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Luggage off-loaded and left in Brisbane.

I took a domestic flight from Brisbane to Alice Springs June 23, and when we arrived passengers were told at the Alice Springs baggage collection point that 48 (?) pieces of passengers' luggage had been off-loaded and left in Brisbane. No explanation and no apology other than it was the "Pilot's decision". There was no recompense either other than passengers being given a night packet of PJs, toothpaste, etc. Now since Alice Springs is a holiday and work destination, this meant that those passengers wouldn't receive their luggage (change of clothes and accessories) for at least another 24 hours; by which time many had already left Alice for other destinations due to prior commitments, bookings, etc. The aircraft felt very heavy on take-off and landing. This behaviour on the part of QantasLink seems very underhanded and sneaky when this was basically a paying passenger flight and people depended on having their luggage when they arrived; the cost of the flight from Brisbane to Alice Springs is not cheap. We still don't know why so many bags were off-loaded. I suspect it was for freight but what could be so important to inconvenience passengers like that? Why would the airline do this? And can they do this without any plausible explanation or compensation? I don't think "Pilot's decision" cuts it. Yes, I'm sure there is "fine print" somewhere that allows the airline to do this, but is it ethical to off-load luggage for freight? And, by the way, how come luggage is allowed to travel on another aircraft, when there is no accompanying passenger?

Added to this, the in-flight meal consisted of Pork Buns which were absolutely disgusting; the seats in our area of the plane wreaked of vomit and there was no in-flight entertainment, not even for personal devices.

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
DestinationAlice Springs NT, Australia
BookingThrough Airline

$735 ticket one way and refused a glass of water.

Needed to book a last minute flight from Sydney to Coffs Harbour. When the crew were collecting rubbish I went to ask the lady (Bridgette) if I could have a water but before I could even finish the sentence she cut me off and said “we don’t have time we need to clear rubbish”. She then went to the back of the plane and was having a social conversation with her colleague for 10-15 mins before the seat belt sign came on for landing. Then when exiting the plane she had her head in her bag txting on her phone and didn’t farewell us. I just would expect in future more respect especially after paying $735 one way.

Qantaslink Mackay to Brisbane

I flew from Mackay to Brisbane on Qantaslink during September 2019. The cabin was so stuffy that myself and the passenger beside me both noticed how hot it was. The airconditioner was not on while we were loading and didn't start working correctly until I complained after approximately 20 minutes in the air. The cabin crew had to ask the pilots to turn up the airconditioner as I was feeling feint. I have spoken to a few people since and they say that Qantas cuts cost by not putting the airconditioner on while on the ground. It also appears they do not care about customer comfort in the air either. I flew Virgin from Brisbane to Mackay and the cabin had fresh air pumping into it on the ground, the whole flight and on landing. I will be going Virgin from now on.


I've flown QantasLink for many years from Mildura (YMIA) to Melbourne (YMML) & I simply can't fault them I'm legally blind & I also have Fibromyalgia Syndrome & Arthritis so I need help getting to the gate & to get on the aircraft (Dash 8 Q400), The staff I've dealt with have been absolutely amazing & have helped me above & beyond which you don't get much of these days. I only ever had one flight delay but I was compensated more than enough to spend $15.00 at the Mildura Airport Cafe so I was able get breakfast which I had skipped that morning because I was In a rush.

I've also found that connecting to other QANTAS flights have been a smooth process as I went to Perth a couple of years ago & I was able to check my bag In at Mildura & It was waiting for me when I had landed In Perth, Once I was off the Mildura to Melbourne flight I was taken to the correct gate without any delay & as I said earlier In the review the staff have helped me In every way so I had a enjoyable flight experience - I highly recommend QantasLink to any regional traveler who may need some kind of assistance.

