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Pure Health Clubs

Pure Health Clubs

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My experience with Pure Health Clubs (Newstead) fell short of my smallest expectations I had, as this was purchased as a Groupon. Myself, along with two friends had booked in for a class one evening, where we all received confirmation emails of our spots in the class. When we arrived, the instructor ran right past us without a greeting. So we awkwardly stood at the front desk before eventually just walking into the class room. When we walked into the room, we quickly realised there wasn't a single spot available for us. The instructor still did not acknowledge us, and then just started the class. The three of us stood in the back of the room watching, wondering what was actually going on. We eventually left after a few minutes, walked back out into the corridor, passing yet another employee that didn't acknowledge us. Very disappointing experience. Will never return. Will never recommend.

Value for Money

Extremely unprofessional & poor customer service

I’ve experienced extremely unprofessional & poor customer service from Pure Health Newstead since 9th November 2018 and after my access to book classes was (again) stopped for no reason. I requested immediate cancellation (& no further charges) after 6 days of no access (that was pre-paid) and despite making 4 phone calls to request the issue to be fixed.

Pure Health Newstead ignored my initial cancellation request and following 3 emails, the phone rang out within business hours and after taking time off work to go into the studio to speak directly –
• I received no apology or explanation for why my access was stopped for 6 days
• I was refused a refund for the days I was denied access as apparently refunds are strictly against company policy
• My request for immediate cancellation was refused. I was advised I would continue to be charged a month of upfront gym membership fees (from 13th Nov) per contract, despite what has happened since 8th November

Having been a loyal member for over 4 years, I am extremely disappointed as (expressed in my email to Pure Health on 13-Nov), I have always been a huge supporter of the style of gym, Marina’s hands-on approach, the workshops, style & variety of classes Pure Health offers.

Terrible service do not go to pure health Newstead

So unhappy with my experience at pure health Newstead! I purchased a Groupon and tried to get a confirmation email (which had been written down wrong, unsure who was at fault) I had not received the email so I emailed the clinic, no reply, I emailed again, no reply, I called and left a voice mail, no reply. Then I was upset and wanted a refund (now they reply) they refused and said it was my fault. Do not go to this gym, they are very unprofessional and unreasonable!!!

Unprofessional, unfriendly and terrible service.

This is the worst possible gym I have been to by far. I joined the Coorparoo gym excited by the rnage of classes and I was offered Pt sessions and a membership, where for an extra $10 you had a small chance of getting into a reformer class that was booked out days in advance. you coudl never actaully easily book and they would notify you at useless hours that a spot was free, always too late to actually attend. class schedule were changed constantly and classes were pulled out and you ahd to upgrade your membership yet agian to attend the new classes.
I had to chase up the trainers for my PT session and when I finally had a time set I showed up only for the Pt to wander around the gym then finally come and introduce himself after ten minutes had passed then informed me that he wanted to spend the other 20 minutes filling out a form instead of actually even going near any equipment as he couldn't locate my paperwork.
they are unprofessional, unfriendly and they lock you into a contract that is completely non negotiable. They don't care about life changes and expect you to pay 12 months full rate for something you cant barely ever use.
strongly recommend to go elsewhere.


I've been a member of Pure for approx. 6 months and it is by far the best gym I've been to. The class schedule is perfect for city workers - I'm able to go to the gym before/after work and/or during lunch time. The 30 minute lunch time classes are perfect. There are so many different classes to try - matwork pilates, reformer pilates, yoga, cardio based classes (the 'bounce' class on mini trampolines is so much fun), weights based classes, cycle, barre - you will never get bored. Personally, my favourite class is the reformer pilates!!! Try it and you will be addicted!!!
The staff at Pure are super friendly and full of energy. I'm so glad that I have found this place! I wouldn't feel right going to another gym after being here!! Couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Works for me

I have been going to Pure for close to a year now, as a city worker it's very convenient to pop in after work. Every afternoon offers a variety of options and I am never bored. The popular classes can get booked pretty quickly but I see improvements in the timetable. The staff is friendly and supportive.

Like a gym, but much much better!

