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Philips Steam & Go GC362/80

Philips Steam & Go GC362/80

MPN: GC362/80
3.6 from 26 reviews

The greatest steam and go I've ever had

This small steamer is the best I've ever used ,we travel a lot so it's ideal for the rv and also great at home being able to do a huge variety of fabrics it does the whole house so I don't need to iron anything making life a lot easier. The big holding tank let's you do as much steaming as you like, it really is a breeze to use.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Preheating Speed

Excellent steamer

Great item to have , it’s great for travelling as it’s a fairly compact design so doesn’t take up too much room in luggage , it’s also very good for around the home , I hang all my clothes up to dry on a rail and can steam iron them all that way , also handy for a last minute quick item that needs an iron before going out. It would be more tricky ironing larger items such as sheets but for that I would use my usual steam iron. Highly recommend

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use

Better results & Faster using an iron

I bought this not having had any experience of hand held steamers or knowing of anyone actually having one. There wasn't a great selection to start with but the reviews I read seemed to show this was the best out there (they must have been false). Tbh you would be faster taking out the ironing board setting it up and ironing the item. I have to hang the item up in a non absorbent area as the steam does wet everything. The seem to pont the user in the direction of using it on a flat surface like an iron but that defeats the purpose imo. I could just use an iron with less hassle. I need to fill the tank at least twice to do one (cotton) shirt. The tank regularly comes away from the slot while in use which is annoying and possibly dangerous. It just took me 1.5hrs to do 2 summer dresses (1 cotton) and 3 shirts (1 cotton) to get them to a decent state. I might add when I'm drying clothes I hang them so as to keep creases to a minimum. The items are now hanging off a clothes rail as they are damp. Time consuming and does not deliver a desired result. Pity you have to purchase these things before getting to use. I'm sure in time hand held steamers will improve drastically.

Purchased in January 2019 at Argos for $120.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Preheating Speed
Hi there, Clare, We appreciate your honest feedback. This is very valuable to us and we will make sure to forward this to our garment care department. You mentioned that the steam wets everything. Do you notice any water dripping from the plate as well? That may indicate that scale has built up in the device, affecting its performance. We would recommend to always empty the water tank after use, to prevent scale build-up. Rinse the water tank to remove any deposits. Wipe any deposits off the steamer head with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive liquid cleaning agent We'd like to thank you again for your feedback, it won't go unnoticed. Kind regards, The Philips AustraliaHi. No water dripping from the plate. The water does drip when the tank comes away from the unit which happens regularly when in use. The tank is always empty when I'm finished.Thanks for your reply, Clare. In that case, please feel free to reach out to us via phone (1300 363 391), or on Social Media (@PhilipsCare on Twitter). We'd be happy to see what we can do to help! We hope to hear from you there. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Awful iron

Base on many good reviews I bought this one but I regretted just after two times used. It took much longer time to iron if compare with traditional iron because this steam iron could not make wrinkles disappear much so I had to iron it again and again. The water tank is so tiny so just for one shirt I even had to fill the water two times. The only one good side of this one that you do not need iron board.

Purchased in January 2019 at DeRucci VIC, South Wharf (DFO) for $89.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Preheating Speed
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Thanks for your honest review, Pham. It's a shame to hear that the Steam & Go wasn't able to meet your expectation. This device is best suited to quickly refresh certain garments, or to be used on delicate fabric that couldn't otherwise be ironed. So we would say it's not the best as an be-all-end-all ironing solution. But we hope that you'll still find good use for this machine. If you want to discuss this further with us, please do reach out to us on 1300 363 391. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Used for Curtains : Decent - Could've been better

I bought this steamer to rid creases on my blockout curtains.

Steamer was very easy to use and heats up really quick (less than 45sec)

Did the job relatively well - had to do 3-4 passes on heavy creases which was fine by me. Was not expecting quick results due to heaviness of fabric.

The water container was extremely small for my requirements.
Managed to do a 2m crease each refill.

Found the water tank didn't lock into the steamer securely. When you operate the steamer, your thumbs sits on the top of the tank over a few groves in the plastic. On a few occasions, the water tank would actually slip down.

Overall, its a decent product, doesnt feel cheap and performs its designed purpose quite well.. Just a shame about the water tank size. Would be a great travel accessory

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Thanks for taking the time to write a quite thorough description of your experience with our Steam & Go, Arden. Customer feedback is very important to us, in order to keep improving our products, therefore it's always appreciated. In any case, we're happy to read that you've found a good use for it and that you're enjoying the tactile experience. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Not bad but short life span and you can get equal for much cheaper

I actually thought I would get this to upgrade my little green kambrook and sorry I gave that one away. This is great in being able to do a horizontal steam which is where it beats out all the other hand steamers out for a quick go over smaller things off the hanger. What I have found is that in less than a year it simply has stopped generating the same level of steam it needs to effectively decrease and i'm really having to start going over and over things a lot more than I did when I first got it. The little water reservoir is on one hand very quick and easy to remove and fill up, and it reheats again fast, the downside is that it is so tiny that your lucky to steam 1 maybe 2 garments so you spend more time filling it up than you do steaming. Its not bad on lighter fabrics but forget about cotton even light t-shirts are beyond the capacity of this one which is a shame as the horizontal feature would make this fab for sheets already on the bed if only it had the grunt. I'm going to upgrade to a bigger steamer anyway but if your starting out to give steaming a go before investing in one of the more professional grades like myself, I would try on a cheaper model rather than this one for a first purchase.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
Hi Kie, thanks so much for sharing your experiences with the Steam & Go. We regret hearing that your device has not been generating the same amount of steam as it did in the beginning. There might be an easy solution for this though. When scale builds up in your Philips stand steamer, it might not be able to produce steam anymore. Please perform the de-calc process detailed in the following lines: 1) Switch off and unplug your stand steamer and allow it to cool down for an hour. 2) Bring the steamer to a sink. 3) Locate the de-calc knob (you will find it on the lower area of the water tank). 4) Turn the de-calc knob anti-clockwise to unlock it. 5) Pull the de-calc knob out and let the water drain. 6) Once all water is drained, push the de-calc knob back in and turn it clockwise to lock it. We hope this will improve the performance of the Steam&Go. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone (1300 363 391). We are happy to help. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamThanks I am fairly good about keeping up with that but it hasn't seem to have any effect.

