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Purina Dental Care Fresh Breath Chews

Purina Dental Care Fresh Breath Chews

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Do not buy

I saw an advertisement on television for the new Purina Dentalife sticks for dogs and thought they must be of better quality than the Pedigree ones which make my dog vomit. Unfortunately not. Within hours of eating it, it has made my dog terribly sick and she was vomiting everywhere. The only reputable and good brand of denta sticks for dogs are Greenies. They are a premium price and worth every cent, they are not like these toxic Purina or Pedigree ones. Do not feed them to your dogs.

Purina Dental Chews

I am amazed that Purina have discontinued an item as they say due to low sales when there are obviously many people who like them and want them and think they are a great product. My dog won't eat any other chews I have tried everything. Purina please bring them back.

Can't find favourite Dental Chews.

I can't find them anymore in Coles or Woolworths, they are the only ones my dog likes. Who stocks them in Gippsland ?

Purina Supercoat Dental chews

I am from Adelaide and cannot find Purina Dental chews on the selves at Woolworth's or Cole's anymore??
Most annoying as they are nice and soft for my 9 year old small poodle cross. All others on the market are too hard for dogs with old teeth, please please put back on the selves!

Excellent Product . Far better than Pedigree

There was one particular product I used for my dogs years ago which worked incredibly well! then they stopped selling them . I then tries pedigree denta bones but switched to purina once they were on the shelfs . Pedigree worked well in Preventing tater but was awfull in removing it . Purina does both it removes tatar and prevents it very very well

Purina Dental Care Fresh Breath Chews / Medicated shampoo.

The Dental Care Chews are (were) a superb product which my Schnauzer loved and which kept his breath fresh. Only product now available is too hard and he turns up his nose at it. I don't know why they were deemed to be "slow" as they disappeared as soon as they hit the shelves. If they came back I'd certainly stock pile so that we don't run out again.

As for the Shampoo - again a wonderfully fresh and effective product. Hope these too don't disappear.
The minty smell obviously the fact that that my dog loved them and they were his special treat.

Angry! Grrr!

My dog also loved these chews, & I couldn't find them in the shops recently either, so rang Pruina, only to be told they had been taken off the market, due to slow sales!!!!! The lady told me she has had numerous complaints, so let's hope this might encourage the company into reselling them again very soon......
Inexpensive for the job they did.....

Cannot find anymore

Excellent fresh breath chews for dogs. Can no longer find at Woolworths Granville or Parramatta. Are they still available to purchase ? Both my 7+ years cattle cross dogs loved them, excellent for their doggy breath but most of all the mint seemed to settle their upset tummies and I noticed they did not seem to eat as much grass.
Excellent product, fresh, inexpensive..Fresh mint and pasley great for settling my senior dogs tummies

These R Awesome but where can I buy them now?

Can't find the dental chews at Coles or Woolies anymore... Nor at the local pet stores. Nothing else works the same and my dog also loved these also, so it's a double whammy to not be able to buy them. I'd be happy to buy them online if you can point me towards a suitable site.
Minty helped breath... Dog loves them so he's happy and I'm happy.
Can't buy it locally

My dog loved them, please let me know where I can buy a box full before they vanish for good.We are having trouble finding these anywhere too! Dog loved them, nothing else works to the right balance of breath fresh & not irritating a sensitive stomach!


my dog loves these dental sticks they have a nice smell and my dog never has "dog breath". They come in packs of six and are a little cheaper than some of the other brands but I tried others and they don't have the same pleasant smell that these do a kind of minty smell.
dog love them

Questions & Answers

Can you please bring back Fresh Breath Chews....alternatives are too hard for my aging dog. These were the only ones suitable. Many people will start buying them again if you make them available.
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My dog cries everynight asking for these fresh breath chews, please Purina bring them back! cant find them anywhere in Melbourne!!!

Where can I buy Fresh Breath Chews in Melbourne. Coles Woolies and IGA don't have them anymore?
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I've had to change brands as I can't find them in any of the supermarkets either. After having a look on the website I don't think Purina make them anymore.

Are Purina Dental Care Fresh Breath Chews made any more? I find they are the only chews that actually work. They are not online on the Purina Products list.
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I haven't seen them in the store for quite a long time now, I usually shop at woolworths.

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