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Ego QV Bath Oil

Ego QV Bath Oil

4.7 from 29 reviews

Excellent results!

I have used this product for my 4 month old son as he has developed mild eczema and it has helped to get us great results! We tried a number of alternative brands, and QV definitely had the best results. It is odourless, and non-greasy, which saves a lot of mess, and provides so much moisture. I will definitely continue to use this product, along with QV gentle baby wash.

Changed my sons skin

We had some issues with our baby sons skin being extremely sensitive, he also suffered quite bad cradle cap. We were recommended by the doctor to try this on the scalp and gently massage and comb out- after a week the cradle cap disappeared and his skin is less sensitive, I will be giving my new mum friends this product for their babies

Great product.

I have used this product because my doctor recommended this for my baby. The skin rash & nappy rash has gone. I always use this 15-20 mins before bath and followed by QB wash. And after was I also use QV cream.
This is great for adult as well.

Lovely and gentle

We use this bath oil for my 7month old daughter who has eczema. It has no scent, and never aggravates her skin. It allows for light moisturising in the bath and cleanses too, so I can get a clean baby without using/worrying about any other products. If we feel she needs more hydration I just use a little more than 1 capful.

Doesn't leave your skin greasy.

I love this bath oil. It's pretty cheap to buy but it works so well. I have very dry skin on my arms and it's great for that, but I also use it when I just feel like a nice bath.

Interestingly enough, if it's diluted a bit and put in a spray bottle I found it works wonders for my dog who has chronic skin allergies. Stops her itching straight away.

Qv baby oil replace to qv bath oil?

I just loved qv baby oil for my 3month old and it worked wonders. As she had very sensitive and dry skin can't use anything on her except qv. My question is as qv baby oil comes only in 250ml bottles. Can i use just qv bath oil instead of baby oil. Does it makes any difference?

Skin feels soft after use

When my son was around 5 weeks old, his skin started peeling off and as a first time mom, I was worried, I wanted to fix it so I went to the GP and was advised to switch to QV bath oil. After few days of using this product, my son's skin went back to normal, I also use this once in a while, and after every bath, my skin just feels soft and moisturized.
Skin is soft and supple after bath
Since it dissolves in water, I am not sure whether it cleans the skin


Only just bought this product last week for my 4 month old baby who has mild eczema. Used it as per instructions on the bottle (one cap) and straight after the bath my baby had smooth hands and feet, which wasn't the case with the other wash products we have used so far (ie. Johnsons, mini moogoo wash (which wasn't too bad), and Gaia wash (strong smelling!). Starting bathing him everyday in it and it has def reduced his dry skin. So happy with this product and glad we finally found one that works for our baby.
Reduced skin dryness, soap free and fragrance free, reasonably priced compared to mini moogoo and Gaia bath wash products. Comes in a big bottle compared to these products too and only need to use a cap full each bath so it lasts a while.
Always worried it might get in eyes and sting but so far hasn't happened.


I have been using QV Bath Oil in my daughter's bath for about 4 years. She suffers from Eczema and it's become a must have in our home. When ever I have tried anything else in the past I've regretted it. I can't praise it enough and highly recommend it... excellent product!
Excellent for dry skin and Eczema. Perfect for children with sensitive skin.

Perfect for sensitive skin

QV Bath oil is fantastic for anyone with sensitive skin. It is also great for anyone with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It has a non greasy formula which nourishes the skin leaving it silky smooth and no need for moisturisers afterwards. Easy to use, just put half to one cap full into your bath or use in the shower by applying directly on your skin then rinse. The oil mixes well in water turning it a light milky colour. The oil is free from colour and perfume so it doesn't irritate skin. Available from all good supermarkets and chemists. Reasonably priced
Great for sensitive skin. Easy to use.
Stings if you get it in your eyes. Leaves the bath very slippery

Great for Babies

Being a first time mum I have tried and trialled a few products. I used this recently in my baby's bath. It doesn't sud so you can see excatly where it needs to go, it feels soft on their skin, is oddourless and you don't need to use much so it is very economical too. I have seen an immediate improvement in the appearance of his skin and will continue to use this and the moisturiser.
Makes baby a bit slippery!