Great for lightweight synthetic fabrics which might otherwise burn with an iron

I tried this Philips Steam and Go on a number of fabrics and found largely varying results. So It definitely doesnt replace a steam iron.
Firstly I tried it on a heavyweight 100% cotton shirt. It smoothed over the wrinkles but did not remove them. Also there is no way to press the shirt collar and the water reservior ran out well before I finsihed steaming the shirt - not good! So for heavier cotton shirts you will need to use the proven hot.steam iron.
Next I tried it on a couple of lightweight 100% cotton shirts. The results were somewhat better with wrinkles less obvious after steaming. Would be acceptable for a casual shirt but not for a formal shirt. So the good old hot steam iron always wins out ahead of this Philips steamer when it comes to 100% cotton shirts especially when it comes to pressing collars.
Next I tried the Philips steamer on a viscose/polyester shirt but the results were only slightly better than the lightweight 100% cotton shirt - acceptable but the best results would be obtained by pressing with an iron.
Finally I tried this Philips steamer on a very colourful Viscose Rayon shirt......the same material that many dresses are made from. Well WOW! The creases and wrinkles dissappeared instantly right before my eyes. And no worries about burning the fabric either. So there is the advantage of this Philips Steam& Go....quickly removing creases from your bright coloured, lightweight, rayon based fabrics. And no need to set up an ironing board.
In conclusion this product does not replace a steam iron however it is an ideal complement. Especially for the busy woman whose clothes are predominately made from viscose rayon fabrics. It's a true god-send removing creases and wrinkles from lightweght dresses, tops and pants in just a few seconds.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hi there, Thank you so much for taking the time to write down your thoughts here. Great to hear you've done a broad research testing the Steam & Go on several fabrics. It's a massive compliment that you find the product a true godsend. :) It's our aim to make life easier, so we're very happy to hear this. Indeed, it works differently on different fabrics. Have you tried using the brush accessory yet? This one opens up the fibers of thicker fabrics and therefore provide a smoother and better result. If you haven't already tried, it might be worth giving a shot. Happy steaming and feel free to reach out to us if there's anything we can help you with! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great Handheld Steamer! Especially for your “Haute Couture”!

Upfront, as part of Product Review’s Ambassador program, I am not being paid or biased to publish my reviews.

The steamer is a great addition for anyone that irons a lot, or even haute couture that just needs a steam freshening (one of my favourite aspects about it, more on that a bit later).

It’s very simple to use, heats up quickly and produces a massive amount of powerful steam. Can easily steam a jersey cotton duster in under a minute. Also easily removes wrinkles almost as good as a traditional iron. Works on many fabrics from cottons, linens, silks, denim and more.

I found that it actually removes wrinkles FASTER than a traditional iron; the only caveat being that deep wrinkles that have been in a fabric for some time may not come out as easily or quickly.

I’d have to say my favourite use it to refresh “dry clean only” clothing, from suits, to cashmere and wool jumpers, and pretty much anything that can’t be washed at home. It refreshes and removes stale smell, smoke, or other odours easily, as well as removing wrinkles if the fabric is wrinkled.

Spec wise it’s lightweight, has a long cord, a great heat-resistant bag to store quickly; heats up in seconds, and the face plate heats up some as well for more stubborn wrinkles.

I would have to say it’s pretty close to perfect with a few minor flaws that really can’t be overlooked. Although dubbed as portable and able to take on travels, it is rather larger size wise, so would take up a bit more space than even a traditional iron in your luggage; however the weight is much less. The water tank is removable, but is quite small. So I’d say an average of maybe 2-3 dress shirts that need wrinkles removed; or one large jumper coat that needs “dewrinkling” and refreshing. So despite its size, which is quite large, but very easy to hold and use, the water tank is relatively small.

All in all I would be able to confidently recommend the steamer. I wouldn’t say it’s the best for travel because of its size. Perhaps if going on a longer than a two day work week trip, then it may be just the thing. But I’d absolutely stick to having it at home for quick and easy wrinkle removal from all types of fabrics. From dress shirts, t-shirts, mohair jumpers, suits, cotton jackets et cetera. And also quickly refreshes those extra care “dry clean only” items exceptionally well. I’d would have given 3 stars because of the lack of portability and the small water tank, but it redeems itself with excellent performance, and really being handy around the house to refresh items as needed. Another bonus that we’ve found, easy to refresh fabric cushions and sofa cushions as well. So a bonus for sure.

So if you are in the market for a great handheld steamer with excellent, no fuss performance, that actually works great and so simple to use. A solid 4 stars!

Date PurchasedMar 2018
Hi there, Thank you so much for your elaborate feedback. We really appreciate it as it will certainly help other consumers that are still hesitant to buy the Steam and Go. Glad to hear that it is serving you so well and is making your life a little easier. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamThank you! My pleasure. We actually had another brand of portable steamer with the pole and able to hang clothing on it while steaming with the handheld bit, whilst the heating unit and water tank were seperate, and this was quite a great product. It’s actually become indispensable around the house. Really great product, thank you for such kind words! CheersHi, Hmm that sounds convenient! We will pass that on to our product team. If you have further suggestions, please do let us know. We're always happy to hear ideas from our customers. :-) Enjoy the rest of your day! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

OK but has its limitations

I was supplied this unit as part of a trial and review program. I am not being paid in any way. This is a compact model as opposed to the iron-like model with a separate water/steam unit. It has an integrated water tank that is easily removed for filling and clips back into the unit. Unlike most irons, you can use tap water with this unit, saving on costs.

It is easily used and held in one hand and only has two controls, the on/off button and the steam button. I used it on many different types of materials from cotton to synthetics. It has a light, but that only indicates that it is heating the water, once at temperature this light extinguishes and there is no way to tell that it is on, which could be a hazard, especially with small children around.

It does a good job but an iron does it quicker especially for larger items. It is also limited by the small water tank that requires frequent refilling. It's great for hard-to-iron frilly items, the steam effortlessly gets rid of creases where it would be very fiddly with an iron. It would also be very easy to use on hanging drapes although I did not try the unit like this. The instructions suggest using the unit vertically, with the garment being hung on a hanger, but I found that impractical with nothing to hang it on at the correct height, so I resorted to using it on the ironing board. The unit came with a heat-proof mitten to protect your hand from being burnt by the steam and a brush (probably for stiffer materials), but using the mitten was awkward and I didn't use it in the end.

