replacement shaver heads.

The Philips 9000 shaver gives a reasonably close and quick shave. Cleaning is easy. The shaver heads last 1 – 2 years and then need replacement (otherwise, the blunt shaver heads give a poor shave). The replacement shaver heads are ridiculously expensive, currently costing $89.95 per set. You can get a entry-level Philips shaver for this price. This is price gouging at its worst. The manufacturing cost is probably a few dollars. Would recommend looking at cost of replacement blades when considering your new shaver purchase.

Hi there, Sam. Thank you for taking the time to leave this review with us. We understand you may feel that way about the shaving heads. We appreciate the honesty and will share your feedback with our product team. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.The price of consumables (e.g. new blades) is a serious consideration for many buyers when considering the purchase of a new shaver. I will certainly be looking into this with my next electric shaver purchase.Hi Sam, It's very understandable this is a big part of your decision when picking out a shaver. Within a year, the blades on your shaver cut 4.5 million hairs on your face with normal usage of the shaver. We hope for your understanding why it is important to change them every once in a while. Our stainless steel blades for the 9000 Series have a technique where they gently positions each hair in the best cutting position. They might not be our cheapest blades, but they certainly are our top quality ones. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Worse razor i have ever used

I have used a cheaper phillips razor which cost me around $65. After many faithfull years of great service and pretty good shaves I decided to spead up on a top of the range model razor again from Phillips. A Pillips 9000. The sales person assured me it was a great shaver with multipull cutting angles. So because i was so happy with my old razor, a cheaper Phillips i spent the $300 odd dollars on this razor whick was on special. Worse thing i ever done hardly cuts a nights grow of my face no matter how long i shave for. I'll never buy another phillips again. And you my say did i give it a fair chance. Well is a year and a half a long enough chace. Thumbs down to this crappy Phillips 9000 razor.

Hi there, Thanks for leaving an honest review on our 9000 series. We're sad to see it wasn't able to impress, so we'd like to recommend reaching out to our consumer care colleagues on 1300 363 391 (AU) or 0800 658 224 (NZ). Of course, the shaver should shave well, and our colleagues are always happy to see how we can get your shaving results back up to where they should be. In any case, thanks again and we'd like to wish you a great day for now. Kind regards, The Philips Australia team.Thanks i will ring customer service, and see what they have to say.Well i have to say thumbs up to Phillips. They seen i was unsatisfied and customer service helped me sort things out. They sent a new type of blade to try out in my razor. works great now. I love it so much. Thanks guys

Very Very Poor

Purchased shaver 16 months ago and gives a very, very poor shave.
I have been told by the "Shaver Shop" I need a new head @$89.00 and they only last 2 years. Why was I not told this when I purchased the shaver??? Very expensive shaves when you pay over $300 for shaver.
Will no longer purchase Philips or shop at "The Shaver Shop" again.This is the first time I have been so worked up about a product to complain. I have gone back to my old shaver (Philips) I had for 12 years without any problems, just wearing out .... no head or blade change!!!!

Starts out good but cuts poorly after time

I got my Phillips 9000 for Christmas 2017. My first electric shaver. It cut great for a few months but now after only 6 months it is a struggle to get a close shave.

Hi Moe, Thanks for sharing your experience here with us. Would you be able to elaborate a little on how you usually go about cleaning the unit? Do you ever remove the blades form the cutting head? We'd love to see how we could assist. It's also possible to reach out to our local consumer care colleagues on 1300 363 391 (AU), 0800 658 224(NZ ), or via https://www.philips.com/c-cs/support-country-selector.html. Hopefully we can get you back to shaving properly again soon! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.The unit is new (Christmas 2017) and I have not removed the blades and I have cleaned it in the cleaning unit. The blades appear to be dull after only 6 months use. The cost to replace the blades $80 would buy me a lot of disposable razors. Moe

