Best Garment Steamers

A garment steamer, also called a clothes or iron steamer, is designed to remove wrinkles from clothes without applying any pressure to the fabric.

Garment steamers work by heating up water in a small tank, which turns into hot steam that smoothes creases. You don’t even have to put the steamer directly on clothes - just hang the garment up and hold the steamer a short distance away. Continue Reading...

28 listings
Sunbeam Power Steam SG1000
4.5 from 21 reviews

With its promising 4.6-star rating and affordable price of $79.95, this handheld garment steamer from Sunbeam has plenty to offer.

Price (RRP) $79.95

  • Build Quality
    4.7 (18)
  • Value for Money
    4.3 (18)
  • Ease of Use
    4.8 (18)
  • Safety
    4.4 (18)
  • Preheating Speed
    4.9 (18)
  • Portability
    4.8 (17)
  • Steam Output23 g/min
  • FeaturesVertical Steam
  • Water Tank Capacity300 ml
  • Colour / FinishMaroon
  • Cord Length2,500 m
  • Power1,400 W
  • Stand IncludedNo
Philips Steam & Go GC362/80
3.5 from 31 reviews

With an average 3.6-star rating and several reviewers commenting on its small water tank and limited steaming power, the Philips Steam & Go can best be summarised by one review entitled ‘OK but has its limitations.’

  • Build Quality
    3.6 (10)
  • Value for Money
    2.9 (9)
  • Ease of Use
    3.3 (10)
  • Safety
    3.5 (8)
  • Preheating Speed
    4.0 (8)
  • Portability
    4.5 (8)
  • Steam Output24 g/min
  • FeaturesAuto Shut Off, Detachable Tank and Vertical Steam
  • Water Tank Capacity70 ml
  • Colour / FinishBlack
  • Cord Length2.5 m
  • Power1,300 W
  • Stand IncludedNo
Tefal IXEO All in One Solution QT1020

With its 3.5-star rating and $499 price point, the Tefal IXEO certainly has advantages, but whether they justify the cost is a matter of opinion.

  • Build Quality
    4.1 (24)
  • Value for Money
    3.1 (23)
  • Ease of Use
    4.0 (25)
  • Safety
    3.9 (25)
  • Preheating Speed
    4.5 (23)
  • Portability
    4.1 (22)
  • Steam Pressure5 bars
  • FeaturesAuto Shut Off, Detachable Tank and Vertical Steam
  • Water Tank Capacity1,000 ml
  • Colour / FinishBlack / copper
  • Power1,600 W
  • Stand IncludedYes
Kmart Home & Co Hand Held Garment Steamer

If you’re on a tight budget, the Kmart Home & Co Hand Held Garment Steamer is an affordable and compact option. There are mixed reviews, so keep in mind that this purchase will be a $35 gamble.

Price (RRP) $35.00

Sunbeam Butler Turbo SG3000
2.2 from 12 reviews

As summarised by reviewers, don’t expect the Sunbeam Butler Turbo to be able to remove wrinkles from your clothes. There are other products to choose a hand-held garment steamer from, which offer better value for money.

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Dampf Pro 1500W
1.0 from 21 reviews

Latest review: Ordered Jan 2021. Still waiting. emails bounce back so cannot even contact them now ripped off and looks like I have lost my money. its very upsetting that I cannot get the product or my money

Price (RRP) $208.48

Tefal Access Steam Care DT9120

Latest review: Replaced our old clunky steaming unit (one of the large floor standing ones) with this to save on space. Initially I was skeptical that it would have the same power, but after 2 months of use I am so

Tefal Access Steam Plus DT8100

Latest review: Steamers remove wrinkles while preserving fabric lustre / weave etc. (no weight crushing the fabric). They also freshen fabric (deodorize). If you want pressed, crisp garments then this is NOT for

Sunbeam Power Shot SGS0900

Latest review: I have had various steamers over the years and this is the best one yet. The steam is powerful, I have steamed 3 garments and I still have over half the water left. I also love that it's compact and

