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Very disappointed in paying a lot of money for my husband to join the Qantas Club and NEVER been able to use the club. Greatest waste of money. Would NEVER RECOMMEND joining again...…...


Qantas Domestic Lounge Brisbaine

I used my points for a lounge invitation to the Qantas domestic lounge in Brisbane.
I found the service at reception first of all to be unfriendly, although I had booked online, I was asked to produce my booking in the app, then further in an email. Qantas should make sure their system is connected as I don't see why I have my information on my apps and they don't.

The lounge was very big but also very crowded. There was food on the floor everywhere and most tables had not been cleared of leftover food and drink. This was still the case close to closing time when it became less busy, so there was no excuse. The food was average at best, old school 80s salad bar selection with ham and cheese and some old salad - please take a look at what we eat these days. I have much better food in my fridge at home.

Advice - do not spend your dollars on this lounge as it's not worth it.


collecting Points

Absolutely pathetic point system for members. In my opinion, it is a deliberate tactic to make a difficult and unpleasant experience to earn points and status pints. I have to constantly chaise my points. It is insane that as members we do not get points automatically when we book a flight. In stead, we have to the waist so much time to make sure we get it. I wished I never paid for the membership as it is worthless pis of crap. I always have trouble logging in. Tried to reset my pin after an unsuccessful attempt to log in to point claiming portal. Impossible mission. An online chat is only open during the day!!! What a joke.


The worst club lounge

Just flew in from Canberra and the Melbourne lounge is embassasing. It has the ambiance of a corridor. Dreadfully uncomfortable seats and it is dark and oppressive. No natural light!! It should be manditory for the Designer and the senior management of Qantas to use this lounge exclusively while in melbourne, because I bet they don’t!

Worst lounge v worst food

The new Melbourne QC lounge has got to be the worst since it’s “upgrade”. No natural light, always crowded and uncomfortable furniture...

But I think the worst food would have to be Sydney. Just plain awful, tired “salad”, sliced ham and sliced cheese. Even Brisbane or Cairns is better!


I certainly would not call this an upgrade. Menu selection very poor. Only salads for travellers that can’t or don’t eat hot spicy food. Dessert selection consisted of 3 almost inedible segments of cake. There was however TWO cheeses to select from. Staff to clean tables were almost nonexistent. Seating was also difficult to find.

Worst business lounge

Staff that can’t be bothered, average food, dirty toilets, only thing going for this lounge is comfortable seats and lots of them

One word - uncomfortable

Given some of the exciting new lounge designs internationally, I was looking forward to seeing the new Melb upgrade. Sadly I have to say that the only word that comes to mind is ‘uncomfortable’. The lounge, as the name implies, should be a place to relax in comfort. The new furniture definitely hasn’t been designed with this in mind.
None of the seating is comfortable. With some changes to seating there would be a big improvement.
Overall disappointed in the new design.

Rip off

This is a general review of all lounges in the Qantas network. After more than 10 years of membership, I have been saddened to watch the decline of what was once a reputable airport lounge network. Reading the other reviews of QClub with interest, I am in complete agreement with those who have complained about being refused entry to overseas or about lounges being closed at the times that most Australians are flying, ie. early morning or late at night. I now approach each QClub lounge with trepidation, as I am so used to being given some lame excuse as to why my membership counts for nothing, either because the lounge is closed or because I have no entitlement in that country. When we were recently refused entry to the Dubai lounge due to there being no QF number on our tickets despite having booked through Qantas, I quickly realised that the Qantas on line booking system is clearly being used to trick poor Q club members into booking under code share flight numbers so that they will then be refused entry to the club despite having paid thousands in membership fees. There is no warning when booking code share flights that lounge membership will not be honoured despite the clearly identifying frequent flyer number being used at the time of booking. In Dubai, the staff at the lounge entrance told me not to blame Emirates, that it was a Qantas decision to refuse passengers like us entry, and that they get lots of complaints about this on a daily basis. At least now I am aware of this trick and won't make the same mistake again. I agree with one of the other aggrieved reviewers on this site, who canvassed the idea of taking the complaint about the QClub to the ACCC after being refused entry in Singapore. There was a perfectly good lounge in Singapore until they did a so called upgrade which reduced the floor space and seating. Now that they are sending all their flights to London through Singapore again, surprise, there's not enough room and members are being sent to a sub standard lounge. The people who are running Qantas have no foresight or just don't care as can be witnessed by the debacle that is now the Melbourne lounge. I was even rejected from the lounge in Denpasar, as I was only flying Jetstar economy and not Jetstar Business. Despite being a QClub member, I was refused access. This was in the days before they had restored the Qantas flights to the Denpasar route so I had no choice but to fly Jetstar. It seems that they are always trying to invent new ways of excluding paying customers even to the point of closing the lounges as ridiculous times of day. On leaving Sydney for Dubai on a 6am flight last year, we were shocked that the lounge was closed when we arrived despite there being a plane load of Qantas passengers being forced to slum around Sydney international. When I joined over ten years ago, there seemed to be a lot more access, the food was substantially better, there was more seating, there were more telephones, and it was a relaxing experience. Now I feel only resentment about being ripped off.