Terrible check in on Qantaslink flight

I am leading a group of 15 Americans on holiday for two weeks, flying around Australia and celebrating 4 birthdays, including a 60th and 70th birthday. We are going top drawer on this trip, except, it seems, with respect to the Qantaslink flight we had today. The flight itself was not bad. The newish B717 was all economy, but it had large overhead storage and was fine for the 2 hour flight. What was NOT good was the enforcement of a 7kg limit on our carryon bags. As you might expect, for two weeks, we do have quite a bit of luggage. I travel on major international trips 5-6 times a year, and have been to 100 countries and on dozens of airlines. I have never had my cabin baggage weighed, until today. They weighed our bags and enforced a 7kg limit per passenger, which is almost nothing. I carry over $10,000 in photographic equipment alone, and the new carryon bag easily fits the size limits. My personal item also fits the size limits, but the photo equipment and paperwork for our 15 passenger group certainly adds to the weight. Our tour director, a travel agent and personal friend, was forced to check her personal computer, something on which she relies for her livelihood. We all repacked to the best of our ability in the airport, but it took several efforts to get so 7 kg. Then, Qantaslink charged us for the expected additional bags that we had to check because of this stupid limit. It cost me $160 for two additional bags for the two hour flight from Ayers Rock to Cairns. One would never have known that Qantas was in such dire financial straights! A number of our party flew the Qantas A380 service from Dallas to Sydney, and of course their bags were not weighed. To say that we are disappointed in this behavior from this airline is a great understatement. As trip planner, I am embarrassed that I booked our itinerary expecting standard airline practices to apply, and as a result caused other members of our group significant baggage charges. The real kicker is when I told the checkin agent that I was going to write a number of negative social media reviews, she told me to shut up or she would consider it a threat and call the authorities! You have got to be kidding me! I would expect that in Cuba or North Korea, never in Australia. So here I am, putting this information out there, and advising anyone thinking of flying Qantaslink to think carefully about their choice.

Qantas B217-200 terrible noisy aircraft

I recently had the most terrible flight ever with Qantas. I had no idea that Qantas used such old fashioned Aircraft an old rear 2 engines plane.
The legroom was very cramped but the most appalling thing was the noise of this aircraft. I have worked in noisy factories but the noise level was excruciating. I feel sorry for the air hostess that had to work in this plane, as i am sure such noise levels are harmful and wouldn't be allowed in a modern workplace. As such i have vowed never to fly Qantas again, i must say that the air hostess was very good and apologized about the noise.

Shocking crew, shocking service, shocking attudes for such expensive travel

We flew Cairns to Mackay at least once a week and had no choice but to fly Qantas Link. We had the rudest staff member who lied to the Captain that we swore at him when we asked a question who then asked us to leave without even a query. The ground staff were shocked! This young man was regularly on this flight. I saw him spill coffee twice on two flights and also berate an elderly lady who needed the bathroom immediately after the seat belt sign went on! NEVER ever fly with them again! Received an apology from airline but not good enough! Staff are generally rude and need training. Maybe because it is an airline many "workers" use they think they can drop the standards. Well we have paid $895 ONE WAY Crns-Mackay on one flight as we had to get down urgently! We love Qantas but this regional airline has a lot to learn and is one of the most expensive!

Excellently service and always on time.

Qantas link flies from my local airport (DPO) to take me to Melbourne for any connecting flight. It's only a 1 hour flight and a snack and drink is always served. The planes have increased over the years from 45 seats to 75 seats. A bigger turbo prop as it's called. The staff are always very helpful and the airline is always number 1. The benefits when flying with Qantas for a connecting international flight are superb. Baggage is checked in to your final destination and you can get the best choice of seats for the long haul flight too.

Some needs some training on customer service

2/1/17 direct flight from Karratha to Perth was diverted to Newman to pick up two staff pilots. There was a two hour stopover in Perth for connecting QANTAS flights to East on the booked direct flight. The diversion to Newman took longer than this (hours sitting around on the plane), connecting QANTAS flights missed thanks to QANTASLINK placing customer service, delivery LAST, so ended up on a round Australia tour of flights arriving at destination hours later.

Recommend for back packers with no commitments deadlines to meet, and great for mystery flight tours to your destination!

Excellent Service, Suited Perfectly to the Route.

All EAA flights are now operated as QantasLink, therefore you get all the perks of a big airline! You can seamlessly connect to wherever in the world that Qantas flies to the regional destinations served by QantasLink. Overall, a very enjoyable experience! Plane was Bombardier Q400, and brand new (QF are upgrading whole regional fleet). Seat 3A, the crew were very friendly and will do anything to help. A one and a half hour flight, food and drinks were served (complimentary on QF), then drinks were served again. There was an elderly lady sitting next to me, who had a near asthma attack, but the crew had it under control, to her aid in seconds, without needing to be asked, and handled the situation very professionally. The flight was from Melbourne to Devonport and ou plane arrived in Melbourne early, and took off 7 minutes ahead of schedule landing 11 minutes early. Overall A++, nothing i could criticise at all, the only competition on that particular route is Rex, and they could take a lesson.
Reliable, Crew Friendly, Plane New, Seat Comfortable, You Get Your Money's Worth!

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I would like to know where and who I contact to put in a complaint about my recent flight from Brisbane to Charleville. Thankyou
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