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Ego QV Bar

Ego QV Bar

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about average

I used this bar and found it to satisfactory as the bar lathers up well / it's just as good as the qv liquid wash though I decided to switch to the pump pack under the doctors advice / the qv soap bars are good as they are easy to use as they quickly larger up though I would lose some as it would stay wet though it's way better than a bar of soap for me as I have dermatitis also known as eczema as it doesn't dry up my skin and make it though I prefer the pump dispenser qv wash container as I can get as much as I need through just one push of the pump spring tap

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After I wrote make it just before I wrote though I accidentally left out that when I was using soap bars it would make the skin on my hands split open and bleed along with making my hands very itchy


Unfortunately when im pregnant i get sensitive to soap so i have to try alternatives.... It can be Quite expensive when using all the time because it doesnt last very long. I prefer to get the liquid itself as it lasts the longiest and becomes less expensive. Overall its a good product and i would recommenend it to people whom may have the same problem when pregnant as it takes a while to figure out what the problem is.
Great for Sensitive skin. Does the job.
Can Be very expensive when using all the time, Doesnt last as long as soap does.


very handy when on holidays and can be used by everyone in the family. fine for babies and also adults.
Very handy when going on holidays, especially handy for me when i only have a large bottle of QV wash at home and i dont want to take the whole thing with me. The bar is just as gentle as the wash and cheaper. It also lasts a long time
it doesnt lather up as much as the body liquid wash. you need to ensure the bar doesnt sit in water or in areas with alot of moisture as it disappers


I buy this to take with me when we go on holidays. It is just as effective in moisterising my skin as the wash. This is a handy product.
Handy for taking on holidays. Cost friendly and nice smelling. I reckon it also lasts longer than your usual bar soap.


I have to say this QV Bar is fantastic for exzma and dry skin, it really does the job in getting your PH skin levels right and say goodbye to exzma and dry skin, I wasnt sure if it was meant to lather up as other soaps did and body Washes but I needent have worried as it did Lather up and very quickly to if I must say. Price wise for the QV bar is truky nothing but fair, and to think it got rid of my exzma and my dry skin, well maybe I will keep one of these handy for times when my exzma plays up. By the way it has a fresh smell to it and yes it can be used on a loofa also.
A great brand if you have dry skin or exzma. I chose this one as it was recommended by the chemist.


QV is more expensive than regular soap, but better for you if you have sensitive skin. it is ph balanced and stops your skin from itching, i usually use the body wash but it is even more expensive i find when it is essential that you use a non soap wash. it does not aggravate the skin so is perfect for babies and older people aswell. i guess it depends how itchy and sensitive your skin is, mine is sensitive but not as much as other i do not have sores anymore from eczema. so for those people i would recommend you use something gentle like this. it is recommended in the pharmacy commonly.
gentle, not irritating
more expensive than normal bars of soap

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very good product rather exspenvise /is it a product that i could buy in bulk form that is the bar product


I actually find soaps of less use then washes. But this soap is one of my favourites. I personally use it to wash my face/ It is very mild and does not have a harsh perfumed smell which i love. You can really feel a different to your skin.
Excellent for skin rashes/allegies and has a pleasant smell


It doesn't last really long either, and it may be expensive to use as a full body bar soap. If only on the face, it's sensitive enough that it could be used for that purpose. Overall, I recommend the QV Body Wash more than the body bar, as it's just more handy - and lasts longer.
Typical QV product, good for skin types of people with eczema, dermatitus, severly dry and flaky skin, etc.
...and as always with a typical QV product, this product is pricey. Doesn't froth as much as normal soap does, so not much of a lather. That may count as a pro.


I bought this for my husband who suffers from dermatitis and needed something a little more gentle on his skin he refused to use a body wash as he is so used to using a bar of soap that he felt a body wash wasn't doing what a bar of soap did. So i bought this and it was great. And as it doesn't froth up like a normal soap i found it much better for cleaning the bathroom after it's use.
Better for you than normal soap.
It is a little expensive but all things that are good for you are.

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Ego QV Bar
CategoryBath & Shower Products
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Release dateMay 2008

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