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Smooth ride but not such a perfect pram

I have this pram for 2 years. It rides smoothly on grass, bumpy road. Even though it has air tyres, it has gone flat yet.

The not so good part: it is 15kg in weight so it is heavy for me to move it up and down the car. Also, it is quite bulky and take up a lot of space. I think it should carry up to 20kg weight, instead of 17kg only. For such a heavy pram, it won't last long. My child is 2.5 years old and almost outgrow it. A lot of good quality pram can carry 20kg.

I feel that for such an expensive pram, it can be better. I recommend to look around for other pram if you got the budget. I got suck in by the look which is rather unique. Wish I have purchase other one.

Very stylish and good steering!

Very good stroller with good steering and great looks! Easy to fold and put to the car. There are some minuses tho. Storage area a bit small. As folded up, the clip that holds it folded gets worn out and unfolds itself randomly. WHEELs start to make noise, plastic sound. Very annoying part of the stroller. Otherwise its a good one.

This one is awesome

It's so cool, it's easy light weight , and foldable and good view for baby to see the world and good for short with a basket below even easier in public transportation. Love the red colour in it you can fold and keep it in car takes small space and can go to Costco too for big shopping.

I'm in love

I love this pram. It is super easy to manoeuvre. I purchased as a travel system and loved being able to take a sleeping Bub in and out of the car without disturbing her. This is incredibly easy to do. We have now outgrown the capsule and have moved into the pram seat. this pram is super easy to fold and unfold. I have read some reviews saying it's very heavy but have not found this to be the case, even my 13 yr old can easily take it in and out of the boot. I think the basket could be a little bigger but it's big enough to put a couple of bags of shopping in. I am constantly stopped by strangers to comment on my pram and ask questions about it. It's quite a bit cheaper compared to the price of some other travel system prams. Worth every cent and I think my most useful baby purchase. Highly recommend

Hated it

This pram looks great but it's the worst pram I've owned. The basket is hardly a basket at all let alone functional. It's very heavy considering it doesn't hold alot of weight the frame is very bulky and heavy the wheels are very bulky making it hard to get around at the shops and the canopy is flimsy made and barely functional

Perfect Product

I just love it. So easy to use. Excellent design, light weight, great customer service, perfect structure, lovely colour and very durable. I think this is the best gift for my baby. I can't live without it. Every parent to be should consider buying this product, at lease give it a try.

After having this pram for 7.5 months.

I have already reviewed this pram back in May 2015 when I originally bought it but this is additional information.
I stand behind most what I said at the start, Pram is fantastic, however it does have a few downsides that penitential buyers want to know before they buy.
It is on a heavy side to put in a car.
If you have a small car you will need to remove a wheel each time you put it in the boot. Yes it's click away but it is annoying doing and undoing each time you put in.
A little bit chunky to get through the shops but most prams are these days.
Basket is pretty much useless you can hardly put anything in it and when you do it pushes the weight of the item all the way (from hitting that front wheel) and hits that wheel which makes the swooshing sound and makes the basket dusty and dirty.
I find it that I have to pump the back wheels every 1-2 weeks, so I keep the pump in the basket at all times. The caps on the wheels where you pump up the wheels have broken and fell off. The pram makes the screeching sound when you push the pram (this is probably a wear and tear issue) however it should not come up after a few months of use. The harness spongy are not removable, so my baby chews on them when buckled and I am unable to remove them and wash them properly. It does have a button underneath that seems like it can be undone and removed but it seems there is a factory fault as these buttons cannot be undone, therefore I can not remove the harness to clean these harness protectors. On the instructions on Youtube it does seem they can come off with ease but several people in my family tried to undo them and no luck, unless we want to rip fabric off!