After the initial excitement that comes with a new toy, it eventually got left on the table with the iron becoming the preferred appliance except for those aforementioned fiddly items. It's similar to appliances that you thought you needed but eventually get relegated to the back of the cupboard and only rediscovered during spring-cleaning. Considering that this unit costs about the same as a traditional steam iron, I would seriously question whether I needed this item and probably would have never tried one unless supplied for this trial.

Easy to use
Very good on fiddly or lacy items
No ironed in creases that you get from a traditional iron

Very small water tank requiring frequent refilling
No light to indicate it is on
Not good for large items

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hi Max, Thanks for checking out or Steam and Go! We appreciate that you've also taken the time to share your experience, to say what you did like and what you think could be improved. If you wish to discuss any of this further. Please feel free to contact us directly on 1300 363 391. Have a nice weekend! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great For Hard To Iron Surfaces, But Won't Replace Your Traditional Ironing Chores

Upfront, I received this unit as part of a trial & review program. However, I'm not being paid for this review.

As these units cost around the same price as a decent tradition iron, realistically you have to compare how this stacks up against a traditional iron. And whether you may need both?

The unit arrived well packaged. Comes in a sturdy box and protective packing. Once you get rid of the inside packaging, the unit will fit back into the box neatly. It also comes with it's own protective carry bag (to help stop the front steam plate from being scratched), a protective heat proof mitt (for one hand going behind the garment when steaming) and a brush surround for using on fabrics such as curtains etc.

The build quality is very good (as I would expect from Philips) and it comes with a very flexible and long 2.5m heat proof cord (apparently, but I think it's nearly 3m). This makes it easy to plug in anywhere around the house. The units quite light (although longer than a traditional iron) with the main handle being fairly slim, which makes it perfect to pack in a suitcase.

The carton has quick start instructions on it to get you up and running fast. I showed a few people the instruction manual who all confirmed it was a little confusing with the multiple languages on the same page for each function. I understand why they do it this way (to save trees), but an easy numbered illustration on one page and other language instructions on subsequent pages would save just as many trees and make it easier for most people. I don't need an explanation in 14 different languages to tell me how to take the tank out. Thankfully, the unit is easy to use with a few safety precautions.

To use, detach the water tank, fill it up and plug it back in. Switch it on and wait for the light to go on (about 20-45 sec). Give it a couple of quick puffs of steam and it's ready to rock'n'roll. Instructions suggest to hang garments but realistically, if you did it this way you need to hang them high (if you're doing pants). Which makes it either too high or you're bending down low - It's not very ergonomic doing it like that. I'd still use an ironing board and do them horizontally, for ease of use. That being said, it did take wrinkles out from work pants and they definitely looked better after than before (although I did find it hard to remove all wrinkles). For the time it took to do a mediocre ironing job on a set of work pants, you could have been finished with a traditional iron and less mucking around trying to straighten the garment and potentially doing a back injuring bending down. Because the garment has been steamed, it also gets damp. Which means you can't just put it on after ironing as you still need to let it dry for a while afterwards. Generally I don't find this with a traditional iron. As I said, if you're doing garments, I'd still suggest an iron board.

It's advised that you use the heat proof mitt when steaming to prevent injury. It's actually a little inconvenient as I found it hard to grab the garments. Probably still a good idea if you were doing curtains. Although the mitt is a little short and doesn't go up your wrist very far, which is potentially where you may get a shot of steam if your hand is behind a curtain.

Which brings me to the water tank - it's small. You have to fill it up for just about every garment you do. Personally, I don't want to be filling the tank for every garment. You fill an iron once and could do a whole basket without ever refilling. You also have to make sure it's in correctly, as I had it fall out twice. I'm not a big fan of that tank. Also, the unit doesn't have any adjustment for the amount of steam that comes out - it's all or nothing. Adding a control would invariably make better use of the small reserve tank (whether that be a manual knob control or a variable trigger control). I'm pretty sure all materials won't need full steam.

There's also no indicator light that the unit is on (other than the heating light while heating), which is a potential safety hazard. I'd suggest to have a two colour status light so that there's always a light on when it's hot. Also, with the head being hot, you can't just put it down on any surface as it has the potential to burn it (there's no flat area to rest it like a traditional iron). It looks like Philips intended to have some sort of clip for the head but wasn't included. I would recommend that some sort of clip or stand be included to rest the unit on while in use and also while it cools down.

I wouldn't recommend this unit for everyday clothes ironing. You're not saving any time or effort as a traditional iron is still quicker and does a better job overall. I would however recommend it for touch ups or a quick refresh when travelling. Where I do see this unit shining is hard to iron surfaces and general refreshing - like ironing curtains without taking them down, steaming and sanitising a couch or small areas. You could also use it to loosen grease and grime, but without some sort of nozzle attachments you'd have to keep the head clean afterwards.

One recommendation I would make (because of the limitations of the reservoir tank and that you would be using this anywhere but on an ironing board) is that having a power cord is a limiting factor. It would be a great candidate to be a cordless unit with Lithium Ion batteries. I could stand the slight extra weight and size of the handle for the convenience.

Good Points:
- Light weight
- Long Cord
- Easy to use
- Quick heating time
- Works well on irregular surfaces (such as curtains, shirt collars, couches etc)
- Helps remove odors with steam sanitising

Bad Points:
- Needs bigger reservoir as you have to refill nearly every garment
- Reservoir doesn't stay in all the time
- No steam control
- On garments, hard to completely take out all creases efficiently unless done horizontally
- Limited by cord on where you can use it without an extension lead (better if it was rechargeable)
- No clip or stand to hold hot plate off resting surface
- No power indicator light to say the units on (other than heating light). Maybe there should be a two coloured status light

Date PurchasedApr 2018
Thanks for your super thorough review! We most certainly appreciate it. It's very nice to hear about your experience with this product being part of our testers program. Really helpful stuff! If you ever need our help with anything, don't hesitate to reach out to us on 1300 363 391 or through social media. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamNo problem, it was a good experience testing. I've had a lot of years clocked in electrical manufacturing.