Since joining Pure in the CBD, I've been going nearly every day. Things I love about Pure include:
* the incredible variety of fun classes -- even visiting daily (sometimes twice a day!) there's literally no way I can get to everything I want to!
* the energy, friendliness, and positivity of all the instructors I've worked with there
* a welcoming atmosphere that promotes wellness and wholeness rather than competitveness or one-upmanship

They say they're an "anti-gym" and I think that's pretty accurate.

Love the variety

My favourite thing about Pure is the huge variety of classes - I pretty much go to a different one every day so exercise is never boring! I never enjoyed working out before and now I actually look forward to it every day after work. I also think the membership is pretty great value for the amount of classes available, compared to other gyms/studios.
The staff are friendly and the instructors seem very knowledgeable - the focus is on good form to prevent injury.
Booking into classes is easy with the app, the only issue is the popular classes do fill up really quickly but if you go on the wait list you can often still get in as there are usually people who cancel.

Best part of my day

Love this place. I look forward to ending the day with a visit. They have a huge range of classes - something for everyone - and extra events to keep you interested. The staff are lively and welcoming and instructors highly experienced.

Really enjoying my Pure Membership!

Like the other reviews, the value at Pure really lies in the variety of classes and a timetable that caters for city workers (thank you!!). That being said I also love making use of the cardio + weights equipment also.
I think the pricing is competitive (particular against reformer / l agree studio's) + I'm pretty excited about the local pods opening up (no excuse for missing a workout when I'm working from home)!

Great Gym!

Good classes, and friendly staff. Shower and change facilities can get busy during peak times. Recently extended my contract, because I really enjoy going and have been getting great results. CBD studio is really conveniently located, classes are kept fresh and work the whole body. New app makes booking classes easy as.

Friendly, fun and so much variety!

I love the variety of classes! The staff are very welcoming and approachable. I have done strength training with their personal trainers who are very knowledgable and are great motivators. The class timings are perfect. I would highly recommend Pure to anyone ready to commit to improving their physical fitness.

Great for a first timer

Lots of variety of classes for different levels, instructors are friendly and always available for a chat. If the reformer classes are booked out, there are plenty of other options for classes.

I love this gym!

I have been a member with Pure for over 6 years now. Instructors are knowledgable and caring. No pushy sales. Genuine friendly staff. Classes are amazing and so different - always challenging. Easy booking with an app. Amazing environment. Great value for money. Love Bounce and Reformer!

Excellent facilities, great classes & friendly staff.

I have joined a few gyms previously but had lost interest after a few months. Pure offers a great range of classes that are fun & inspiration. I also like the free assessments that track my progress and was so excited to have lost 10cm from my hips within 2 months. I am seeing great results because the gym facilities & friendly staff.

Wish I had read the reviews first

Sad and dishonest sales tactics, typical gym stuff, will pressure you and try to get any cash can out of you. As the below review said, near impossible to get into the classes. No chance of getting out of contract and it is well over priced.

Shocking experience

Don't sign that contract. The classes are almost impossible to get in to and they won't let you out of the contract. I managed to register for one class in the last month because I was literally hovering over my mobile waiting for the 'booking window' to open. The class is full a few minutes later. They have obviously over-subscribed their membership and clients are left to scrabble for the limited number of places in each class. And who is thinking about their Tuesday pilates class at 7am on a Sunday morning? What a crazy system.


I honestly have never been more disappointed in a gym. Expect them to do everything they can to squeeze every last cent out of you. They will take someone who feels insecure about their body about their body and exploit them with high priced long contracts that are virtually impossible to get out of. If your experience is anything like mine, as soon as you have signed that piece of paper the staff will turn from kind and understanding to dismissive and plain rude.


I've been going to Pure for years. It's not a trendy gym, but these are serious pilates classes. The classes are interesting and varied. The instructors are professional, helpful and friendly. This is a family business and the owners (a couple) are often there and conduct classes. I'm told the yoga classes are very good too. I recommend Pure to anyone wanting to do Pilates or Yoga.
Friendly and professional staff. Interesting and varied pilates classes. The only group reformer classes in Brisbane.

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