I like this QV product the best. My daughter had very dry skin and it really seemed to help. Reasonably priced and can be used on the whole family. Would highly recommend.
Does not dry out skin and leaves it feeling soft and moisturised
Makes your kids a bit slippery in the bath


a great skin product that i highly recommend especially for fragile, fraile skin. no oily residue left on skin and no need for moisturisers
a highly recommended product for people with sensitive fragile and dry skin, easy to apply and no oily residue left behind. can be used in bath or as a body wash, readily available from pharmacy stores. no over powering fragrance when the product is used. is great for using near wounds and easy to apply
cost is a little expesive but you dont need to go lathering in moisturiser following use so isnt too expensive after all


I would recommend this product. It is economical, especially when bought in bulk. I can bathe my daughter in confident knowing that her skin is being well cared for. However, as this product "disappears" into the bath water, it is sometimes difficult to be able to tell whether the product is actually an effective cleanser.
My 3 year old daughter has dry skin so I use this product in her regular bath. It leaves her with lovely soft skin.
As the product is for sensitive skin and has no perfumes it does not leave a nice scent afterwards. Also used in the bath generates no bubbles which is not much fun for a 3 year old. It also leaves an oily film in the bath.


This is a really great product especially if you have sensitive skin. I have used many of the QV range of products and this one is great if you are looking to relax in the tub. It does leave your skin feeling nice and healthy and is not greasy at all. A great product.
This bath oil feels really nice to use and definitely does what it says it will. You can pick it up in a large bottle that will last a while, making it more economical. It does not leave your skin greasy at all.
There are none.


Love this product it's non greasy and you know you are not doing any damage to your skin. It's great for babies and kids.
Love this product I have used this on my 3 boys and would not use anything else. I use it aswell and love how it makes my skin feel.
It should be sold in supermarkets.


This is one of my favourites from the QV range! As someone who suffers from eczema, I know the importance of finding a fantastic product suited for my skin type. The cream is pH balanced, which means that it is a product adjusted to have a neutral skin balance. Normally when your skin is not balanced, the skin is often prone to becoming too oily or too dry. When using a product which is pH balanced, the result is normal, beautiful and glowing skin which is exactly what this product gave me! It is fragrance-free and consists of a low-irritant formulation so my skin is never irritated. It also helps me during the winter months as well as during the spring season. Its inexpensive and widely available at many chemists. Defiantly worth giving a go!
I love this product! As a victim of eczema, it definitely helped relive my symptoms and kept my dry skin at bay. The price is reasonable and the qualities in this product are fantastic.
Nothing! Highly recommend it!


This is my favourite product in the QV range. My brother who has eczema gave it to me and I love it. Even though I could do without this product to save money I like to have some when I have a bath. Tend not to use it in the shower so much as I feel I use a lot and it gets wasted.
Does not feel greasy and you feel fantastic and smooth after you have used it. I feel like I have been pampered.
I don't really like to use it on my baby/child and I worry that they will be a bit slippery to hold onto in the bath.


It's great for my baby. I use a small amount in her bath and find it good to use all over her especially if she is getting a little craddle cap. I use if for her every other day, and it smells nice.
Cost effective, easy to use container.
I do not find it very hydrating on myself. It would be easier to limit what you ppoor out if it has a flip lid etc.


I have to say this is the best Bath oil I have used, it is lightly fragranced or as i say it is naturally fragraced, and the oil not only softens my skin but also helps my exzma. It doesnt leave your skin oily after you have used it infact it leaves it soft, and it feels gentle to touch if that is the right word for it. i have to sayQV far out weighs Avon if you want the best the this is it. It comes in a range of sizes and prices. Bought from my chemist it didnt empty the budget so it was nice to get a fabulous product without paying the world for it. Ten out of Ten.
Loved it, softens my skin helps my exzma and it smells nice also.

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Questions & Answers

I have red palms and feet, is it good to apply QV bath oil? Joey.
1 answer
I have used this and it does really work but if your red palms are too bad you need to check with your GP .

What is the difference between this product and QV Bath Oil Baby? The list of ingredients is the same for both of them.
1 answer
Helps for the dry skin and can be used by baby and adult both.

Howdy - do most chemists sell this product? After seeing these reviews I might try this product as I have tried a few different qv creams over the years and found them satisfactory
2 answers
they certainly do brian, and ego qv is the very bestYeah after posting this question I remembered that Andrews gold cross chemists also sell them.


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