Good. But not for its intended use

A quick update to this review. With time comes a deeper appreciation of an item and a few things have come to light with more use.

New notes (original review below this section)
It's about a year old now. I've taken a couple of stars off as it has started to leak quite a bit these days around the handle. At only a year old I don't think that is good enough. I feel these things should last more than a year.

It's also a bit concerning holding something knowing there is 240v running through it when it is leaking on your hands.

Cause of leak - I think a seal fell out of the tank as it appears to be leaking from a little round hole on the topside of the tank.

On the topic of the water tank, it is annoyingly small. This requires the tank to be removed and refilled every few minutes. Probably a contributing reason that a seal went AWOL in the first place thus causing the leak.

In fairness I generally use my Braun Iron as it is usually quicker for most ironing, but there are times where this wand comes in handy. Large items like couches, matresses and delicate dresses/shirts.

Pros: heats fast; easy to use, able to steam large things like couches, mattresses, car interiors, and delicate clothing.

Cons: leaking at a year old from seal disappearing somewhere; small tank; iron usually faster for most things; 240v means not travel compatible in USA (if inclined. Other countries are fine). Apparently voids warranty using scents.

Given the leaking within a year and the small reservoir, I can't honestly recommend this model.

Original review
Firstly just like to announce up front that this product was supplied to me for a month to trial and review as part of the review ambassador program. I am not being paid or incentivised in any way for this review.

Let's begin:

Personally, I am no fan of doing laundry, especially the ironing and I doubt you love it either. Having never heard of a clothes steamer before, I was curious to find out how and if it could easily dispense with the tediousness of ironing. Would this be ironing nirvana....?

Packaging + Contents
The Philips steamer arrived well packed in a box with the device, a lovely travel pouch, a flimsy feeling mitten (to protect you from burning your hand with the steam), a clip-on brush and very minimal instructions on how to use it. That said it isn't hard to work it out. The main difference being the garment is hanging instead of on an ironing board so the working surface is therefore vertical.

Directions for intended use:
Remove the advertising sticker that is applied to the steam end of the unit
There is a small removable reservoir that needs to be filled with water - unclip by lightly pressing towards the cable end of the unit, fill and reinstall.
Plug it in
Turn on the small button on the base of the handle and wait for about 20 seconds for the orange light to go off - which means it is warmed up and ready to go.
Put mitten on other hand and place behind the area to de-crinkle
Depress the activation button and steam comes out the applicator end
Point it at the crinkled garment, allow steam to soften the fabric and gyrate.

For use as a clothes steamer, the concept is that one should put the mitten on and therefore have one hand behind the garment acting as the ironing board. Seems simple enough so let's plug it in and see.

Initial results: Does it work? Yes. Fast warm-up of about 20 seconds until bursts of steam are available for use
Does it de-crinkle garments? For collars/cuffs a definite improvement to an iron. However, I found it no faster overall than a traditional iron, possibly slower for the whole garment.

I lent the unit to my parents to trial for a week for a second opinion, mainly as they iron a lot more than we do. Initially, they found it a novel experience and raved about it for the first few days. Come to the end of the week, their opinion had become the same as mine - that it is an interesting idea, better for some tasks but no replacement for an iron.

Worse than an iron for:
*For larger flat areas of clothing (backs, fronts of shirts)
*Getting even pressed look
*Lots of garments

Better than an iron for:
*Warm up time
*It weighs less
*Shoulder area
*if you just need to de-crinkle a small patch/ touch up - it is more convenient than an iron/ setting up the ironing board.

With the disappointment of finding ironing nirvana off the table, I started thinking what else this could be useful for. As said the unit does produce a nice strong blast of steam on demand. And steam is great for many things such as:
*loosening things, like stickers grime & grease
*Aroma theraphy

So I went to an aromatherapy shop to smell their whole range of smells. After much aroma sniffing and some aroma fatigue, we identified about 5 that would be fit for my purposes, ultimately settling on Rosewood. I then proceeded to add a 2-3 drops to the water reservoir. With the steam now smelling sweetly, it was then time to experiment.

Experiments in order:
In pushing the boundaries of this machine, I took the conservative approach of starting small and in areas that aren't in the main line of sight in case of unpredicted/unsightly results.

1. Clothing with scented oil
Result: The clothes picked up a subtle level of the fresh smell. Possibly could use this scent clothing/linen. No visible staining from the addition of the aroma oil, so time for larger things

2. Our 30yo hand-me-down, not quite showroom fresh, comfy velour couch
I started on the side of the cushion that no one could see in case of any adverse effect from the steamer or oil - all good so proceeded to do whole couch set.
Result: Excellent
Couch now smells fresher, an in conjunction with the brush looks a shade or two cleaner/shinier too.

3. 10 years old,160,000Km car:
The same approach I started in a hard-to-see place in case of adverse effect - all clear so did the whole interior including seats, carpet, door trims and dashboard (with due care around electronic items).
Result: Excellent
The steam made light work of removing the grime buildup from the touch points in the interior - steering wheel, buttons, door handles, handbrake lever etc. The seats also look cleaner (probably as a result of the brush but who knows the steam may have helped too) and the interior is now fresher smelling, and not in a typical cheap chemical smelling car deodourant way.

4. Mattress:
Result: Excellent
After the success with the couch (given the mattress also can't exactly fit into a washing machine), I thought I'd attack it with the steamer as well. Same set-up, a couple of aroma oil drops and away we go. Result it smells fresher.

Other potential uses I think it could be useful for:
The hanging Blinds
Carpet marks
Outdoor furniture
Bathroom possibly?

Minor gripes: -
the reservoir could be bigger and it unintentionally pops out from time to time when using the brush attachment (luckily it of a spill free design so the water doesn't go everywhere).
The brush attachment fell off easily when used on the car and couch
I personally found the Mitten a nuisance when crinkling and wouldn't use it - I will continue to use the ironing board

All pretty minor gripes really.

So In Conclusion:
As mentioned this is not ironing nirvana (2 stars for that use). This device is, however, an excellent little cleaning and freshening device (5 stars) for bulky and harder to clean items such as couches and car interiors. We found it to be a genuine improvement to these types of chores as well as de-crinkling collars.

I can see the Steam & Go (or something similar) becoming part of our periodic house cleaning and freshen up chores throughout the year (ie spring & autumn cleaning days) as well as incidental things that crop up.