Good close shave and quiet operation

I have been using Philips shavers for over 40 years and this would be, I’m guessing, my 8th or 9th shaver. Each new shaver gives a closer shave than the previous model and this one is no different. In addition to a smooth shave, this one is much quieter in operation than the previous model, which was a Philips Sensotouch 3D series 9000. I chose the model without the cleaning unit because I had one of those with a previous model (about 2 shavers ago) and it was an unnecessary hassle. With this one I just rinse the blades under the tap after each shave and let them dry on a cloth.
The blades on the previous model opened outward for cleaning; on this model the blades are fixed in the closed position but rinsing out the shaved hair is easy: hold under the tap and shake out the water and whiskers a few times. You do have to remove the entire shaving head from the shaver. The previous model also tended to drop cut whiskers on my shirt during shaving; this latest model does a better job of retaining them.
This model shaver doesn’t include a shaving stand like the previous model. I kept the old one as a holder, however you can’t use it for charging the shaver.
Another difference with this shaver is the trimming tool. It is no longer an integrated part of the shaver, which previously could be activated by sliding up a switch to expose it. Instead, the shaver head has to be removed and replaced with the trimmer head. Although it isn’t as convenient, it does a better job than the previous trimmer and it is positioned better to perform trimming. The better performance outweighs the inconvenience.
Overall, after 2 months of use, I am happy with the performance of this shaver. It provides a closer shave and is much quieter than the earlier model shaver I have been using. It also retains hair clippings better than the previous model.
I don’t like the cleaning units that Philips tries to push with their shavers. They don’t clean any better than a rinse under the tap, they require you to buy cleaning solution, which is overpriced and has to be changed frequently, and the cleaning unit itself is bulky and takes up space on the bathroom sink/vanity unit or your desk or wherever else you charge your shaver. And that is why I opted for this model, which has the same shaving mechanism and blades as the other models but comes without the cleaning unit that costs $100 more plus the ongoing cleaning solution expenses.

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Hey there, Great to see you have taken the time to share your thoughts and opinions here, in an extensive way. We truly appreciate this! It's great to hear you've been a fan of the Philips shavers for quite a while. We hope you'll keep on enjoying them for many years to come, and we wish you all the best! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team


Who ever designed this shaver should be fired! The head constantly pops off! I ended up getting my money back . Bought a different brand. DO NOT BUY THIS MODEL TYPE

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Hi there, We're sorry to hear that the shaver has not worked properly for you. Indeed, the head should not have fallen off every time. We are glad that you found a proper solution now and we appreciate you sharing your feedback with us. Kind Regards, The Philips Australia Team

Worst electric razor I've owned. Gone back to a manual razor after 30 years

I've owned 4 electric razors. My first was a Ronson which I didn't like. Then my first 240v Philishave which was a revelation. I loved it. Then I moved to a cordless model, which was wonderful. When its NiCad battery wore out I bought the then new HQ8894. It was OK, but instead of buying another set of cutting heads, instead I decided to buy the new series 9000 razor. Its terrible. It misses hairs near my nose and sideburns. If I miss a day or two shaving, I need to shave twice and at its best it doesn't shave as well as the one I (regrettably) threw out. I have the head unit issue that others complain about where it has an unpleasant screeching noise.

I've been loyal to Philishave for over 30 years and, in the past recommended them. But at the moment I've stepped back in time to use soap and a blade while I ponder what to do next. But, I regret buying the series 9000.

May 19th 2018 Update: Philishave Series 9000 ve Braun Series 7. Buy the Braun.