Love the quinny moodd

I've had his pram for almost 4 months now and I really do love it! It's Super easy to push around and he turning circle is great. Quite a smooth ride and bubs is always falling asleep. Apparently it weighs 15 kilos but I honestly think it feels lighter then that, I have no issues carrying, folding and lifting it in and out of the car ( and I have a bad back and knees! ) I love that we have flexibility to choose what type of pram I need for the specific outing.. popping to the shops, just use the maxi cosi. Going out for the day, use the moodd seat, going out at night, use the bassinet. Makes getting out and about so much easier. I really do love this pram but there a a few things that as a first time mum i didn't really think of.. And a few things I think I should mention for an honest review. the storage is pretty small and if u load it up too much it drags on the ground!! The back wheels are actually quite wide and sometimes I have difficulties fitting through tighter spaces. I don't think The hoods on all three attachments are big enough, it would be good to be able to pull them further down to cover baby up more in the sun, this is especially the case in the bassinet. (Using the dreami bassinet which attaches with the adapters, although bassinet is like an 8 shape which means it's a bit too snug if baby is on the bigger side) the foot lock and unlock pedals can be quite hard to set, I find myself having to really brace the whole pram just to push the brake on and off and if baby is asleep it sometimes wakes him up!! Also there is a small latch on the side which holds the pram down when collapsed/ folded, the very first time I used the pram this latch snapped off and my thumb got trapped in between two parts when the auto release opened/unfolded the pram. Luckily I was with hubby who was able to push both slides down to re-close the pram and let my thumb out!!! i tell u now that reallllly hurt!!! It just means I need to use the buckle strap to keep the pram closed so it doesn't spring up automatically. No biggy for me but definitely think that is a design flaw that could potentially cause more injury. lastly the handle bar could be slightly higher, it's just okay for me at the highest level and I'm 5'6. but I do like that I can put it all the way down to the lowest level when I need a more compact moment (like in a busy elevator or something) overall the easy use and convieniance of the pram is why I give it a high rating and despite the few things that could be better, I still love the pram and get heaps of comments on it! baby is comfy and it's a breeze to push. I do pump the tyres up every few weeks. I'm Not sure if you can get useful accessories like a travel bag or replacement seat covers, snack tray or skate board for he moodd, quinny don't seem to answer my queries on their website or Facebook!

The prefect pram, love it

An excellent pram! So zippy and easy to maneuver. It has a small turning circle, so you means you can swing it around in supermarket aisles without knocking into things and move through busy spaces with ease. Easy to control with one hand. My baby is 6 week old so currently using it with a Maxi Cosi car capsule, they are perfect together. Fits easily into the boot of my little Astra hatchback, and pops up hydrologically with the release of a simple latch. Cant recommend it enough!

Honestly the best pram. Spins 360 on itself and I can't live without it.

It's a great pram. Well worth every cent. So well made and so easy to look after! Wipe clean seat never stains. Hood never marks and everyone comments as well how different it is. My daughter loves it. Always falling asleep as its so comfortable and the quick release button is so good too. You will love it

Quinny Moodd

Love the vibrant colours and how its an limited Edition Pram. The pram is very light in weight and is very comfortable for baby right from New born to 17kgs. Owned for 1 week. Use pram everyday. The frame is very lite and fits wells into all our cars. Our toddler loves it as well. NM

Looks good but..

Love the pram, get lots of compliments however it is not convenient! not one bit! Basket is too small which will barely hold a blanket for bub, weight of the pram requires a lot of effort to move in and out of the car.

Sun shade keeps falling off, and back 2 wheels are very hard to fit through tight shopping isles. This pram is easy to be tricked into buying due to its design, any first time mother (like myself) could easily make the mistake, However if you are after something convenient or are a single mother, then please do not buy this pram...very hard to do shopping with unless you have baby daddy helping you with another trolley...even if its just for a few items!

We love this pram!

I have just received this pram on Friday and even though our bub is not due until August I couldn't miss the opportunity to buy the last one of the limited edition Quinny Britto. Altough the same as Quinny Moodd, Brito edition give it a special flavour of colours designed by famous Romero Britto. We have bought it from Baby Mode online which were fantastic btw. (see my review on P.R for Baby Mode). It was easy to assembe and the pram is wicked. My partner loves it, even so that he wanted to sit in it and test it (no we didn't as prams max weight is 17kg) :)
It is a bit heavy to lift but it's around 15kg so this is expected.The pram is a bit chunky because of the back wheels. It fits in our VW boot (just) if you remove one of the back wheels which is just a click away. We have not bought the bassinet but will definately buy the Quinny car/mobile carrier which comes in Britto style. So far (without the baby weight to test) it is easy to push and feels like pushing a feathe. Will leave another review later down the track once we test the pram for a few months and with the baby in it. So far very happy though!