I didn't pay for the item as mentioned at the top, but a quick google suggests it costs around $120 so with that in mind I think it represents good value.

The ultimate question is would I buy one? Yes.

Purchased in April 2018.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Preheating Speed
Thanks for your super thorough review, first of all! Glad to see that you were able to try our Steam 'n Go! And it does sound like you subjected it to quite some tests! We did have a couple of quick things we wanted to add. In short – this device can be used on garments and soft furnishing. Steam is effective at deodorizing garments, but also soft furnishing such as couches, curtains etc. which seems to be what you've tried. But we do not recommend putting essential oils into the reservoir as they may cause build-up or residue inside the device which could hinder product performance, and hinder the warranty. We definitely wouldn’t recommend using this product to clean bathrooms or kitchens. While the steam may assist with the cleaning, it is not the intended purpose and should be used for garments and soft furnishings only. If you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to let us know or contact us on 1300 363 391. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamHi there, Thank you for updating your review, and providing us with new input on our Steam & Go. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing leaking issues; this is definitely not what should be happening, and we can understand it can make the ironing experience quite frustrating. For this reason, we'd like to have our colleagues look into this. Could you give them a call on 1300 363 391 (Mondays to Saturdays: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm EST)? Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook or Twitter. We'd love to help you make the most out of your device. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great, convenient product for travel

I've never owned a garment steamer before, as they've always seemed like large bulky appliances and I had no storage room, so I was particularly interested in the compact nature of this steamer. It's very convenient – fast heat-up, lightweight, easy to manoeuvre. It does a great job on lightweight or drapey fabrics like silk, viscose, and lighter weight synthetics. It would be a fantastic appliance for anyone who travels and likes to wear nice fabrics or needs to wear formal attire, the ones you either prefer not to iron, or wouldn't trust a hotel iron on. It would take up no more space in your suitcase than a modern hairdryer. It would be an excellent addition to your suitcase if you travel with suits. Great for delicate items, I'll be using this for my silk and viscose items from now on, as putting them on a hanger and running this over is much easier than ironing them. The only downside is the small water reservoir, but this is because it's a convenience sized appliance. I found also that while using, it was easy to knock the reservoir out of place, a it sits right on the part of the handle you hold to use the appliance. I got the hang of it though.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Hello there, Thank you for taking the time to write down your experiences with the Steam & Go. We truly appreciate it that you were willing to write write down your findings, they will certainly be useful to our future customers. We hope that you'll enjoy your Steam & Go for many more years to come. Happy steaming! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great Results on Soft & Light Fabrics. Light Weight and Sturdy.

I was pleasantly surprised at the results of the Philips Steam & Go Plus hand held steamer and how much better it performs than I thought it would. Really great results on removing wrinkles and loosening soft and light fabrics.

The details:
- power cord = 2.5m long - good length for moving around while using the steamer
- water container = 70ml - easy to fill, good for 1 - 2 shirts depending on heaviness of fabric
- weight with water = 675g - light weight for most people
- Heat Up time = 35 seconds - nice and fast
- Accessories = heat resistant glove, bag and brush for heavier garments

This Philips steamer is easy to use. It has a solid, sturdy build but is still light so it's easy to handle. Great to use at home and light enough for travel use.

On first use only after unboxing, it had some light scaling for a few seconds with the steam, so I'd recommend using on some old material for about 10 seconds when setting up for the first time.

Results on softer, lighter fabrics was extremely good. I used the steamer on some older silk shirts & ties, chiffon curtains, light cotton t-shirts and light cotton-mix business shirts. It removed 95+% of wrinkles, it freshened up the older fabrics and loosened / softened the cotton fabrics. I was really surprised at how well it performed on these fabrics.

Results on heavier fabrics was definitely much better than I thought it would be, but the items still needed a light iron. I assume hand held steamers aren't really intended for heavy fabrics though. I used it on some very heavy cotton business shirts and a couple of old suits that had some wrinkling both with and without the brush attachment.

Additional items to improve it further might be a stand or way of sitting it upright in between use. The steamer head is very hot and although it caused no issue laying it on a table / bench (I used the included heat resistant bag to sit it on), I was concerned it might fall or I accidentally knock it onto the floor. I got into the practice of switching off the power button each time I set it down. It would also be useful to have a light to show when it's still powered on.

Recommend - Yes, especially best suited for light and soft fabrics as it softens / freshens and removes wrinkles very nicely. Would be good for travel too (240v only). Good value for the money.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Hello, Thank you for taking the time to write such an elaborate review. Great to hear that you chose Philips! We highly appreciate it that you have summed up the pro’s and con’s for us and for other users. Hopefully you’ll enjoy your Steam & Go for many more time to come. Have a great day! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Okay for casual outings, but don’t throw away your iron!

Who likes to iron? Not us … and not anyone we know, either! So my wife and I were very much hoping the Philips Steam & Go would alleviate some of that ironing drudgery, and with practice it did; to some degree. At first, we were disappointed with the results on our clothing but after watching a few instructional YouTubes we learned that you just can’t rush this clothes-steaming biz-oh: you have to slow down and take the time to get the steam right into the fibres in order for the fabric to relax its wrinkles. Though our results never matched press-ironed clothing, the improvement in appearance from steaming our clothes was enough to have us presentable to the world in a “casual dress” sense, as some faint dimpling tended to remain.

The instructions say items should be left hanging to dry a while after being steamed as the Steam & Go will moisten clothing slightly, which is normal: we *are* talking about *steaming* clothes with *vaporised water* after all. Having never used a device of this type before, I had anticipated the Steam & Go would produce great shots of steam when in use, but in practice it actually produces a rather gentle and fairly consistent stream of steam, a bit like a room vaporiser, but adding the odd extra puff of steam now ’n’ then. The included insulated mitten with which to stretch out and hold corners of clothing while steaming was far too small for my ‘man hands’, though it’s fine for my wife. But I raise this point because even careful use with my bare hands still resulted in occasional discomfort from the hot steam. I think that explains why there are no forceful ‘shots of steam’ here: such an action would be dangerous … and in any case, to produce that action would no doubt result in a larger and heavier device. As it is, the small water tank on the Philips Steam & Go requires frequent refilling when in use. We used filtered tap-water instead of plain tap-water to avoid scaling and to that end, the instructions also advise emptying the tank completely after each use. Working with the ‘go-slow’ YouTube advice in mind, the three to five minutes it takes to adjust, steam and work over a thick polo shirt will drain an entire tank-full of water.