I stopped using my Philishave series 9000 because I was unhappy with it and after using Philips shavers for over 35 years the best Philips would do is insult me by telling me I wasn't using it properly. So I went back to using a blade. In the era of self driving cars and robot vacuum cleaners, messing around with soap and sharp blades in the morning is just antiquated. So I bought a Braun series 7 and have been using it for a week. I’ve used a Phishave for over 35 years and it feels a bit like being unfaithful. But the series 9000 is not a good razor and Philips don’t seem to care. I owned the Philisahave 9000 for 12 – 18 months. I’ve been using the Braun for a little over a week. The Braun series 7 is simply better than the Philishave series 9000.
To pick up and hold, the Braun feels like it’s a better weight and more solid. Its a small thing, but you use it every day. It should feel good. The charging / cleaning device is better design than the Philips one and the LCD display on the handle’s base so you see it while its charging is very clever. The power button (unlike the Philips) is sensibly placed. The Philips power button is near your thumb when you grip it and occasionally I press it while shaving and inadvertently turn the razor off. Like the rest of the Philishave it feels plastic lower quality than the Braun.
I still prefer the rotating action of the Philishave heads and I prefer the circular or swirling technique that works best for the Philishave (but it may be 35 years of training in the Philips technique!). The Braun seems to work best if you use it in straight lines, mimicking a blade razor. My Philishave 9000 sounds like a small jet taking off due to some problem with the gearset in the shaving head that Philips won't address. Many others have complained about the same thing. Philips seem to have a design or manufacturing problem they won’t face up to. When the Philishave is not screeching, its quieter and I prefer that sound (and feel) than the vibrating sound and feel of the Braun’s oscillating head.
The Philishave 9000 does not cut as close to sideburns and nose, as either my earlier Philisahves, or the Braun series 7. In fact the Braun series 7 shaves closer to these areas than any of my previous Philishave razors.
The Philishave 9000 (and previous models) always seemed to have trouble with some patches at the base of my neck where the skin dimples a bit either side of the larynx. Once these hairs were missed a few days running, the Philishave would never cut them no matter how hard I tried and I’d end up using the beard trimmer then going back and shaving them later (more on the beard trimmer to come). The Braun handles this area really well.
The Braun series 7 shaves better than the Philishave series 9000. Full stop. I don’t think the Philishave shaves as well as my previous Philishave HQ8XX and it may have been better than the Braun, but its hard to remember. I really regret throwing my old Philishave out after I bought the series 9000.
The Braun series 7 has a pop-up sideburn trimmer! The Philishave series 9000 deletes it. Past philishave models had a pop-up trimmer. Instead for the Series 9000 they expect you to unclip the head and clip on a trimmer that comes standard only with some versions. This is frankly an insult and the afterthought of dealing with it in this way is testament to a flawed design. It never really feels like it clicks in securely.
In conclusion, The Braun series 7 looks and feels higher quality than the Philishave. It has a smarter charge / cleaning station. It has a proper pop-up beard trimmer instead of the separate clip on afterthought that Philips provides. And finally, not only does it shave better (at least at Harvery Norman) its cheaper. There is no good reason to buy the Philishave series 9000.

Hi Doug, Thanks for your review. It's unfortunate to hear that you, as a long time Philips user, have had a less than stellar experience with your latest purchase. We'd like to offer a few tips that might improve your shaving results. Even though you've been shaving with our shavers for a long time, we'd like to emphasize the way you'll get the best results with this specific shaver. - Move slowly in circles with a diameter of approximately 5 cm in order for the blades to approach the hair from every direction. - Don't press down too hard, this will disperse the hairs instead of allowing them to stand up so the blades can catch them. We also advice against using other shaving methods alongside the S9111/26, as your skin might not adjust as well to the blades that way. We do hope this helps a bit, but if it doesn't we'd like to see what we could do to make this shaver work better for you. You could contact us on 1300 363 391 or through social media. Many thanks. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamThis is a patronising, unhelpful response. There is a fair chance I’ve been shaving using Philishave electric razors since before the person that wrote this was born. But the best that Philips can offer in response to a very disappointing product is to say I don’t know how to use it properly! If I could buy either of the two previous models of Philishave razors that I have owned, i’d Happily do that. If there was a new model, I’d probably buy that, despite the completely unsatisfactory performance of this razor. But, I bought the most expensive model of the current range and it is unsatisfactory compared with past models, and the best Philips can offer is that I don’t know how to use it properly. I’ve been using a conventional blade for the last month hoping for a better answer. But water, foam & sharp edges are archaic. I going shopping for another brand of electric razor for the first time in about 35 years. As a previous loyal user of Philishave, I would urge others not to buy Philishave.Hi Doug, we certainly didn't mean to be patronising, and our apologies if it came across that way. We do regret hearing of your experience with our shaver, and unfortunately, we do not have any other tips that we can share with you. If there is anything we can do for you or if you have any follow up questions, please feel free to contact us on the above mentioned number or via Twitter or Facebook. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