Price (RRP) $49.95

Bellini Touch Handheld Steamer BHGS20

Latest review: Not much use really, just ejects steam like an iron.But it ejects thick constant volumes of steam for ages and has a generous water capacity Far better And far better than most others

ALDI Garment Steamers

ALDI Garment Steamers

 · includes 3 listings
5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: The Aldi garment steamer is what everybody needs, if looking your best counts. This appliance takes no time to seam out creases and wrinkles of your clothes. If you don’t require a pressed crease t

Price (RRP) $34.99 to $99.99

Kambrook SwiftSteam KSS120GRN

At $59.95, the Kambrook SwiftSteam Garment Steamer is a portable and lightweight garment steamer that gets the job done when it comes to removing creases and wrinkles.

Price (RRP) $49.95

Laurastar Iggi

Laurastar Iggi

 · includes 2 listings
4.6 from 7 reviews

Latest review: IGGI works as advertised. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve used it on wool trousers that were packed in a suitcase for a recent trip and IGGI bought them back to the standard that I expect - fabulous. IGG

Tefal Pro Style IT3440
4.0 from 1 review

Latest review: There are a few differences to the Tefal steamers now. * the hose is replaceable if/when it may be required. I state this as I have had Tefal steamers before and do recommend, only my last TEFAL

Kmart Garment Steamer
3.2 from 9 reviews

Latest review: I bought this with the hope of cutting down on the hours I spend ironing each week, along with hoping it might make getting creases out of certain items easier. I previously worked at Diana Ferrari

Price (RRP) $49.00

Tefal Expert Precision IT9500

Latest review: I am very disappointed with the purchase of this steamer. I decided to buy mid-range as I wanted to buy something to last but the cord has started fraying and the steamer has caused the circuit

Price (RRP) $298.95

Tefal Master Prescision IT6540

Latest review: Bought this garment steamer to avoid having to iron certain garments, or garments with wrinkles that couldn't be ironed out. Not too impressed with this product. Takes quite a while to heat up and

Price (RRP) $199.00

Philips ComfortTouch GC557/30

Latest review: I purchased this steamer June 2018, which worked really well. About 18m after owing it water started leaking which caused the steamer to keep shorting out. We contacted Phillips who referred us to a

Target Handheld Garment Steamer TARHGS18

Latest review: It worked well once, now it won’t turn on , $39 and one use ! Avoid this product it is no good , can’t locate my receipt either! So keep your receipts handy i guess is my adv

Price (RRP) $39.00

ALDI 2-in-1 Steam Iron and Garment Steamer

Latest review: Unfortunately I didn't keep my receipt n can't get a refund for this iron. Only worked for about 5 months. Doesn't heat up or deliver steam. Aldi Mt Druitt want a receipt. Wish I kept is as the

Price (RRP) $79.99

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Benefits of garment steamers

  • Garment steamers are much gentler on delicate clothes than an iron, which can snag or burn items such as suits, dresses and silk blouses
  • They can save you time and space, as you don’t have to unpack or store a bulky ironing board
  • Portability is a plus, as handheld or portable steamers are lightweight and easy to pack into a suitcase if you travel frequently
  • A garment steamer can be used for a variety of purposes. You can also use it on linen, curtains and soft furnishings like tablecloths and bed sheets. Some people even attest to using them on sofa or car upholstery.


Does a garment steamer replace an iron?

Unfortunately, a garment steamer probably won’t be able to replace your iron completely.

  • While a garment steamer is more suited to smoothing out delicate fabrics, an iron is better than a garment steamer for natural or predominantly natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and denim.
  • Irons are also generally better for the task if you want to remove wrinkles from a large pile of clothes, as they often have a longer battery life.
  • If you want to wear an outfit straight after smoothing out creases, an iron is a better choice. Garment steamers can sometimes leave damp spots on clothes – not exactly the chic look you're going for with your silk shirt.

Investing in a garment steamer with variable steam control may help you avoid this moisture, as you can adjust the amount of steam. There are plenty of other handy features that garment steamers have. You can find out more about them by experimenting with the filters on the left-hand side of the page below.