Clearly then, this is not a device for working through a basket-full of clothing, but rather just the odd item or a few garments at a time. In our family, we think it’s good for working-over a garment or two before heading out for the day. A bachelor or single lady could benefit from using a Steam & Go for straightening out their clothes on an ‘as needed’ basis, particularly if they’re in a share-house situation where sharing an ironing board can be awkward, or in a ’bed-sitter’ where space is very limited. Travellers may also benefit from not requiring an ironing board to smooth their clothes before heading out on their adventures.

My wife and I thought the Steam & Go was about as compact and light-weight as such a device can be. It's quiet in operation, looks attractive to our eyes and seems to be well-built. It heats up in less than 30 seconds! But like an iron, it cools down slowly, at which time it presents a bit of a burn hazard. The head-top operating light is a little confusing in that it only glows when the device is heating-up: the light goes 'off' when the device is ready for use. In addition, there is no indication as to whether the device is switched ‘on’ or 'off' because the power switch at the back of the unit is an unlit, push-button type. All this means that when one returns to the device with a water-tank refill, one cannot be sure if the device is on or off or whether it Is ready to go for steaming or not. I found that pulling the steam trigger clarified at least one of those issues.

In conclusion, we wanted the Philips Steam & Go to replace our iron, but considering the results it produced in our hands, we can only recommend it for casual use-case scenarios. The Philips Steam & Go is indeed a viable ‘soft’ solution for those with minimal ironing requirements or for those who are cramped for space … as long as they are content with a casual dress standard for days out because in our experience, it didn’t truly flatten clothing like an iron does. For every-day uses, it beats having to set-up an ironing board and wait for an iron to heat-up. For pin-sharp results however, it’s most definitely "back to the *ironing* board!"

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Thanks for taking the time to reflect upon your user experience so thoroughly. That's much appreciated and undoubtedly very helpful for customers that might be looking at this Steam and Go. It's a pity to hear that you feel in your household it wasn't exactly able to keep up with all the laundry. If you'd like to discuss anything further with us regarding your experience, feel free to leave another message, or to give us a call on 1300 363 391. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great portable garment steamer for what Philips designed it for!

Great garment steamer and performance.

After having used it for few weeks now and tried it on various clothing and different methods of steaming, I can report very good results. The compact design and small water vessel does mean that this unit is really designed to be used as a portable unit for steaming one or possibly two clothing items per use, before refilling.

You would probably not use it to steam a dozen or more items, but to be honest I found it so effective, I did end up steaming about half a dozen garments in one session, with refiling the water vessel a several times. I found that using a recycled plastic water bottle was perfect for refilling as the opening to the steamers water container is small. With regards to filling the unit with water, the instructions say that it is designed to be used with tap water. I did use filtered tap water, but I have not owned this long enough to see if tap water creates any scaling effects like with irons if you don’t use demineralised water. We will see in time.

On tops, blouses & dresses the steamer did a very good job. I would say, equal or better performance than our full sized garment steamer and easier to handle. Garment steamers are fantastic on ladies clothing, soft fabrics, patterned or areas of the garment that are raised, that you cannot iron with a normal iron, eg frilles, ribbons or items with decorative accessories such as beads.

For a few garments that were slightly heavier material (soft denim blouse) it took me more than one pass of the steamer on wrinkles near the seams. On men’s shirts the results were also very good. One pass of the steamer got rid of light to medium wrinkles most of the time.

Because the unit is so light and compact, I have found I used it on shirts which have been worn briefly but not really dirty enough for the wash. The steamer is really awesome to refresh these shirts (took me less than 3 minutes from water fill, plug in and finish).

Heat up time is very fast - I think due to the very effective steaming head plate. As the unit is so compact steam is straight out of the elements and onto your fabric, instead of a full sized steamer that goes through the unit, then hoses before exiting at the head. I think this is why the unit is so fast and easy to use.

The method of steaming is important I found. I have tried both hanging the garment, and laying the garment on a flat surface (bed or table). Hanging the garments is definitely better because its is more flexible and you less likely to create wrinkles than when garment is laid down. When hanging, I hung the garments on my shower screen which meant I had a flat surface behind to rest on, which did make steaming easier. You could hang a hanger off a door or wall hook perhaps. When steaming, using the glove to gently pull material taught, will get the wrinkles out well and I did manage to steam creases to shirts fairly easily by having it against surface and using the steaming glove to hold the crease in place whilst steaming. I found it takes me about 2 minutes for most garments to get the wrinkles out. If you can’t hang the item up and can only lay it on a bed (maybe in a hotel room), you can still get good results, just that you have to be a bit more attentive to the laying out of your outfits whereas gravity helps that when hanging and you can do a single layer with your glove inside the fabric when steaming on a hanger.

- Very good results!
- Compact, lightweight and portable.
- Comes with steaming glove (essential for safe & effective use).
- Comes with carry bag, and when packed in its bag, similar size to a ladies shoe box. This means that the whole unit can be carried easily in a suitcase for travel use or put in the cupboard without large hoses and hanger like full sized steamer.

- Compact size means that this is only suitable to steam 1 or 2 garments at a time before refilling the water vessel. For me, I don’t see this as a real ‘con’, as the steamer ticks all the boxes to be ‘fit for purpose’ and .

The portable Philips GC362/80 unit is excellent in terms of performance when compared to the full sized garment steamer that I have. I would recommend this unit for quick operation, and ease of use. It also packs up very compact for storage as there is no hanger unit and hose of a full sized garment steamer. I could see that this portable steamer would be perfect for travellers as it really is compact, lightweight and effective. For me, perfect for home use.

Update: May 2018: after a bit more use, I can report back that this unit is super convenient and does the job very fast. From point of filling water, plugging into a power point, you can steam your clothes in literally seconds! With a busy family, and always rushing around, I have found that I use this at the last minute before going out and I can have a decent shirt to wear in a few minutes. It works!

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Hey there, Thank you so much for taking the time to write this extensive review. We're happy to hear your steamer has succeeded in meeting your expectations. We appreciate your feedback and hope you’ll continue ironing happily! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Really good product for small families!