Melbourne club downgrade

The renovated Qantas Club at Melbourne has shown the lowly non-business class Qantas Club member their place in the pecking order. The design, like a modern cafe, has ambiance, furniture and hard acoustically resonating surfaces to encourage discomfort and a quick turnover. The footprint is smaller than the previous club ensuring that it gets very crowded which is exacerbated by the furniture arrangements that presume that most people will be happy to share tables. The claustrophobic feel of long crowded space is made worse by the removal of any loss of external windows. I know the aim was to improve the business class lounge but it has sent a message loud and clear that QC users are second class citizens.

“Improved” Melbourne Qantas lounge

For a plane enthusiast, Melbourne was the best QC lounge in the country, bar none. Now, Unless you are fortunate enough to be flying business you get a fantastic view of your fellow passengers waiting to go through security. Better views from the gate!
People tripping over each other in the condensed food servery only adds to the experience.
Well done qantas!

Qantas Melbourne Airport decore a bad joke

Is there someone hidden in Qantas intent on trashing this once great company?

I finally got Gold status the other day and there is almost no difference if you are a Silver QC member or a Gold member. Not enough difference to strive to be gold.

Everytime you turn around they are either devaluing the QFF Points or they are taking away a benifit of belonging to the QClub.

But I walked into what could only be discribed as the most hideous sight I have seen for a while. The new QC Melbourne. They have taken away the windows so you have no natural light.

Those windows are now for the elite next door. You have to be flying business class or have so many status points that you go platinum to enjoy what we mortals once enjoyed.

Cheap uncomfortable furniture, no carpet, noisy. You are better off at Gloria Jeans down stairs where the decore is better.

I feel Qantas is almost rubbing our noses in the fact that we are not platinum or a business class passenger by making such a clear distinction in its lounges with down graded facilities.

Fire whoever this person is who is trashing our great airline.

Australian Wines taste like vinegar

A sparse space lacking ambiance. Basic foods, the Australian red wines taste like vinegar.
You would be better off in the airport departure lounge. Nothing in The Quantas lounge would make you feel like you are a business traveller.

All the crew on at the time I am in the lounge have gone above and beyond . Front of house sue and J

Edie and Coby from tsv Qantas had great customer service crew all ways give me and the rest the best of cair with food and coffe
With thanks

Melbourne Qantas Club Lounge = Terrible

The public space downstairs provides similar comfort. Some super cool creative designer has really mugged Qantas off here. its terrible...loud crowded absolutely zero comfort. Its like a bad cafe at a highway service stop.

QANTAS do not roll this rubbish out elsewhere PLEASE!

Melbourne Qantas Lounge

Visited the the Melbourne Qantas Club 2 weeks ago for the first time in a while. The lounge has been transformed from a very pleasant and open space to a dingy, loud alleyway.
There is no escape from the noise, everyone coming in and out walks past everyone else! Virgin in Melbourne leaves it for dead.

Melbourne Qantas Club Lounge absolutely terrible

The newly renovated Melbourne Qantas club lounge is an absolute low point in Qantas lounges across Australia.

The designers have tried to be contemporary but have completely missed the mark in terms of what members want. Many qantas club members enjoy a quiet “lounge” environment away from the bustle of the terminal. The Melbourne lounge has completely failed to provide that.

It’s noisy, overcrowded and with poor ambient lighting. It’s like a cafeteria and that’s if you’re lucky enough to even get a seat. There is not one relaxing aspect to this environment.

Don’t repeat this mistake in other locations please Qantas. You’ve really got this one terribly wrong.

Don’t join Qantas Club!!!!

Just arrived back from a return trip to Fiji on the qantas partner airline, Fiji Airlines. In preparation for our return flight we arrived at the Fiji / Qantas Club lounge only to be told we didn’t qualify because our qantas club membership was not at gold or premium. In the past we would have qualified but due to my husband being diagnosed with cancer we have not been able to fly. The young lady did say we could pay to get access. We fly qantas or their partners as we are QClub members. I have a three year membership and have been a member for 18 years. If this is how we will be treated I will not be renewing and will now investigate other airline services.

A new low in airline travel

Now let me start by stating that I have low expectations when it comes to airline customer service in this country. The Asian and Middle Eastern airlines set the pace for customer service and bring shame upon Qantas in particular. However, having just checked into the Qantas club in Cairns, even my dismally low expectations failed to be met. The very drab woman at the “reception” desk had the persona of a prison warden giving the impression she would rather be elsewhere. Frankly, for the sake of Qantas and their passengers, she would be better placed in a back office role. Perhaps it’s time to think about taking my custom and that of my organisation to the other airline.

Denied access to Qantas Singapore lounge

My husband and I went to Qantas Singapore lounge but we were Denied to enter due to capacity issue, then directed to SATS Lounge.
SATS Lounge is just ok, but not as good as Qantas Singapore lounge. There is no sparkling wine, no liqueur, no tap beer, tiger beer is warm, less variety of food, no service.
If you are a priority Pass member, you can access SATS Lounge regardless of which airline you're flying with.

There is no point to extend Qantas club membership hence there is no point to fly with Qantas anymore.

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