Fantastic pram

We have had our pram for 9 weeks now and love it! we chose the quinny because of its uniqueness but also for the lightness - i have a bad back and cant lift heavy items. the pram is easy to put up and down and very easy for me to put into the car without hurting myself. i use the pram nearly daily and my daughter loves it. it is very handy to have the option of having the seat forward or rear facing and the different angles. this is very handy if she falls asleep, i can easily recline the seat for her comfort. the only negative that i can find with the pram is that it doesnt come with features like drink holder, bag clip etc - but that is the only minor thing i can fault.
We chose the nuna capsule to this unit and this was another negative - but not a quinny negative.
would highly recommend this pram to any parent that wants something a little different but still provides the right safety for your little one.

Amazing pram!!

This pram has been amazing for us. Easy to use, easy to fold and even easier to set up! Plus it takes a capsule which makes it even easier. Well worth the money! We use this pram every day for or daily walk and it has no trouble fitting my 18 month old or 3.5yr old if need be

I love this pram

I love my Quinny Moodd. I spent ages researching prams and finally decided on this pram and it has lived up to all my expectations. It is easy to get in and out of the car, due to its light weight and the automatic unfolding mechanism makes setting the pram up a breeze.
The pram is easy to manoeuvrer both in the shopping centre and outdoors. It is nice and compact so I find I can still go shopping in the boutique shops without having to worry about knocking clothing off the racks. I also love love love the colour, we got ours in the pink and white. I have received lots and lots of compliments when we have been out and about in regards to the eye catching colour. We also purchased the Maxi Cosi Mico AP in the pink and this works so well with the Quinny Moodd making it a great travel system. Could not recommend this pram highly enough.

Great pram !

I love my quinny moodd I brought when my daughter was one and she loves sitting in it holding onto the front handel while in it . It's also great when going out to reatraunts and they don't have highchairs I can push he right up to the table. I only wish the basket was a little bigger for more storage . My first pram was then emmalingula which is also fantastic and amazing storage basket I just didn't like the stroller seat when my daughter grew out of the bassinet

Best pram you can buy

I absolutely love everything about this pram! It is by far the easiest and most efficient pram I've used and it isn't too big to maneuver in shopping centers. So happy with our choice.

I can't believe how much I love my Quinny Britto!

I was so lost when it came to prams but when I found the Quinny Moodd Britto limited edition my heart melted. It was perfect as our baby room is retro Disney and we had already purchased a few of the Disney Britto pieces. Once we got it home I was so excited to rip open the boxes and see what was inside, I had been looking at water shields ect for the pram but once I opended the box I realised I already had EVERYTHING. This pram is a dream to push and move ans also a dream to open and collapse. Thanks Quinny for an amazing product we are soo happy that we decided on the Quinny.
Thanks Suzie & Deejay

Love the design and ease of use

We bought the Quinny by Britto,limited edition, besides looking awesome this pram ticks all our boxes- easy to push and manoeuvre, fold up and down and fits in our Mazda 3 boot with more room to spare.

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Questions & Answers

can you add a second seat to the quinny moodd?
2 answers
I don't think so sorry but if you want to be certain I've found quinny Australia on Facebook to be very helpful when I've messaged with queriesunfortunately not. We have since changes prams for this exact reason

can you use Safety 1st car seat?
2 answers
I don't know. But I'm sure if you go online and have a look you could find outNo I'm pretty sure it can't but there are quite a few it can be used with. If you go to the quinny Australia website it should tell you what can be used or quinny Australia Facebook are very helpful when you message them with questions.

Hi l would like to buy a different color seat and hood. Where can i do this? I live on central coast nsw. Thanks
1 answer
Hi Tam, I'm not sure. I would probably try contacting Quinny Australia. They have a Facebook page and have always been prompt answering messages I've sent. Hope this helps.


Quinny Moodd
Category3-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $849.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 17 kg
Seat OrientationReversible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Cup Holder, Locking Front Wheels and Under-seat Storage
Weight15.1 kg
Folded Dimensions44 x 65 x 98 cm

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