I have had this steamer for about 2 weeks now and I have been using it almost every day for that time. The unit is really comfortable to hold and is not really that heavy. There is a bit of weight at the head of the unit but this is to be expected and is still lighter than some irons.

This unit starts to steam almost instantly. there is no real long wait time, it's a quiet unit and very easy to use. The water tank is somewhat small but this is because the handle is designed to be comfortable.

I have used it mainly on cotton shirts and school uniforms and it has worked well. I have tried on jeans but I don't get the same results from the iron, this is OK though because we don't really wear denim in our house. I only tested to see how the unit would handle denim.

Overall I am pretty happy with the unit. I would recommend one to someone who has a small household or just wants to use it for work clothes in the morning. For the larger family, I find that just a normal iron would be easier.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
Hi there, thank you so much for taking the time to write down your experiences with the Steam & Go. We are very pleased to hear you are so satisfied with it. Your review helps others who are considering a product like this, so we highly appreciate your effort. Enjoy using your Steam & Go! Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamYour more then welcome.

A rumpled clothing renovator…but not an iron.

Do not confuse this as an iron replacement. It’s not!
This is a means of quickly tidying up clothing so as to remove wrinkles and other general crumpling that may have occurred while travelling. Also, the steaming process is great for freshening clothing when you can not easily access washing facilities.

Comes with a heat proof carry bag and glove (great for when you are on the move). The glove is very light but has good insulating properties. The steamer has a quality feel and is reasonably light to hold and use. Heating only takes about 45 seconds. In fact, from taking it out of its travel bag, plugging it in, filling and waiting for it to reach operating temperature only took about a minute and a half. That is pretty good…particularly if you are in a hurry.

On the plus side, it only requires tap water (no de-ionised water etc required) and 240v power….(worth remembering if using it while international travelling). A clip on brush attachment is supplied but it didn’t seem to make much difference on the shirts/shorts I was using it with. Perhaps more delicate fabrics are its forte? Also, you need to be careful adding or removing it when the steamer is hot. Found shirts relatively easy to work as were denim shorts. Does seem to be better with synthetics and poly-cotton than heavy cotton fabrics. My wife also used it on our lounge room drapes with good results. Particularly as they were able to be freshened in place! Instructions supplied were helpful in determining the technique for best results in different areas.

However, I will subtract one star for two reasons. There is a minor issue of the small water tank where you will only get about two shirts done before refilling. Admittedly, this is a relatively easy process being somewhat easier than many irons. It’s clearly a compromise as a larger tank would mean more weight and physical bulk. The other more concerning issue is there is no auto-off when left to rest and the front edge of the appliance remains very hot. Also, the light is only on while heating…not when it is resting on standby. You must only rest it on a heat resistant surface (it’s supplied carry bag works at a pinch) and also be aware that it takes a good ten minutes for the front plate to cool to "touch" temperature after being turned off. It really should have some type of dock to support it as well as cover the front plate.

Apart from those issues, it does well at what I believe it is designed for…a means of freshening rumpled clothing whilst travelling.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hi Peter, we would like to thank you for taking the time to write down your experiences with the Steam&Go. Great to hear you are pleased with it. We appreciate your explanation of the pro's and con's, that will definitely help others who are considering to buy a garment steamer. :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia team

The Steam&Go was fast & effective, I was surprised.

Summary Review :
Very easy to use. Filled the water tank, plugged it in and go.....
Shirts were simply ‘one’ buttoned up and hung off a door handle from the clothes hanger or inside the wardrobe itself, very handy to do! Results were overall good, some nice finishes.

Specs :
1300W / Continuous Steam / Heated Plate / 2y warranty / Storage Pouch / Heat Mitt (small)
On - off switch / Steam Pump trigger
Size : Handle to topmost edge 32cm (straight line) / Head width 12cm

Detailed review :
This will never replace an iron & board when needed, what handheld steamer could.
But for ease of use it was handy and could replace many ironing board quick jobs.
It really is designed to steam only a few garments at a time.

It works best for me stored WITH the iron & board, so I can use the board with it if needed, or just carry it to my wardrobe or any rooms.

This would be perfect for travelling or when on holiday.
Easy to use, not as bulky as setting up/making space for an ironing board etc.

- Works at any angle, up or down.
- Wide/larger head than some on the market
- Easy to hold/handle for me
- Solid, very well built
- Water tank very easy/quick to refill

- Small water tank (they all seem to suffer from this)
- Water Tank can be pulled out of the slot by your fingers when steaming sometimes
- Clip-on oval brush can be awkward to attach & remove (didn't find it useful)
- On light is reversed – light goes off when ready? Really?

I thought I would share real world results/tests I did;
(I did not always have the steam running, the Steam&Go Plus heated head was helpful)

* First Item - Shirt – Polyester/Cotton
I just ran the steamer over it lightly, took my time and got a feel for the device. I held up the shirt arms and did the outsides and a little inside.
After it cooled it remained smooth and looked good. Some creases did get missed, but I was going lightly to test it out. It was easy to use, kept forgetting my hands aren’t steam proof :)
Tank used – ¾
Time - 8min

* Second Item - Shirt – Polyester/Cotton
This had some heavy creases. I applied more pressure and straightened out the material more so. This was ideal, it was faster to use, got better results.
All heavy creases gone, only light lines left in some places. Chest & back looked great.
Tank used – ½
Time - 4min

* Third Item - Shirt – Polyester
Very light shirt, few creases, Steam&Go had no problems, felt like garment was refreshed.
Light stretching, no heavy pressure, just a quick brush over. Creases smoothed out.
Tank used – ¼
Time - 3min

* Fourth Item - Blouse – Silk
Great way to freshen. Very light item.
Only used the steam, no pressing of the device head against the garment.
Tank used – minimal
Time - 2min

* Fifth Item – Jacket Merino Wool - with included Brush attachment
Just a quick test to see how the brush attachment worked. Had to hold the material firmly.
A few creases present were removed, brush helped to lift and steam the thicker material, jacket felt refreshed.
Tank used – ½
Time - 4min

* Sixth Item – Scarf – Silk
It had heavy square creases from being folded.
Used the steam & pressed the head against the material, worked very well.
All creases/folds are gone & have not returned.
Tank used – ½
Time - 5min

* Seventh Item - T-Shirts - cotton
I ran a ‘time test’ to iron out some general wrinkles from x10 T-Shirts out of the dryer, cooled.
Each shirt was in my wardrobe on a hanger and steamed directly there, so handy to do it this way.
Steamed front and back lightly.
x9 shirts completed to a smooth state with some lines or light wrinkles remaining around the bottom of the shirt, but much better than before the steam. Shirt Decals/Logos had no issues.
Steam was used (button was pressed) almost the whole time.
Tanks used – 2
Time - 12 min

* Eighth Item – Jeans/Denim
Not too good on these, the Jeans were places on an ironing board and I used the steamer.
As it pumps out steam in any direction, it was not a problem to work as needed. But the heavy creases were reduced not removed. After cooling they remained, really an Iron needed here.