My 13 years old Philips with worn out blades is better than this

So I just did my first shave, it took me about 45 minutes and I can swear that my 14 years old shaver that I have been using daily for 4-5 years did a better job for 1/3 of the effort and time.
I have moved to a weekly shaving with a hair cutter for the past 7 years cause I hated the skin irritation, but then i bumped into the series 9000 who promised a smooth shave.

I did not get any smooth shave as it felt like my hair is being ripped out of the skin instead of it being cut, it barely even shaved, I had to fight with the shaver and I still didn't get all the hairs I wanted and had to finish with a razor to remove sole hairs that remained.

Honestly, I paid quite a bit for this razor here in Israel, I could've gotten a non-branded Chinese razor and gotten a better results.

92% success after 45 minutes of shaving as they recommended (circles) and after getting frustrated i tried my method of straight shaving.
I have a thick hair so it should've been easy to shave.

The overall feeling is that the shaver is made out of cheap material, I felt like I'm playing with a toy and when opening to clean it feels like it's going to break.

My hand still hurts caused I circled too much, I had to switch hands.

Honestly, just wish I could have bought the same shaver I've had 14 years ago (and it cost 50% less at the time), so really, seeing where Philips is going with this, I guess i'd invest in Braun tomorrow.

Btw, I'm not an Australian, I just cared enough to comment.

Overall a retrograde step

Not as smooth as the older Philishave 8000 series, but is a wet and dry shaver so a different kettle of fish. Better on long neck hairs but to do sideburns unfortunately you have to change the head. Does a good job as a wet shaver with foam.

Then the whole thing packs up but just out of guarantee and will not take charge at all. Local authorised service centre advised that Philips don't provide spares for this model and they are not designed to be taken apart to replace the lithium battery, but Philips will sell you a new 'body' for the shaver.

'You Tube' proves otherwise. The battery, with some difficulty, can be extracted and changed. Just not for the faint hearted or those without great patience and technical knowledge.

Overall the 9000 is a retrograde step for Philips when they had a world beating product in the 8000 series.

We appreciate you took the time to write down your experience with the S9511, Ian. It's unfortunate the shaver stopped charging after a while, which we can imagine tempted you to take matters into your own hands. Still, we wouldn't recommend taking apart the appliance yourself, but it sounds like it's a bit too late for that. Nevertheless, we appreciate your feedback. If there's still anything we can do for you, don't hesitate to get in contact with us via our support page. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.My local Philips authorised service agents took a look at it and acknowledged that they were designed not to be opened even by them. They obtained a complete replacement body direct from Philips, which obviously cost but was better than having to buy a completely new shaver unit. Was able to utilise the existing shaver head and charging cable. Not very eco friendly for the simple cost of a battery replacement. Unfortunately the cleaning unit that was part of the set, doesn’t work now either and a replacement one of those is £60 in England.

Phillips 9000 series shaver - excellent buy

Visited Shaver Shop Indooroopilly early December this model was on an introductory special and well priced. https://www.shavershop.com.au/philips/9000-series-s9211%2F12-electric-shaver-009777.html. Husband is very delighted with this shaver. It is extremely quiet. I mean almost silent. Amazing. The arrangement of the heads is much more flexible and face hugging than earlier shavers he experienced and he is getting a very good close shave with it, and it's lightweight in the hand. Have been back to Shaver Shop to thank the man for the recommendation.

