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Priceline Sister Club

Priceline Sister Club

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Waste of time & space

Forgot my card, contacted Priceline on line and eventually had rewards added. Went to Priceline today, at the checkout was told "Oh you've got $5 running out soon", so I said "OK deduct it from the total please." After several attempts it was not possible because of a system error. "Sorry come back another day"
Don't think so, not going to a shop just to buy something that I don't really want.
Summing up - Waste of time collecting the rewards.....

Excellent rewards

I purchased a card so I can use it when I shop at any Princeline so I can earn points and rewards when I get over a certain number required.

Excellent rewards

Have been a Priceline shopper and member for years.
I really love accumulating my points and being able to get the reward off my purchases.
I have found Priceline to be of friendly service.
There quite a few stores around Sydney and also have the option to buy online.
Really happy with it.

Excellent for women

I love how friendly and pro woman this whole thing is. Priceline is a great place to shop: they always have sales so it's easy to get points, plus, as I said, very pro woman and encouraging to their female customers of all ages. The rewards are decent and the staff are always open to questions regarding the Club. Great experience!

Blatantly female biased and clearly discriminatory against males

Blatantly female biased and clearly discriminatory against males - PriceLine is now my nearest local pharmacy for MedAdvisor - hence I have just joined 'PriceLine's Sister Club' as there was no 'PriceLine Brotherhood'. On looking at my current offers they are all female products. And this is a direct quote from their Sisterhood web-site link - " Because serious illness touches us all, help us to raise money and share the stories of those affected by serious illness. Find out how you can help us, help women around Australia!. " And there you have it in a nutshell - apparently us blokes are not supposed to get serious illnesses. If there were a male orientated site then we would probably be taken to court under equality and diversity laws - being female is not an exclusive right to only look after your own health but being part of the human race is. I am surprised that this has been allowed to continue for so long. In my own opinion this is reverse discrimination and elitism of the highest degree.

Actually get money back

One of the few rewards card systems where you frequently get money back to spend on your next purchase. You have to shop there regularly, granted, but it's nearly as greedy as say Woolworths rewards where you need to spend over $2000 to get anything back.

Rewards card

Cut card up yesterday. Don't like being asked for donations at cashier I would rather pay full price and not be embarrassed into giving when I don't want to.

How about a Brothers Club

I've often been invited to joining the Sisters loyalty club but being a mere man have declined... now that Priceline can no longer provide men's hormone supplements I now get my scripts at Chempro or Chemist warehouse... I presume if I was a sister or any female I could access female supplements...

Why not on scripts

So I think the rewards card is great but why don't we get reward points on scripts?
I spend a fortune on scripts and it would of been nice to get a little reward back coz I always make sure I go to the same Priceline pharmacy even if it is out of my way.

great place for lady's to shop

On the weekend I had to find some gifts for friends. I went to the Colonnades Price line store , I had to enquire about a couple of things and the young lady who helped me, was perhaps the nicest I have encountered in Adelaide. Her manners and her desire to be of service was beyond and above. well done !!

Good rewards

When I got married I had to change my name, all I had to do was email Priceline and they changed my name ASAP.
Always very happy shopping there and I am glad I signed up to the sisterclub.
I love getting the rewards!
I go to buy something and they say I have $3 on my card would I like to use.
The easiest rewards system ever!

Sensible shoppers never EVER join any loyalty program

Sensible shoppers never EVER join any loyalty program! These companies spend millions running those programs because they profit. They want us to sign up, they tell the register operators to ask us to join. But for all the points, offers, freebies and discounts (the 3%Priceline reward or 1 dollar for every 100 or so points, is laughable to anyone that can afford to spend 100 dollars), we really are not getting the better end of the deal. The truth: Loyalty schemes provide retailers with an astounding volume of data: your age, gender, address and household size. Every time we scan our loyalty card at the register, our transaction is recorded against our account. They use the information to compare us to everyone else with similar profiles so they can more easily pitch us products the data analysis has predicted we're likely to buy. It's called targeted marketing. Even if not a member they still collect our demographic data through pay pass and credit purchases. Next time use cash or your debit card's pin number...

This is a good rewards system

The Sister Club for priceline is good and they give you good rewards after spending a bit of money! they have to keep the rewards lowish because of the large size of the chain business however it is good for small savings on a great range of cosmetic and pharmacy products.

Gift card

I was pleasantly surprised when i received my gift Shopping Voucher to the value of $31.12. Thank you.
My delight changed to disappointment when I spent approximately $15.00 and expected to get the voucher back because it still had $15.00 on it to spend. Imagine my surprise when i was told by the assistant that i do not get to keep the voucher as it now had a vale of $0.00.
I feel that this should be made clearer to the customer and be printed on the front of the voucher. If i had known of course i would have spent the total amount.

My no. 1 reward program (and best it's free)

Priceline sister club is by far one of the better ones in Australia (I definitely had much better ones in other countries that I have lived). First it's free to join and no membership fees, second, it sends out a voucher to you every quarter if you are eligible (postage aint cheap in Australia), third, you can get double points during certain promotion. Only reason it's not 5 stars because I prefer the voucher to be digitalized (I lost 2 vouchers twice unfortunately once when I moved house and forgot to update, and the next one it got missing in transit)
-- now five stars because I can redeem at the store without the vouchers!

So little for such a big spend

I received a voucher for $25.80 as a reward for spending almost $700. Is that all! Gee I thought a loyal member would get at least $50. Very tight.

Really NOT worth it!

I shop at Priceline at least twice a week. Nothing big but still. And honestly I think in 7 months I've accumulated $3 off! Considering they get all this free data from you, I wouldn't do it again. It feels like a fake rewards program to get data and someone to spam.

Maybelline Nude Eyeshadow pallette

I bought the Maybelline Nude eye pallette. Very happy with it. Also good price. Would recommend to everyone. The shades are very natural and day eve friendly.

Not bad,a few dollars off

It's okay,comes in handy when youre looking for a few dollars and you have no loose change.I have been with for 7years

Can't even get on online.

Was given a card in the store and my email address was taken. Was told I could add my details online but find it impossible because it keeps asking for a password which I don't have and when I click on forgot password it goes nowhere. Waste of time.

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Questions & Answers

How do I add purchase amount to get sister points
No answers

I signed up on line for the membership how long does it take to receive the card
1 answer
Usually takes 2 weeks

I was given a Priceline card and told to wait for the email to register, that was over 2 weeks ago. I have missed out on points because of this. What can I do?
2 answers
Hi Sara I would call their customer service line and ask them what is happening and whereabouts it is. Tell them re missing out on points. Hopefully they can shed some light for you.Do they have an email address as I live in NZ but travel to Australia often?

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