* Ninth item – Placemats – polyester - 40x32cm - x5
Folded into squares when mailed to me. Had heavy creases.
Placed on ironing board, lots of steam needed.
Tank used – ¾
Time - 4 min

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hi Taf, thank you so much for taking the time to write down your real-world experiences with the Steam&Go! We highly appreciate your feedback and are happy to hear you are pleased with it. The con's you described are appreciated as well since they help us improve this product in the future. Enjoy using the Steam&Go. :-) Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great for ironing on the run

The Philips Steam & Go is great for those early morning rush jobs before leaving for work. The unit heats up and produces steam in under a minute to quickly remove wrinkles without the use of an ironing board. This is supposed to be done whilst the garment is hanging but the included glove for holding the back of the fabric was too small to fit my hand, so I placed my shirt on the kitchen bench and in a few seconds the job is done. I have some Hard Yakka work shirts made from very thick cotton and after a wash the pockets are deformed. A quick 5 second hit with the Steam & Go and the pockets are flat. It also worked flawlessly on my business shirts. My wife has a few dresses and skirts that don't really need a full iron but a quick run-over with this unit and the wrinkles are gone.

* Very fast heat up
* Very easy to do a shirt in a hurry
* Packs up nice and compact in a neat looking bag.
* Supplied glove is too small. I couldn't wear it to use on hanging garments.
* No light indicating the unit is on. This could be a safety issue.

The Steam & Go performs as it suggests. It's not a replacement for the iron but it is the alternative to pulling the iron and ironing board out if you just have a quick job to do. It would also be a very good travel iron due to it's compact bag. I will use this at least once a week.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hi there, we are happy that you are so pleased with the Steam & Go. Good to hear you find it useful! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us, and for your kind words. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Does what it claims to do, but doesn't replace an iron

The Philips Steam & Go is designed to remove wrinkles from clothes without physically ironing the clothes, just using steam from a hand-held wand.

The instruction manual was clear and easy to follow, and when I first retrieved everything from the box I was up and running very quickly. Then once switched on, it took less than a minute for the device to warm up.

I've used it for two weeks on a variety of fabrics.
It struggled a little on heavy pure cotton. With perseverance, I could get a reasonable job.
It worked better on light cotton and poly-cotton blends.

The biggest annoyance for me was that the water reservoir held only 75 millilitres of water - enough to steam one cotton shirt. Then I had to switch off the device, remove the water reservoir, go to the kitchen and fill it up again.
Same after every garment.

This is fine if you literally have only one or two garments to steam, but it would drive you nuts if you had a week's laundry to deal with. So you're still going to need an iron.
Even their own instruction manual states that in order to have a more formal look - that is, creases in trousers - to use an iron.

In summary, this is to irons what a dust-buster is to vacuum cleaners.
You'll use a dust-buster to clean up a small spill, but you're going to need something better to clean the whole house.
When I have one shirt that I need to quickly de-wrinkle, the Philips Steam & Go will have a place, but for most of the time it won't replace the iron.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Hey there, thank you so much for taking the time to write down your experiences. We appreciate you sharing your honest opinion. Your feedback is a great help for us improve our products in the future. Kind regards, The Philips Australia team

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Questions & Answers

Philips Steam &Go the product was purchased from Costco from England . We are now in Bulgaria the product is brand new We have a problem warms up but no steam is coming out?Thank you in advance
3 answers
Have you made sure you have put water in it ?of course.I put water in the container The iron heats up, I push the button, but it doesn't let off steam.Hi Ginka, thank you for reaching out. How regrettable that your Steam&Go will no longer produce steam. Have you made sure that the water tank is inserted correctly? Does the device produce any weird noises when you're trying to use it? Either way, we'd like to recommend you to give our specialists a call at +359 2 4916274, so they can see how they can be of assistance. We hope that you can soon use the device without issues. Enjoy the rest of your week! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Hi, I have similar problem where the steam produced is not as strong as before. I believe it might be a scale build up, is there a way to remediate the situation?
1 answer
Hi Tzen, Thank you for sharing - sure thing, please find our descaling instructions below: 1) Switch off and unplug your stand steamer and allow it to cool down for an hour. 2) Bring the steamer to a sink. 3) Locate the de-calc knob (you will find it on the lower area of the water tank). 4) Turn the de-calc knob anti-clockwise to unlock it. 5) Pull the de-calc knob out and let the water drain. 6) Once all water is drained, push the de-calc knob back in and turn it clockwise to lock it. Please let us know if this helped! Kind Regards, The Philips Australia Team

Hi, I have just bought this steamer and only used it for about 3 times. But last time I used it I found out the steam was not as strong as the first 2 times, and sometimes it leaves some oil with some sort of yellow stains from the steam. I looked at the head and I found out there were some yellowish substance built up around the holes where the steam supposed to come out. Not sure what they are, is it because I used tap water? It is not easy to buy pure water in Australia though. Anything I can do to solve this problem?
2 answers
Pure water? - Just go to any supermarket and buy a 2 litre bottle of Demineralised Water. Its made especially for steam irons. Only $1.60 at ColesHi there! Great to hear you've been using the Steam & Go. It sounds like some scale buildup, which you can clean by using a damp cloth and a non-abrasive liquid cleaning agent. The Steam & Go is designed to be used by tap water, so you're all set. To prevent any scale buildup in the future, we recommend to always empty the water tank after use. Rinse the water tank to remove any deposits. We hope that answers your question. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.


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