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Thank you for sharing your review, Judith! We're very glad to see that your husband enjoys his 9000 series shaver, and hope that he'll be continuing to do so for a long time to come! :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

rubbish razor

I have had this razor for about 12 months and do not use it as it never has shave well. I have been using a disposable but will go back to an electric razor but it will not be a Phillips. Not only did it not shave well the plastic locks for the blades kept popping out. AN EXPENSIVE RAZOR THAT DOESN'T DO THE JOB.

Hi Michael, thank you for this review. We're sorry to hear the shaver has underperformed from the very start for you. We would have liked to hear different things of course. Anyway, thank you for being so honest, your feedback is necessary for the continuous development of our products. Kind Regards, The Philips Australia Team.That comment doesn’t help meHmm alright, Michael. Have you perhaps reached out to our consumer care colleagues earlier? There are some things to keep in mind when starting out with a new shaver. It may sound odd, but it takes a few weeks for your skin to get used to the new shaver/style of shaving. You mentioned that you've given up fairly early on, so we would encourage to try again and to keep at it for a few weeks. During this time, it's important not to use other shavers or blades. Also, when cleaning the blades, it's very important not to interchange the blades with their caps, as these are pairs and wear into each other. If these are accidentally changed around, it'll take a few weeks for the optimal results to reappear. We can imagine that this all may sound a bit beside the point, but these points are definitely worth considering when trying again. Anyway thanks again and we hope you'll give it another chance, and please don't hesitate to reach out to our consumer care team if you'd like to discuss this a bit more directly. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Welcome back

i posted a comment on my last Philips 9000 on 27 Feb 2015. Philips customer service were excellent and arranged a full refund. I replaced the Philips with a Panasonic. Yesterday I bought a Philips S9551. So far I am absolutely delighted to be back with the Philips. There was nothing wrong with the Panasonic. It just didn't do it for me.

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Hi Jon, welcome back to the Philips team, we missed you. It's awesome to hear the shaver is doing its job so well. Happy shaving and enjoy your day! Kind Regards, The Philips Australia Team.

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Someone stole my smartcleaning unit, my shaver the S9000 won’t engage and faucet symbol and two orange indicator arrows with the head symbol in between is there anyway to fix this setting so I can use my razor??
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Hi Alex, Thanks for your question. How unfortunate that someone stole you SmartCleani unit, but maybe we can help you out with this. Could you try to follow the steps on our Philips support website, which can be found here: https://www.philips.com.au/c-f/XC000004469/how-should-i-clean-my-philips-shaver. There are some instructions on how to manually clean your S9000 series shaver. We hope this helps, and you can go back to enjoying that nice freshly shaven feeling soon. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

I’m after a cleaning manual for my new shaver. Any help? Thanks Gary gardiner.
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Hi Gazza, Thanks for your question! You could find some instructions on how to properly maintain your shaver over here: https://philips.to/2SdmOwg. Please note that you don't have to disassemble the shaver head after every use. We'd recommend doing that once every week if you're shaving daily. :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

After SmartClean failed to pump cleaner fluid to the razor heads I stripped it down and found the shaft connecting pump motor to impellor had completely rusted away. I have had the unit circa 3-4 years and have always used Philips cleaning fluid therefore is Philips cleaning fluid corrosive? Have anyone else had this problem? I am replaceing the unit but obviously I do not want to have the same problem.
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Hi Jim, thank you for your message. The liquid itself shouldn't hurt the SmartClean nor the shaver itself. If you'd like this occurrence with us further, please contact us on 1300 363 391 (AU) or on 0800 658 224 (NZ). Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamIf the Cleaning fluid did not cause the motor shaft to corrode what did as no other fluid was used within the SmartClean Unit. The unit is scrap as I doubt you could get a new motor, I have ordered a new unit but obviousley I do not want the same problem to occur. I have pictures of the motor if you would like to see them, send me your e-mail address


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